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First off, gigantic *HUGS* to those who need and wabnt them.

second off.. fannishness. I spent a bit reading the Lordi book again and holy fiuck did I squee. cause guys? No matter how bad we are, the guy behind Mr. Lordi is still a hell of a lot worse. that dude is SUCH a fucking fanboy. *g* (Also, fuck buit that book is giving me too mabny RPS ploot bunnies. cause damn it, it is jsut.. damn. damn, DAMN. *shakes head*)

in mroe serious news, i need to find a new place. I knew this was too good to be true - toomies are utter neat freak *sigh* god, if only i had net access in my room, i would stay thhere all the time. they bitch passive acressively on notes about everything. *shudder* I am gonna be looking for a new place sure as hell...

On my wayq

Dec. 27th, 2006 10:21 pm
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Powwer of Blogging From Strange Placwes, activate!

not that the helsinki-Vantaa airport is that strange. but, my karma holds good and I am at the net cafe wight next to my gate :D Lovely, innit?

thuis far, everything has fgone smoothly. I was fed well before we left the hosue and Vikke drove me tot he airport where everything,a gain,l wenht smoothly - the nice lady got hit by my CHA and I only spent 150 euros ont he extra weight instead of 200. this is goodness :D

Now I ma jsut waitinjg for the Copenahegen polabne. going to see if i can get onoline there, too - it sho0ul d be possible.... I hope.

Oh,a nd my nose hurts. 'siigh* Ara + acvailable cash + having tow atrit for something + a tattoo shop rigth nesxt to her? yeah. got the nose piercing. *headdesk* I knwo I am fucking stupid for having done it but.. yeah. I know *sigh*

oh, and have now read the Lordi comic.a ll i cans ay is SQUEEE: Plotbunny city. Hot monsters. Mr. Lordi was an ugly baby. and love the prefgace. (He pretty much says this is jsut one potential idaeea of the mosnters' backstories and that the fans should stilc oem up with their owna nd pretty much gives a carte blanche for fic *dies*) Oh, and kalmaged? was a hot bastard. deserved to die,t hough.
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Title: Confession
Author: Yours truly
Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: Dima/Awa, implied Lordi/Dima, Lordi/Awa, Lordi/Dima/Awa
Summary: In the aftermath, a confession
Warnings. all the usual apply
AN: Part of the Toys series, follows COllar. also, this has been sitting on my HD way too long. aplogies for the wait.
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Dec. 17th, 2006 10:29 am
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So, I have been looking at the shiny that is the official Lordi book.. and what can I say`? Hooolyhell they are inrdibly awesome i n so many ways. and now? ther eis canon on the monsters. Byt ghte truckload. and the canon? Makes everything I havce pretty much ever written about them rather AU.... at least. to a degree. I swear this book is.. holy hell, therejust are no words for it. *shakes head* so much of the AWESOME there.

Oh, anbd in canon, Mr. Lordi is supposeto be 220cm/7'3 or so. but in rl? much shorter than that *snciker* cause no way was he 16 inches taller than I wa...

but yeah. the book is FUCKING AWESOME.

I am dsavoring it -e reading jsut a bit at a time. Love it to pieces, i do. *sighs* and dear GOD the bunnies.. the bunnies *wibbles*

... so ok i already had another lordific bunny. but still.


Dec. 16th, 2006 04:59 pm
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So. Lordi's Rocktaurant. Opened last night. Guess who managed to, I shit you not, borrow the money to go with from her fututre boss/referral dude in exchange for bakery favours?

Yeah. Holyfuckinghell.

had about 13 minutes to make tit to the bus, a mile though snowfall so you can imagine I mmanaged to forget my handbvag, therefore camera and stuff. see headdesk. but - no worries!

I was the third one on the line for non-invited folks. And the #3 and #4? they were a) awesome and b) had camera phones. *g* they also solved my problem of where I would spentd the night - arma for the win there. Oh, karma for the win. THey invited me to crash their hotel room,w hcih led to some eyebrow-raising jokes later. ("EWe can share a chair, we'll be sharing a bed anyway")

So.. once in - wo-ah. as in, HOLY FUCKING GOD. the place looks awesome. and, we walkj past Mr. Lordi talking to people a- s in, yeah, heä's 3 dfeet form me. see ara sowoon. or maybe swooning vame later, cause while w ehung out, chatted, and had fun frinkinghard Rock hallelujahs and.. no idea what thta red devil + koskenkorva stuff was called... well, there were two times when I got to be photographed with him.a n, I have an autograph. (I also told himt aht he was shorter than I thought he would be,, which led to him prtetyty much saying "Well, I canöt get any fucking boots higher than these" *g*)

