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Eh, community fail.

But yeah in other news casa Ara is currently Ara-occupied only. again.


Apr. 12th, 2008 07:02 pm
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I have moved. nothing was broke,n> I am getting mydeposit back. going there tomorrow or modnay to clea, but that is it. *grin*


Now, food - >


Apr. 1st, 2008 10:16 pm
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Guess who has to move again>


4 weeks to find elsewhere. Guess why?

Because, ladies and gents, the lovely attic that houses the ara> Is not inhabitable after all due to eletricity anfd thee fire regs, etc.

landlord was in to chck some stuff. this was discovere. because he assumed a couple inhabited a bedroom, not a fifth person the attic. Oops.

So yeah. 4 weeks to find somwhere new.

Can we say ARGH!

I need a new life. srsly.
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So, in addition to all the bloody drama that I do not want to talk about, I have

- Done reasonably well in aikido. Had a new instructor who siad I was doing very well for someone who had only started 5 weeks ago.

- Resolved my new year's resolution. I can has bridge. Next stwp. do itwith my legs straight.

- made an Agreement with my housemaes: I pay more, they clean more.

- Had a job interview. which I flunnked. Didn;t remember what pagefile.sys is and wnet downhill fromt here. And these people? KNOW. MY. BOSS.

- Agreed to DJ in Dominion. Jsut need to pick a date. ([ profile] nekrovuohi, oisko sulla MP3sina sita Pimeyden Jousta ja Muuta Kivaa suomalaista goottpiiipittirandomkamaa jolla saikytella ihmisia?)

- started panicking because KITTY IS COMING OVER THIS WEEK!

- decided to do SOMETHING to my hair.

- played with my camera. (No, you can;t has.)


Feb. 17th, 2008 01:56 pm
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I & compy are in new house. Not much else here but working on it! :D


Feb. 8th, 2008 10:06 pm
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TOo sick to work today. Cough of dooooom.

isntead cleaned and did a bit more househunting. ran into something v. dodgy.

Did get confirmation tho that if ninja thing doesn;t work out, there is a lovely attic room that is mine, all mine.

feeling like crap, buit nowhere near as sore as last week. Yay for ninja tricks!

Life still sucks tho.


May. 22nd, 2007 09:54 am
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Even google can fail. (cause i sure as hell don't think the HP fandom will!)

In other news, I am sick and tired and don't wanna deal with having to go to tyrrelstown to clean and make sure I did in fact get everything and.. ugh. *sigh*

Work is going ok. a slow day. Good, compared to yesterday cause yesterday? It was hell. But I am rather fucking good at what I do. In fact, i am fucking awesome.

or at least I keep telling myself that. *snort*


May. 14th, 2007 02:06 pm
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So,t he first set pf psycho troomamtes jsut contacted mer. apparently some of my mail has been going there and they were being all snotty about "if you won;t give us a forwarding address we willd estroy it£"

Including a parcel, apparently./;

now, I was being evil - hgacve thenm the new address, but I was also evil - "We can also meet up so there's no extra cost for you" - you remember the deposit debacle. Of course, i might regret that once I stop being sicjkeningly high on mania - tbh, scared is already happening. but I won't be meeting them without backup... *shakes head*

i did in fact see the fuckers ont he bus on saturday, jsut like i had been fearing for a good while. it was oen of the reasons I was very shaken on friday and ended up being a complete mess byt he end of the night. which carried over to saturday and loed to Idiocy of the Highest order. (srsly - i' haven;t done anyonething that stupid while I have been in Dublin.

but yeah. need to deal with this. *sigh* But, I will manage dammit. Somehow. (having a Zoi along will help, if she can make it, for that means I can rest assured ath t if the bastard lays a hand on me? He will regret it. Nto my word against his, for one.)

... Sometimes, I wish life was less complicated.
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So, yeah. what the Ara is doing this week after work, is "going back and forth dragging things from T-Town to Arabox"

Except for thursday. Thursday, Ara is taking a cute German guy shopping in Temple Bar. (Nothing like corrupting the innocent...)

But yeah,right now? Arabox is being the priority.

ETA: so I jsut avoided a fuckup of major kind, as in boss yelling at me kind with the grace of chancwee - i got the second call fromt he xcustomer about the same problem which had not been solved cause, um, i fucked up the ticket <3

.. thank God for small mercies.


May. 13th, 2007 11:38 pm
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I has an Arabox.


