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I swear this is a fucking miracle - i took CLoudy to the shop yesterday and he is safe and snug at home today. THis is a definite first :D

On the bad news front? Jen blew her HD. *sigh* thank God for backups, that's all i am saying...

In other news, you guys had your chances and you blew thwem all - now you ARE getting chocolate and salmiakki :P

other than that.. let's see. feeling less angsty.a nd spent most of last night making cabbage-bean soup that turned out to be pretty damn good even if I sya so myself. am reezing it for my mother.

Love you guys to bits, you know?


Sep. 12th, 2006 01:44 pm
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So. last night, Jen dies on me. with CLoudys Ethernet card dead? this makes for one pissed-off, annoyed, and computerless Ara :(

Yes, woe is me.

So ok, CLoudy should come home reasonably soon -. a sin, tomorrow, cause they already called nme about my password so they ould install the drivers. *crosses fingers but.... Still, a full niught without the internet? *wails*

I will habe internet for a littlee bit more today at this lovely public terminal but.. yeah. Not at home until tomorrow.

Incidentally, have promised to help someone with her computer on THurday. willa lso bake hjer apple pie. And I think I am getting sick again. *sigh*

ÖLove you guys. Please gimme shinies while I am still here?
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CLoudy broke his ethernet card, so he is out of internet goodness. and Jen is being a crank,a s always. and - my other screen is dead as a doornail, it would seem, so... i am NOT in a good computer land now *sigh*

But, a meme. and later today, it hink there weill be self-indulgent stupid fic you might be intereste din if you wnat to see what makes me tick. But yeha, meme:

Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included.

1. I am sickeningly flexible

2. i have never been on a date

3. I like to name inanimate obhjects like swords, computers and hats

4. I pick at scabs

5. I don't eat the rinds of cheese

6. My shoe size is 44

And I tag... [ profile] satanbaker; [ profile] vagablonde, [ profile] ariskari, [ profile] navigatorsghost, [ profile] 8people, [ profile] madandy
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So. have kkeybaord. Now where are the muses? *glares at OX*

in other news, fidgueed I'll take the train.. if only cause god but I have a LOT of stuff. 0_0 I foresee that I will end up feeding other people, too... but hey, i have the crackers, you bring the cheese, and we'll all be one big happy family, right=? :D

so todayäs to do list: clean bathroom, make sure the buckets are ready for the cats, make quiche, clean anything that would stink away fromt he kichen. not too mucvh to do, wight? I wonät have to be up before 9 tomorroww, whihc is a blessing. I think. *contemplates bed* don't HAVE to be int he city until 8 pm (to get tickets for pirates) but I would like to not to miss my appointment about the credit card.. adn that also means I have to take the time to make my way to the local KELA place to get proof of my income if I do that. so I think I will have to callt hema nd say no thanks or.. soemthing. not sure. *undecided*

help me guys, am I forgetting something?
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FUck tyhe fact that my CD burner seems to have DIED. *facepalms*

In other news, I am preparing for ROpecon with much much business. Trying to get everything figured out - I am listing stuff I am taking along, tell me, am I forgetting anything?

- costume
- duct tape
- caffeine
- scnacks
- music & reading for the mindnumbing boredom that will be the train and the plane
- a blanket
- makeup supplies
- hair supplies
- camera
- batteries
- Safety pins
- post-con clean clothes

Am I missing anything here?

In other news, am doing more of the cleaning schtick. *sigh* god, but do I hate it or what?


Jul. 7th, 2006 10:37 pm
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Tioday is being a Good day, despite my headache. cause in addittion to the loot - *clutches shirt to chest* - I r4alized my monitor had not, in fact, gone poof.

the power cord just wasnöt in place.


Back to the regularly schedulked angst now - next stop, mmore ÄMM. it is going to places I did not foresee.. and it is kinda sad i am totally incapable of inducing evrything I want, like the scene where Lordi gets ambushed by a snowball-wielding Anna and relaliation takes place. Ohe well, I hope you like it anyway :)

More ÄMM will happen probably around midnight GMT. If I get lucky.

(Incidentally,w hat do you guys think of Viktor? and Ruusa? I did not exöpect to ahve more OCs than Anna but those two just demanded to happen, although Viktor is not strictly an OC:..)
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(Accidentally posted this to one of my communities first. Go me! )

I have spent an eon trying to install a printer. No wffing luck. it gives me some bizarre erroe every timne I try, be it with drivers from the net or the original CD: *headdesks' apparently soemthing vanöt be used to run programs at all... or something. *sigh*

When can locate an extension cord, will try with Jen.

RIght now? The Ara is rather livind, and the Ara is also quite annoyed and slightly writersblocked because she does not know quite where she is going.


