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OuaTiM. Sands' line "can you dig it?"

Reference to the Pop WilL eat Itself song or not?

Now have amental igmage of Sands blasting Def Con One while attempting to start a nuclear war for shits and giggles. *facepalm*


Apr. 14th, 2006 10:03 pm
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So, I hasd some really bizarre dreams last night.

Long and rambly )

and incidentally; under cut #2, the screencap that proves that Cucuy HAD a wedding ring. plot bunnies, anyone?

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So, i am clearly delirious'. Because I have bizarre-ass mexuico bunnies. And not even proper bunnies, just squealking lumps of fur with teeth that clamor for...




Jan. 28th, 2006 05:10 pm
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I believe the first part of the Lorific of Doom is done. Only, it needs a beta like woah.

Any volunteers?

wark wark

Jan. 27th, 2006 05:43 pm
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Som, am plotting the damn Mexico fic. And am worried that jkate and Bella are Mary Sues. *headdesk* I keep telling myself that they re not, no matter what tests like this say but... that's what all the fanbrats think,t oo. I donät wa t to be a fanbrat *sigh*

Soi yeah. Angst.

and lack of ability to write due to the buits being on Jen. mostly. But maybe could jump to the smut.. which is, incidentally, between an OFC and a canon character whom I fdind extremely attractive *headdesk*


Jan. 25th, 2006 09:35 pm
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So, Ressurrecting Cloud got me something good - two drabbles I have never posted. Well okay, one iss a drabble, the other a ficlet. But still! I wrote them inspired by this meme here and thought them lost.... a little smutty, and a little angsty

Title: Nice shoes
Pairing:; Sands/Lorenzo
summary: "Nice shoes."
Nice shoes. Wanna fuck? )

Title: Come back
Pairing: El/Lorenzo
summary: "I never thought you'd come back for this thing." I thought you'd come back for me.

I never thought... )
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So, instead of preparing for my trip, I am writing meta. Go me! (also, note: I am leaving for several days at 6 am GMT on the 20th so expect comment delay)

And what am I intending to ramble about? Canon. Namely, the line between canon and interpretation.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about canon vs. interpretation – just how explicitly does something have to be stated in canon to make it, well, canon instead of interpretation? What is fact and what is subtext?

For example, let’s take Lorenzo in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. When we first see him, he is performing ina a dingy dive with scantily-glad dancer girls. He kisses a girl, gets handed a whole lot of money, and the announcer goes off to tell that it’s Mariachi happy hour – a song for 5 pesos, a kiss for 20 pesos and a fuck for 50. he’s walking away, runs into an old friend,. Who asks him – note; this is a translation, since I don’t understand the Spanish that is spoke ant that point – “Still fucking around=?” to which he doesn’t answer and just says “Let me get Fideo:”

Later, we get to hear him gripe about money repeatedly – “can’t buy half a tequila with this shit”, “Fuck honor. We need money” and “Wonder how much we’re going get paid for this shit” I should also note that after wondering how much they would be paid, he winks and blows a kiss t a richly-dressed, middle-aged woman. Other characters make references ´to Lorenzo wanting things, especially tomorrow – “enough for everybody, even you Lorenzo”.

Now, these are all facts that relate to the question, “is Lorenzo a whore in addition to being a gun-slinging mariachi with a guitar case-flamethrower?”

There are people who would say that yes, this would make it canon that he is a whore. Others would deny it vehemently.

Now, as a point of comparison, let’s take, say, Will from Pirates of the Caribbean. Who makes references to craftsmanship, lives at a forge, clearly works there – and in addition, is verbally confirmed to being a blacksmith repeatedly. “You are a blacksmith and this is not the moment for rash actions”, “I’m sorry. Blacksmith’s hands - I know they’re rough.” And “After all… he is a blacksmith”

Even without these quotations, I am sure that a majority of people would agree on Will being a blacksmith. It is evident in canon from everything else in addition to the lines.

… and I have no idea just where the hell am I going to with this line of reasoning. I guess I am trying to ask just how much canon evidence is needed for something to be canon instead of matter of interpretation? Would someone calling Lorenzo a whore make it more canon than anything that is already pointing out towards it? Or would removing any references to Will being a blacksmith make him not one? How much DO different sort of canon evidences weigh in the grand scale of things?

I know I am still confused as fuck. Thank God for “practically canon”.
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... Thanks to having my media player on random and my OuaaTiM screensaver coming up simultaneously.. now my brain wanyts to see "COme what may" vidded to mexico. *headdesks majorly*

Also, the Apanish teacher is cute. The Dqamn Guy is too curte for his own good. And the Jackass is Torquemada's reincarnation. That's all I am saying....


May. 29th, 2005 07:16 am
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I seem to have a dilemma.

So some of you know I have this HUGE plot-bunny of the Mexico kind, one that is somewhat Lotrenzo/ofc-centric, with a healthy dose of El/Sands thrown in. Now, I seem to have a probnlem.

Most of the Mexico things I have written have been on present tense, unlike just about everything else I ghave written. I started this, too, sort of - originally it was s different bunny but it mutated - in opresent tense.