May. 10th, 2007 04:31 pm
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So I got some important stuff sorted out and the rest of today is fgoing to involve packing and headdesking about how to get this all sorted out, just purely transportwise. *shakes head* tbh this is scaring me a lot, making me kind of... shiver and wish I had someone to give a hand becuase this is jsut, not somethign I can figure out how to handle. *shakes head*

In other news, well,a fter I sdsorted thing sout I had time for a short stroll of Temple bar and saw a few familiar people. including assomeone I have figured out I have a crush on, and this made me think how different crush is from more serious feelings. When I have a crush on somone - when i see them, my heart skips a beat, I feeel silly, if they pay attention to me I feel warm and a bit giddy and I have a silly feeling even after they go away. and it doesn;t hurt, it doesn;t matter if they are taken or not or anything like that - it is jsut good stuff.

when igt gets into serious emotions, then the pain comes. because there's an intense desire for more - not physically, not really, that is more of the crush spectrum, but.. to be able to have, and it hurts when I can;t, it's a lot less giddy, it is a quiet happy, and a hurt afterwards. *shakes head*

.. why am I thinking about this again?

ah yeah. becuase some men jsut look sickeningly good in leather and make me feel all sorts of silly.


May. 2nd, 2007 07:38 pm
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It is certainnow. Iam moving!


Apr. 26th, 2007 02:06 pm
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State of teh Ara at the moment is: CHeery but tired. I am, for once,
not depressed. jsut... cheery, depsite the fact taht I feel like
hell physically and te fact that work is KILLING me. Work is aking me
spazzy and completley falling apart-y, I can't deal with this-y... and
it still does not depress me. it is jsut good old fashiopned stress,
not the end of the world or emotional upheavalage.

Major Stress of he Moment? Would seem to have been lifeted. Now if
COnnor's landlord sayeth the ok, then a certain German redheaded
menace who abuses my access to my phone will be moving in to a nice
hole in the... wall? Ground? Somewhere dark and hole-y anyway, and I
get her shoebox! :D and yes, it si a shoebox. I have had bigger
bedrooms than that apartment is. But, it will be mine, all mine.anD it
has interwebs! And kitchenette! And a window! And it is half an hour's
walk from Dominion, and so forth. itr is freakihly aweosme. (as is the
redheaded menace, obvioulsy)

if everything goes awesomely, I get the keys next tuesday and haul
stuff on wednesday. Cross fingers, toes and applicable appendages for
us! :D

I relaly have no plan for today,. I will probably jsut go home, and
sleep. and possibly pack. hell, i KNOW I have to pack. i am jsut, not
very good at it. But I will be working on it, and also working on
picking out an outftt for Friday.

Cruxshadows. Cruxshadws are of the awesome. And I will be going to see
them! :D It would seem taht at least 2/3rds of our merry bunch will be
descending to VL,. have not asked Zoi yet but think she might not come
since the tix are pricey.. which sucks. but do hope I will get to see
her saturday.. miss her.

I need that sleep tomorow night.. christ, can't remember the last time
I slept more than 6 hours. *shakes head* yes, i am aware of just how
fucking unhealthy this sort of a thing is.

then again, according to the IBM doc my blood pressure is "perfect"
saw him to make sure my back is ok, and my eye is ok. burtst a vein
last weekend and didn't notice until monday when it was pointed out
to me... and perfect blood pressure is a great excuse for pizza for lunch! (which, incidentally,w as spent tlaking to the cute irish boy *shakes head* I think he is crushable. Not sure if it will go anywhere, kind of don't even want it to, cause, coworker, eek, but... pretty! and nice. and fun. and cute. And makes me all silly in the tummy and not in the "Oohj, i want to jump him!" but in the "Ooh, he lookd at me!" way. *shaeks head again*

oh, and Googleboy? Sorry to tell you this but you don;t give the best
hugs in Dublin. Grover does. You two need introducing. *g* I hope that
can be arranged when Nodis brings his fuzzy blue ass home from Leeds

*hugs people randomly and falls asleep on them*

... and my manager is jsut braiding someone's hair almost right next to me. *shakes head* God, I love this job.


Apr. 21st, 2007 07:00 pm
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House hunting went well. looks like that if i can just make it until the week that starts on 7th of may and come up with the 1300 euros I need to move in, I have somewhere. of course I will check the place in Temple bar tomorrow, and yeah, this one does have some downsides but..l.. god, internet in my room. peace and quiet. 10 mins to the city center on the bus. What else can a girl ask for?