Jun. 8th, 2006 01:12 pm
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I have Jenova home and a new keyboard. now I should just get arounfd to, yo u know, doing the thing where I pulg her ina nd so on.. but I am too lazy to. maybe on Saturday.... o something.

Also, have sleep meds. a tenox form mom and 4 some random oxysomethings from the doc. will bneed to get another appoiubtement... and oh, have a dentist's appointment ont he 14th,too.

weigh remiains the same.. but therew was a slight NS: the bblood pressure measurement thingy worked just fine with the standard wraparound, no need for the really big one they usually use.

IOther news, eh, well, consumed about gaxillion calories cause I needed the wonderfulness of reddd meaaat so I had a huge megaburger. cause, you know, it has been MINTHs since I evebn set a foot in a fast food joingt of the burger sort... and ooh, saw mom. for she and her ex wer ein town. thus, much hanging around commenced and stuff was done. i now ghave a new shiny xcweell phone that I don't know how to use - SO much fun, that one. *sigh*

todayäs agenda is.. ah, packl everything I need - quick, guys, tell me what do I neeD so I won't forget anything! - and then.. go to sleep. well, nto immediately afterwards, but I am aiming at 8 pm my time or so - so I can get in some serious sleep before getting up at 6 am. ish.

*poibnts at icon* ciourtesy of [ profile] navigatorsghost. Pretty, isn't he? :D

Oh, fuck.-

Jun. 2nd, 2006 08:03 pm
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The green stuff is just.. Not Working. I need new ideas for what to dow ith my makeup. jsut going for the pale-as-death weould make me look... likw what? Goth streetawler?

In other news... oh fuck I totally absolutley forgot about the deadline. Meep! I would be working on teh fic with great furiosity, of not for the fact that I have the damn thing on Jen. who is sitll the hell away.

What else?

eh, dunno., avbe boots! and have bracelet and earrings and.. stuff. happy Ara.

gonna go to bed now, maybe.


May. 5th, 2006 05:24 pm
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I think I am going to keep this one for a while. May get bored with it V: soon tho.. but for now, like it.

IN other news, am actually thinking about going for a walk. And possibly getting all garden-y tomorrow. Not sure about htat - need to plot a little. Anbd what sort of tools do you need to garden anyway? *is clueless* I am thinking about just a small flowerbed thingy, nothing more... need to start small, after all.

And goodness gracious, I am actually thinking about taking abnother walk today.

Went to the store, too, to bitch about Jen. THe guy went "Oh fuck" and ended up giving me a crash course in BIOS and if that does not work, I will bring Jen to be fixed.
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- TOok out the empty bottles
- Started a batch of mead
- Embarrassed self with unnoticed underwear on the floor when Mom's ex and his friend the Nice Guy Whop Fixes My Bike came to visit.
- Spent too much money on food
- Rearranged and vacuumed the bedroom
- went for a ride
- did laundry
- FIed Jen

Now? I wanna do the dfishes and then have food. But today has been a good day.-


Apr. 24th, 2006 10:22 am
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jen is dead. AGAIN,. *headdesk*

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Well, i am home now. Will go out for pizza and shoppage with sister soon. bacjk home was.. interesting. Will talk about it in lentgth later, but dsuffice to say I wanted to scry before we ebvben left town. Sister suggestinjg I should elet the creep of an uncle kill Carolina's kittens did it.

And yes, you read that right: Carolina is preggers. there are going to be kittens in Casa Ara sometime soon. Wish me luck - because damn, I am going to need it.

taht, or a herd dog. got to hope that the crteep uncle breeds his awesomelyu pretty and sweet and nice dog, henna, soon.

adn therwe will be pictures. Only not that many - just had a 16 mb card along.

WQell, we are off now. Will be catching up on the flist soon.

And in toher news? Jen is back. With XP. Working like a dream :D


Apr. 7th, 2006 01:13 pm
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Strill working ont he cleaning. Dear God I am gonna be sooo dead...

took jen tot he store. Still need a CD key for Win ME before they can fix her, tho. *sigh* Bought neew speakers; logitech crtap with abyssmal sound quality, but... speakers. They are sjhiny.

In other news, the mess here is staggering, and saw Aunty for the first time in a few months. and I slept all of 2 hours.


and I want to be swept off my feet, damn it.


Apr. 2nd, 2006 09:30 pm
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Jen is being a huge-ass bitch AGAIN. ther eis somethign wrong with her other HD - trying to access it leads to jen informing me that E/F is not formatted, would you like to format it now and all that orhter jazz.

JHust... FUCK.

She is going totally kaploozey on me in so many ways, including refusing to boot up due to an I/O error,t hen booting up in safe mode and crashing, and THEN booting up normally. Only, no access to the 160GB HD WHICXH HAS ALL MY WRITINGS ON IT!!!!!

thank God fo ElJay,t aht is all i am dsaying. At least most of the origistuff is safe...

