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Because apparently [ profile] not_eurotic will be offering fanfic in his new Kickstarter campaign, I decided it is time to finish this epic masterpiece of Caustic/Twilight fanfic I starrted back in 2009.

Other people may or may not have helped with some of the epic plot and they know who they are!

Edward Is Gay For Caustic, Part 2

The dark oppressive grey clouds upon London's sky like a TV tuned to a dead channel back before we went all digital kept Edward from Sparkling. Indeed the only sparkle was that of his keen wit and astounding intelligence and humor, second only to his moody good looks as he brooded greatly upon his obsession.

Oh, but Caustic had fled! This was intolerable: it stabbed like the blades of the Venturi, like the fire of a thousand suns. He could not bear to be parted from his chosen!

He had traveled long and wide in search of his one true love and he was here now, in the city of London, and he had tracked down Caustic to this den of iniquity and idolatry; A wretched hive of scum and villainy and preposterous posturing, before him the Tate Modern spread like an in-depth study on space-time and the artist's depression and hatred of anti-colonialism expressed in the bold strokes of black crayon and menstrual blood.

Caustic, the man, the myth, the legend was here in search of inspiration - what now, to inspire him into even greater heights of artistry to wow generation upon generation like the true masters of the craft before him?

Speaking of before him - His eyes light up like a new morning upon ice as he sees it. her. She is large and edgy, blocky almost - All lines and no soft curves. There is no form, only function.

He approaches her - it - the beauty with no pronoun can ever apply: He touches, gently, over the corrugated metal. He knows he shouldn't, he knows this is wrong but he has to..


The shout startles Edward out of his self-described malaise; He wonders, briefly. Could that be...?

Edward raced to the back of the museum like a lightning, greasier than an oil tanker. Before the brave London bobbies had a chance to arrest Caustic for public indecency and molesting the property of the City of London, Edward whisked his beloved away in a totally not sparkly at all movement that left everyone on the spot baffled and disgusted.

For Caustic, being whisked away was an experience not much akin to any actual whisking; no implements of metal nor plastic were involved, albeit the end result was that when he was unceremoniously deposited in a luxurious hotel room, he felt as if he'd had his innards not only whisked but beaten and stirred as well.

Promptly, he threw up on Edward's shoes.

"Oh my beloved don't fret!" Edward cried out dramatically, still not sparkling in the artificial light. "Come, come with me!"

Because this is a work of fiction, we urge the reader to please take a moment to suspend their disbelief that pure, virginal and chaste Edward would act so wanton. Bear with me guys, this is true art.

"I am so gay for you" Edward's voice was impassioned and resembled that of a donkey in heat. His eyes wide, he threw himself to the bed, amid the luxurious satin sheets that had been super glued in place to keep them from sliding off the manky hotel mattress that had previously housed a corpse that did not walk around.

"Take me!"

Caustic, eyes bleary and ears aching from the preposterous overuse of exclamation marks, eyed the creepy dude on the bed. Creepy dude who appeared to not to be breathing despite talking too much.

With a shrug, he dropped his pants. he'd been interrupted with the inspiring piece of art, might as well finish.

And that, dear reader, is how Edward decided he was not so gay after all and limped back to ass-end-of-nowhere to prey on teenage girls, and Caustic crossed necrophilia off his purity test list. That, and for once not being the one getting sodomized.

Teh End.


Feb. 2nd, 2011 09:39 pm
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So, I am going to Prague next week. As usual. XD Should be fun.

But - part of my plan is, take a trip to Vienna as well cause it is so near, and see me some dancing vampires! :D

musical people: Which seats should me and [ profile] silicondragon get for maximum amount of squee? :D

now back to the notrmal stuff. expect memeing later
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Edward sparkled in the sunlight.

Except it was not sunny cuz it was night-time and there was no sun on the sky. Which was bad cuz Edward didn’t sparkle – his skin of a killer was dead. Dead, he he get it?

Edward as standing in the corner of Caustic’s room. He was being omg so romantic!! I wish my bf was lyek that! And being a creepy obsessive freak and staring at the sleeping man.

Well ok, more like the passed out form too much booze, in this case half a beer, “man” who was sprawled over the bed. And by bed I mean a pile of dirty clothing.

Edward had snuck in to watch him sleep cuz that is so romantic and Edward is a hot vampire and all ho vampires are romantic. Except cuz het is eww he was not going to be romantic about Bella but instead he was so totally in love with Caustic now. Caustic made him gay.


MOAR SOON GUISE! teee-hee! they will, lyke, kiss and stuff! But only if I get a lot and lot of reviews!!1!

(background: it started with this. sort of.
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the Sonja Blue books by Nancy A. Collins

I jsut finihed idnight BLue, a collection of the first three books - Sunglasses after dark, In the Blood and Paint it Black. And what can I say? harsh, guttural, incredibly fascinating, with characters who are damned real and more multifaceted than you would think, and so deliciously 80's dark side it makes my gothy little toes curl in my pointy boots.


And, Paint it black? did someting a book has not been able to do to e in avery long time.

it made me cry.

Seriously people. You want a vampire fix? read this.


Sep. 20th, 2008 09:17 pm
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When you see this, post another Buffy quote in your LJ. Let's see how long this can go on.

"I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it. " - Spike
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THink this one deserves a separate entry. I need to kick my creativity HARD, dammit. And therefore I think I will be participating in Julnowrimo.

Of course, I have NO idea whatsoever what I will be doing. last time,t his resulted in a lot of porn involving vampires. THis time.. I have even less idea.

(Wonder if my recently admitted gothdom and the way I have been making fun of it will result in MORE vampire porn?)

(Oh,a nd when a workchat incvolves specuilation upon the secxxuality of a seniopr manager and the phrase "so deep in the closet his ass is in narnia" I know I love my job. so ok, I hate my job,but my workmates are made of awesome)

(also, what the hella m I going to wear when i go meet Stuart, assumign I have enough time to un hometo get cleaned upo> I think my new lovely gray jeans with skulls but shirt department is at loss)


Apr. 14th, 2006 10:03 pm
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So, I hasd some really bizarre dreams last night.

Long and rambly )

and incidentally; under cut #2, the screencap that proves that Cucuy HAD a wedding ring. plot bunnies, anyone?

Read more... )


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