.. ok, lot. but relaly,t hat one would be good, and they will also feed me. feeding me is always good.


Apr. 21st, 2007 06:59 pm
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Random observation: Googleboy gives th ebest. hugs. ever. having missed them for the past week, I can say this with certanity. I think this is a combination of several factors including the fact that he is a geerally wonderful person and physcal comnpatibility - there's no awkwardness related to height, pokey bits, reach, or any such thing. *shakes head* and damn, i think I may stil be drunk if I get this analytical about hugs! But yea, miss the hugs *pouts*

So, yesterday I went to the porter hourse with my team. we had fun. good food, good drinks. then we headed out for a few to Pravda, and I buggered off to a net cafe and then Brux. anopther guy from work said he might come to Brux but he didn;t, oh well. Instead, saw Zoi and some random peeps. including Enrico the Random Italian. his last night there. and he wasnl;t interestd this ti,me. (He also apologized for disappearing last time, caus ehe was so drunk and didn;t remember what he had been up to. fun.)

nearly went home wiht a nice finn8ish boy called Tuomas. but alas, he was fiucking jerk and ditched me by getting me distracted and disappearing. after which i asked another vague friend if he minde dme follwoinghim home, he said he rather I wouldn;t and I was "Oh well, ok, nice night". and if Tuomas ahd done the same, I would have been ok. but no, the guy just HAD to be an ass. *shakes head* this ked to some drunken texting of people, which did not include the hobbit. and for that I am glad. *shakes head*

Now I am at a ner t cafe, huing over. have my Nomneach clothes in my bag, since I have to go see an apartment in about half an hour actually. *facepalm* thena again,t he bus should take 10 mins and leaves right next to hthis palce s o i should be able to make it. if not. oops. the person is meeting me anyway so it is not that difficult.. i think. another one I rescheduled for 1 pm tomorrow - that guysis a dj and the place in Temple Bar. *shake head* this thing is going so much better than I thought.

Expect more blahter tomorrow.
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So, i seem to have foubnd a VERY good deal. in Harlold's corss, v. pricey though - 645 a month BUT that is with them feeding me. the downside? Available mid-may. so I am probably going to need crashspace for a bit. Anyone willing to provie, know someone willing to provide, etc, etc? Worst case scenario, I will jsut go for the Celtic Halols or somesuch for the time between leaving my place/ moving to the new place assumign I am not getting any of the other places I have looked at, but I would still need crashspace for some of my gear - anyone willing to provide that?

right now, things look a bit more clear than before.

and today has been a shite day at work. crazy fucking customers...

also> the first time I haev to talk to my manager in a good solisd while... and I am a wlaking dresscode violation \o/
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So I was jsut humming Temple of Love when the cute!Boss appears behind me to deliver stuff. Shiny, not. *facepalm* aaand cut...

Read more... )

Well, fuck

Apr. 13th, 2007 12:28 am
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Remember whewn I said I was looking intto other places?

Guess who has been asked to move out. or more like, told to move out.


thankfully i am already looking into other options but.. yeah. this is so not good, especially on top of everything else.

anjy help with moving, crashspace if needed, etcetera is welcome.


Mar. 27th, 2007 01:44 pm
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So I am alive. as usual. barewly. not atr work because I was up till 3.30 trrying to get my head a bit more straight, re: sunday evening and now I feel ded.

and need to do stuff, which is of the ev0lness.

roommates are giving me a bit of an uissue - i think i am too much of a geek for themn. all they see of mer, i am either messing weith my computer or going out. *sigh* this is not of the good. iu overheard them talking. which makes for a sad ara. In general life seems to be vrery, very issueful at the momnt.

Nodis, you up for tat coffee today? COuld meet at the McDonalds cafe at, say, fiveish if that is ok with you?


Feb. 20th, 2007 06:34 pm
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I moved out todaty.

... ugh ugh ugh. it is all driving me crazy, pretty much, but.... yeah. needed to get the hell out of there.

Couldn;t have done it without Marita. She is a Godsend.

Now.. I am at a netcafe cause the computer at the house wouldn;t access gmail and because I jsut felt like it, and happy.

of couyrse, i am already facepalming a b8it becausei didn;lt realize tht the new troom only has a single bed. Oh well, teenagers all over the world succeed at it every moment, I am sure the boi and I can, too...


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