But yeah, come tomorrow - it is off to the store we go. And I have to find the damned ME key (idf someone has one, please sghare) and the CD - dfear GOD I hope it is not b0rk - and remember where I stuck the XP CD they accidentally gavce me.

*kills things*

I need to be cheered up, guys.


Mar. 9th, 2006 04:27 pm
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So... got Jen home. And with cables - nice shiny cables I can plug both her and cloudy to the net at the same time. Only, I have ll of a single screen, keyb and a mouse between them. Go me!

In other news, I lost 1.7 lbs/0.8 kg this week. So I weigh a whopping 301.7/139.9. Celebrated with donuts, and no, i do not feel guilty at all.

today will be a Good Food day with some bizarre pork-y things filled with cheese that I have no idea how to cook properly, but think will spend an hourr in the oven, only, have no idea quite just how to deal with them.... Will have to ask around.

Yeah, in other news..: i wanna blather about my future kids. About the 6 biological and several adopted ones. Andf no, IU have not come up with mnames for more than one of them yet...

What I want to blather about is daycare. Which, incidentally, I intend to put my kids into despite staying at home. Why? Because I know from experience that social intereaction is v. important for kids, and I have no doubrt that ifg tyhey just stayed at home with me,t his would be severely limitesd - most othert kids would be in the daycare and so thety qwoulsd lack playmates and sdo on. So, it will be for the sake of their social developement that I want them to spend part of the day in daycare - that, and to get Me-time. Yeah, idalistic, I know, but ath is how I want things to be and this is my LJ so I can dream on iff I want to :P but yeah, this would be ideal. *shrugs*

and also, i am writing.l working on a little more of last year's nano - there might be a new chunk appearing sometime soonish :D

nothing else blatherworrthy right now, i suppose. other thant hat I want babies, damn it, and a nice tall dark handsome alpha male to have them with.

That's all, fgolks.
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Fiorst off, jenova. I askeds about her at the store yesterday, and the result was that she is fixed now, but for the Win XP I have to wait till next week and pay waaay too muchg money for. Burt that is survivable.

Gym: Went yesterday. Didn't overexert, am fgeeling pretty peachy now, even if I did do basically same stuff than before. Only, did only 6 mins or so (a full km) on the ower thingy to keep my back from hurting...

Alsdo realized that a small bun = the same amount of calories, so I can actually not be tormented by the wonderful scents from the cafe thingamajik but rather, have one afterwards - and that will also give me a chance to become non-noodly so the ride back home is easier.

I figured what my major problem is - it is not the fact that the gym stuff or swimming is difficult or hard, it is getting off my ass and going there...

I am tempted to go again on Sundaty. Only, have no moneuy to do so until sometime next week. Le sigh.


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Feb. 16th, 2006 11:48 am
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So I have a new shiny keyboard. again a cheapass kind.


Jen is at the shop. I dinally caved in and took her there without a hardware peroblem - toldt he guiy about the blue screens of death and everythijng else, and we agreed Jen wioll get a new harddricvve - probably another 160 gb one - and a clean XP instglal on that and after that, it falls to me to sort wverything out and format the old crap.

but.. yeah. Jen is finally getting rid of the ME: this will cost me an a'rm and a leg but i figure that the fact that it is going to saave me a LOT of grief will make it worth it.

in the meanwhile, <i will be using <cloudy so there will be a lot of missing stuff and being awol from any IMs. still on IRC; tho, ion Gamesurge, and gmail usually works.
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Jen is finally back :D

See Ara being one VERY very happy bunny.

and havbe lots of plotbunniowes and stuff.

But no? Valdemar calls again. Am going to cvontinue reading Magic's Promise and listening to Heather Alexander.... the f-list can wait, as much as you guys rock and I love you. You pointy me to anything mega-iomportant, kay? :D


B0ooks, music and good food - not much else needed to make an Ara happy.


Feb. 6th, 2006 03:50 pm
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As you can guess, my internet is v. dead. Am reachabvle by e-mail and IRC only and even then, slightly spåoradically.... I have to wait for the computer to crash, mess weith the date setting,s, anbd THEN I can access the damned internet beyondf'd the frontpage of"!

Good news? Jen's done, reasonably cheap too. Bad news? I have no way of bringing her home. Not until WEednesday earliest. *sigh*

So yeah,. Ara is annoyeds. And pissed offa tht he stupidity of people. The guy who uusually gives me ridwes, fizxes my bike, all that? totaled his car, nearly got n'himself killed and his DL suspended for dreiving drunk! off his ass. *sigh* am just glad he didn'´t get hurt bad... but why do people have to be that stupid?

other than that not much to say. not feeling v. good due to the meds but... I'll live.

Other than that`

Yup, more prayers. Because I think they are spiffy. Deal with it.

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