The problem?

t is going to be HUGE. I have a feeling that it will most likely go novel-length, past 50K of words. I am unsure if the present tense would work for something that long.


What dfo you guys think? Should I just suck it up ansdd use past tense, or brave the insanity of a present-tense hugeness?
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So... i was sort of browsing my files and found something I'd started about an age an a half - nokay, a few months - back, and I think has potential. It's Lorii-centric OuaTiM, with a side order of Sands/El, nd could probably fit in the bighger plot bunny I have.

One problem: I have no idea iof the silly beginning is worth anything.

Is anyone willing to take a look and tell me if it is just silly OOC waffle, or if I should keep writing?
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I believe all the OuaTiM fans on my flist willl appreciate this

Warning: NSFW.
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This is not a part of the drabble meme; this si what I wrote for [ profile] sarethia when she made ther 100th comment in myrather random entry here.

On to the drabble )
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Gakkage from [ profile] itzcoatl...

Oh, and she is also blame for the worst, most horrid bunny I've had to date; dragging the beleoved exico crew to FInland. TO myy hometown.

*dies of shame*

Icon meme )


Mar. 1st, 2005 06:31 pm
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I promisede you drabbles, didn't I? Looked over by the wonderful [ profile] smtfhw, I hereby give you... these.

Drabble the first: Sparrington! With wigs! )

And Of course....

Drabble the second: Mort/Sands )

Meh. Much apologies for ebil typos. Have yet to learn to type properly when laying dow.
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In order to distract myself from the sharp pain of continued Jenovalessness (and the headache gained by repeated *facepalm* and *headdesk* and *headwall*) I sahall complain about my latest impossible plot bunny.

Once Upon a Tinme in Mexico/24 crossover.

Now, the problem is this: when it comes to 24, I am a definite Jack/Ramon shipper. But, I cannpot imagine anyt scenario whatsoever involving crossoverness where Ramon would survive - he is, after all, a cartel boss.


On the other hand, if I make it Jack/CHase, which doesnt really have that much effect on me (no sparkage, am afraid) I could make the "official" crossover pairing so much easier; namely, Lorenzo/Kim.

Of course, if your ecall my musings on Lorenzo from earlier (young, cocky, amoral and greedy little fuck - why mariachi gunslinger whore and not vcarte? to nutshell them) you might understand why I have nbeen fooling around with the idea of actually making Lorenzo cartel - Lorenzo Salazar does have a nice rring to uit, yes? Of course, that would pronbably allow the best escuse ever (tm) namely, his huge crush on El to be the reason why he is running around with a flamethrower guitar-case and not worrking wewith the family...

Yes, I am insane.


I wonder if this could work in any way, shappe or form?
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I am too lazy to edit my other post, so here is a promise: I have a drabble waiting the return of ability to post fics. It sucks, but... it happened :D

Also, Lorenzo was much ewasier to write before I started to truly ponder his characterizzation. My brain has been working overdrive on possible backstoriies and plot bunnies have spawned like hell - everythghing from weird humorous fic in the style of Arrested Develeopement following Lorenzos shotgun wedding to the daughter of a cartel boss to a crossover with 24 and a liberal dose of Lorenzo/KIm (also, I seem to have a weird fascination with Ramon/Jack but that is another ballgame...)

in short, I hate my brain.

The qestion that is bothering me is this: Lorenzo is a greedy, imm oral (am,oral? I never recall which word is which) little fuck - why is he a mariachi gunslinger/whore and not cartel?
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I have a great urge to... vid.

Yup - to vid.

Every time I hear the song "Livin' La Vida Loca" I feel the huge urge to vid.

Yes, to vid Mexico - but not Sands. Not El. Not Lori.

I feel the great, great urge to make a vid to Livin' La Vida Loca about.. adjerez.

Lyrics )

See what I mean?

Would give quite a new mwwaning for Sheldon's statement about "La vida loca" :D

GHow idioitc am I, thinking of this?
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Title; Braille for Beginners, part 2
Rating: R
Pairing: Sands/Lorenzo
Warnings: It’s Mexico – duh.
Summary: “Time to play”
Dedication: to [ profile] khohen1 whom I already owed fic… this should hopefully cheer you up just a bit… and yes, I am sorry it’s short but I wanted to cheer you up ASAP.
Crossposted a lot

Time to play )
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Title: Braille for Beginners, 1/?
Author: Arabwel
Rating: R
pairing: Sanzo (aka Sands/Lorenzo)
Summary: Errr...
Dedication/Blame: to [ profile] yuna_firerose for randomness - I wasted almot 1000 words on this one :P
Waringins: unedted, unbetaed, and written under the influene of writer's block. Further parts are prolly not going to come any time soon...

Random idiocy )
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Drabbles: The Senses
Pairing: Sands/Lorenzo
Rating: R
Dedication: To [personal profile] hippediva, who dared me to do these, and to whom I already owe ficcage thanks to her fab response to my spur kink challenge J
Notes: Unbetaed, since I don’t want to bother anyone during November… I should be nanoing, not ficcing :D

Senses )


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