Now, the part that I did not find pout until Pirjo told me this morning while we were having early lunch? Um.. while she was taking the first photo, she laso tooks me video. I believe tujhis viideo ivolves Mr. Lordi FIXING UP MY BLOODY VEST BECUUSE I AM HAVIGN A WARDROBE MALFUNCTION AND NOT REALIZING IT! *facepalm* yes, that vest.t he one that puts my boobies on a paltte.r they ahd apparently galen out, or at least one had. cnaöt waiut to see the video...*dies*

So,a fterwards - around 2 i think? we headed to the hotel my new friends were staying. And ont he way there...w ell, there was McDonalds, there was Ninni kisign a passign santa and telling himt aht amen should get a pair of wlaking sticks, in Marimekko design, for chreismtas. tat the hotel there was more general tomfoolery and lewd carols and so forth until we piled up the beds and went to sleep. which was amusing - 2 beds, three people So ok, three and a half - Pirjo was 6 months pregnant :D

In the morning we got up and mustered out,a nd, well, it was at a coffeeshop where the revelationw as had that a) had not known that LORDI HAD HIS CLAWS NEQAR MY BOOBS and that Pirjo had taped it. *shakes head* holy hell,t aht wa sjust.... well, I swore.a lot.a nd facepalmed. A ton. after that we went to have some pizza,t hen went to the bus station and parted ways -t ehy made their way tot he railway stationt o go to thir respective places of origin.

All I can say is... holy fuick. i think THIS is now the #1 awesomest night out wver. Canöt wait to get the pics from them. abd the video. Holy fuckj the video. (I will look awful, btw. nomakeup and half-assed lcothes cause I ahd like, oh, 5 minutes to get ready?)

But yeah. HOLY FUCKING GOD that was awesome.


Dec. 4th, 2006 12:42 pm
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You know, sometimes buying a tabloid or two makes for a happy ara. I jsut had a massive attack of the fucking squee. [ profile] pnaama, tremember when I made those jokeds about Lordi being at the "WASP gig? Well, according to Seura.. they were. *dies*

this should not make me feel this silly, I know. :P

In other news, I have the data transfer thing msotly figure d out now. it is going to be a PAIN to burn everything, though.. but I have time.

And I need to listen to more Saxon. jsut because.


Nov. 16th, 2006 03:09 am
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Gmail is advertising Transformers T-shirts to me. WHose fault is this, I wonder?

In other news, my nano is so badly stuck and behind that I am contemplating writing Lordi/Dracula. Even if it would nbe impossible to figure out which one of them would be on top.
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So my anano is being salvaged by flagitious insertation of Dima/awa porn set in toysverse,a nd now there is going to be a scene wehre Dracula tlaks with Lordi. Possibly waiting for awa to arrive because they have Business To Do.

... or soemthing like that.


Nov. 10th, 2006 11:18 pm
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Crisis averted. I think. but if someone is tgoing to talk to me baout anything relationg to my.. past issues invloving men in general.. anytimne soon,t heyare going toget an earful.

I got a text from cousin asking if i will babysit if they go to the bar. i said yah - cause the money, while not very good, is enough to get me a concert t-shirtt.. so 9i shall do it.

and in other news, I am even more convinced I will get my Awa tattoo. Because she just kicks ass so mucn.
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So, just nosedaround dima's website, and what do you know, he was at Copenghaegen as well. at the smae time as lordiö. why do I get the feeling that I NEED to find out how htat one went, and then get inspired as to what happened afterwards?

Also, it is v. disconcerting to read a teenybopper mag and see someone familiar. Looking gooood, if i may add. 'cough cough*


... and my nano is not going where it should and i am so behind and so on.ö


Oct. 30th, 2006 09:08 am
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So... i am still feeling a bit meh. i think i am getting sick, which is of the suck - i want to be in top condition for tomorrow night, damn it *sulks* Depression sucks... why did it have to hit now?

In any case,k today is touristy day - ia m off to Dundee for the day, to ssee the Glamis castle and do a lot of rewsearch, hopefully :D then tonight, it is the bus to London... *sighs happily* I am vaguely surte that i will just end up throwing my things at the hostedel and putting on my costume before i go wait at the FOrum. taking into account how early people got there in Brimingham...

*hugs everyone*
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List seven songs that you're into right now. No matter what genre, whether they have words or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now.

1. Evillove - Lordi (h my god I LOVE this song!)
2. Shiver my timbers
3. On Your Knees - WASP
4. Nochnoj Hulia - Dima Bilan
6. Would You Love A Monsterman? - Lordi
7. Mysteria - Edguy

I swear, evilloe is so.. Gah! *dies* roantic and evol and makesme sigh and want a nightmare man of my own... :P
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So, i was bitching about my inability to write at #Monster-squad and Steiner threw me a prompt. inspired by the words "Green" and "Battle" and [ profile] metal_equine's icon... I give you "Sexy Green Eyes"

Title: Sexy Green eyes
Author: Me
Rating: PG
Pairing: Guess :P
A/N: Prompts "Green, battle"

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Sep. 18th, 2006 10:11 pm
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So, I am tired, nervy, and feeling not so good. and I need hugs.a nd I have this URGE to write but.. nothing ishappening - i cnaöt think of what to write., 'sigh* need a kick int he ass, or if someone is available, RP? (Monsters)

also, I should have gone tot he store.c ause apparently in addittion to the baby!Awa thing, there was a na rticle about how the band keep getting X-rated fanmmail. and apparently they just donöt get it - they qyuoted Awa about it ans she sid she doens't get it. (And apaprently, she gets fanmail from both girls and boys *snicker*)Will have to seei fi can hunt it down tomorrow or soemthing... not likely, but will try.

but.. yeah. tired, bored, antsy, nervous, wna to writ.--- 'sigh*

shiny welcome.


Sep. 18th, 2006 09:30 pm
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So, according to <2a href="">this article (In FInnish), a little girl was nbamed Awa Lumia.Obviously after Awa.

That's all for now.


Sep. 18th, 2006 02:26 pm
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Title: Collar
Author: Yours truly
Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: Lordi/Dima, Lordi/Awa, implied Dima/Awa
Summary: Dima has proven himself
Warnings. Rough bloody sex, monsters, the usual
AN: Part of the Toys series, follows Mirrors

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Sep. 17th, 2006 02:10 pm
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I. hate. My. Brain.

Why, you ask?

You see, I ahd this very lovely dream...... and then my brian cut it off for something totally irrelevant. not even a ron of kitties at a later point helped.

So what is the dream, you ask? Welkl, the interesting part was some concerrt hall or other - with Lordi. and for some reaosn, he was coming to the audience - I donöt know why he wasnöt bmobbed, but he waleked amongst us. he first wenrt to someone to my left, then someone to my right - i franticlaly looked for something for him to sign and did fins, and wthen pretty much went puppydog-eyes when he was going past me.... he signed it and said something - i donöt even recallw hat but I recall with startling clarity what I tolfd him "I'd rtather be your slavve" *cough* I pretty much was about to panic ther ebut he grinned and told me where and when to meet him. *swoons'

So, I go there - and was 3 minutes late, eep! Damn Dipoli full of crazy people! and what happens?

I get to follow him to the conviniently located dark forest.

the next thing I know is that I'm on the ground, he's on top of me and there is fdefinitely interestingness going on....

and then the fucking thing gets interrupted by some sort of internet missives form my childhood friends. the whol e dream was fuckeda t that poiint - I knew he was there, jsut waitingfor me, just as I'd get rid of these friends and then my mom and cats and.. argggh! I hatehtatehatehatehate my brain! *groans' Why does it have to torment me so? WHY?!?!

so yeah, Arqa woke up v. frustrated.a nd has a ton of cleaning to do tosday *le sigh*


Sep. 5th, 2006 11:24 pm
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Oh dear, i am in such a fangirl mode..... THis article (In FInnish) talks about the chemistry of the Lordi costumes in regards to, ah, the fact that they apparently stink like hell. And gives detail on how they work - the latex andrubber are attarched to... *checks dictionary* a jersey body suit. and, apparently according to Mr. Lordi.. "A fly makes life a lot easier". xcuse me while my brain goes to VERY naughty places *Blush*

other than that, had a nice nap. now I am looking forward to staying up for the next... *checks* 16 hours. Oh dear but I am going to drink a LOT of caffeinated things...


Sep. 3rd, 2006 11:00 pm
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More Lordific. Just cause I can :D

Title: Mirrors
Author: Yours Truly
Rating. hard R
Pairings: Dima/Awa, implied Lordi/Dima, Lordi/Dima/Awa
Summary: Reflections don't always come from mirrors.
Warnings: graphic sex, duh
A/N: Part of the Toys series; follows Promise.

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Sep. 3rd, 2006 04:08 pm
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So, I just caught a short interview and a few songs by Lordi on TV. damn, but I love that sort of a thing. Beciuse it gave me some Insight (tm). Sort of. In case anyone wants to know what Lordi wears under his costume... well, he called it a onesie. *snickers*

And damn, Amen has a wiggly tongue. And I love Awa's hair. And her dress. and oH MY GOD, they showed WHoäs Your Daddy,... and lLordi had this smoke-spitting stick thing - not the head-staff, something that just spit snmoke - and he held it very strategically. Aka, smack ddan over his crotch. See Aea go wibble in many, many ways. *blush*

but.... yeah. much of the awesome. :D

Now I probably should write something. Like more Lordific. Should resist the urge to get self-indulgent and work on that dumb theought had last nigth, about how well meeting certain pretty boy might have fit into last night. *shakes head*

But yeah, writing. and food.


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