Poll time!

Oct. 23rd, 2009 09:22 pm
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[Poll #1475395]

Help me decide, peons :P


May. 1st, 2009 08:51 pm
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Like i poseted yesterda.. there is major ta fallout sortae. uess who is going in on sunday and probably will end up pulling 12 hour hifts all week until nday?

yeah, missing one ODminion.

But, on the other hand, the amount of money I will be getting? Yummy.

Well, either money o r more tie off tat van be redeemed at a later occasion.

But still.

if it does come to that? i will pull a 84 hour workweek.

Shoot me now. please.

... at last it will help me with my CD havbit. today before I came to work, i got the following.

Sisters of Mercy - Vision Thing
Sisters of Mercy - Some Girls Wander By Mistake
The Cure - Galore
The Lost Boys OST
Ministry - Twiteched
Bauhaus - Carckle
David Bowie - Best of Bowie
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
New Model Army - The Collection

What can I say? thi i what a lazy DJ does.

... and yeah I wans ot supposed to shop at all, or at least, go get some work-appropraite clothing. but nooo.

It is decided tho. i am not setting a foot on Wicklow street in a VERY long time.

How else can I afford prague in june, london also in june - straiht to london form praguue, people - 26th till 29th, orning of :D - and Poland + castle party and Finland + ropecon in July/August?

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I swear I am.

the locle "Deep red" shade orf Jeans' colors?

is fricking PINK on my hair. PINK.

I wanted RED.


now donöt get me wrong, I love pink with an epic passion. HOWEVER...

I wanted red dammit. *sad*

but in positive news, at least I a make the hair look fabulous.

I also now seem to have a credit cad. FUCK XD

still crafving broccoli. therefore tomorrow's plans involve that once I wake up, I go hunt down some of it. tonight, canöt make it to the damn store in time. Bah. tonight will, therefore, be cleaning day.,

I hope anyway :D


Mar. 28th, 2009 05:59 am
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Should I dye my long hair bits red, or should I leave the whole thing Malfoy!Blonde?

Hair help?

Mar. 23rd, 2009 07:04 pm
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Guys... I am bored with my hair. I wantto do SOMETHING with it.

right now? My hair is aboiut shoulder length and pretty pretty pink, with a fringe.

I am deating someting rather radical. Like, Iunno, shaving the sides, leaving the fringe intact? or something else that would actually make my hair more flairtastic.

I am sick of the fact that I jsut have nothin FUN about my hair :(

Yes, it is bright pink. but htat jsut is not as fun as t used to be.

Suggestions? What should I do with my hair?

for reference's sake, this is what I look like :P



Oct. 24th, 2007 04:21 pm
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So,w aht the hell will I be wearing for halloween?

Suggestions, people!

I am currently tempted to go for Zombie Schoolgirl or ZOmbie Cheerleader cuz those are so easy...

... *yawn*

Aug. 23rd, 2007 06:50 am
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At work and tiired. slept a bit more than usual. still overwhelmed byt he amount of STUFF I have... runnibng out of containers to put it in! it is disheartening,tr hat is what it is... *shakes head* last time I moved, I could take out some of the junk every time I was there to pack so it made it much easier..t his time, noth9ing like that is going on. *shakes head* will ahevt os ee what I can throw out and then continue packing, once I go home today.

NIN last nigght. Didn;t go, was good, didn;t spendd the money. not that I had it anyway. but yeah.. noo NIN this time around. *Shakes head* I am no sure if it would have been good for me, in the end.... gig s tend to have a strange effect on me. they psych me up and the crashdown tends to be hard. (Will not miss Era Vulgaris ont he 15th, tho - haven;t een them since the Mael Mordha gig waaay back)

sopeaking of gigs.... there is one gig I most efinitely have to go see sooner or later: ODS. I mean,s eriously - I love those guys. Not jsut because I thinkt he music kicks ass, but because they are, fromw hat I can see, a bunch of very very awesome guys. And they like me, too - I want to take advantage of bein on their guest list, dammit! (this random bit brought to you by their singer ading me on myspace *gringringrin* )

A stuffed purple.... crabthing my sister sent me from some marine biology lab she was at soem time ago is no wistting ont op of my monitor at work. I foresee this particular corner overwhelmed by cute stuffed creatures. *shakes head*

also, polka dots = awesome.


Aug. 1st, 2007 11:06 am
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Late forwork 2 days in a row, sleeping less than 4 hours despite the being late thing, and in genertal not feleinbg very good is on today;s agensda. seeing the landlady today, the fucking bathroom drain is not working, and ing enral is not a good day.

but, the arabox is currently cleaner than it probably has ever vbeen since boxship was handed over. Peoples are welcome to drop over to boggle. State shoudl stay clean tillt omorrow - since tomorrow is the last day I can do laundry before i fly back for a brief visit, you can imagine the statew iwt will eb in afterwards... unmentionables hanging everywhere, a bad case of wherethefuckisitis, etc :P

incidentally, those who come to ropecon are herefore obliged to have a go at the goth larp I am running with [livejournal.com profile] hoarmurath - 7yes,we are crazty and yes,.we are taking hte piss out of a lot of things. and this is the thing I will have to DJ at, formthe looks of it - we won; have anyone else doing it so.. I get to do it. <3

Also... Jan has lost her mind.c ause for some strange and mysrterious reason> Yours truly isnow the #1 friend ont he Tempest myspace. wtf, world, wtf.

(Oh, and no I do not know what to wear to ropecon. must plot :P)
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Ways to start your time back at work productively? Somehow get yourself locked out of every single system you have because your passwords have either expired or you are a victim of the cliché changed-the-fucking-thing-just-before-you-left. Occasionally with a does of “remember just after you send off a long-ass complicated request for change”

*shakes head*

Oh, and add to that t being surrounded by bosspeople, apparently. (Assistant team leaders behind me and next to me, manager’s door behind my back and my team leader right in front of me. *facepalm*

In other news.. on the taxi to the way to work they had a guy from Microsoft talking about windows vista. Apparently, the guy was a geek cause he was wearing a Microsoft badge at the lobby waiting to be led to the interview... now what DOES that make certain friends of mine, who can MacGyver hair ties out of their badge cords when they have a hairdo failure at D? *g* (I still want my hairband, back, bitch)

Also, backing April I had a bit of an argument re: NIN & Foo Fighters. Said SOMEONE said that no way was NIN supporting anyone. Well, like I texted said someone… I saw posters for this thing. NIN Listed as “Special Guests” –and we know that is the PC way of saying “support” *grin* Excuse me while I gloat just a teensy weeensy bitsy here:P

(No idea why they would do it, but hey, whatever floats their boat. )

I am amused by the fact that I am being such a fricking walking dress code violation again. Trainers on my feet, lovely combat trousers, a t-shirt proclaiming my love of music in biiiig pink letters, Iron Maiden hoodie, blue hair, and cherry-pattern emo socks. And a pirate wrist warmer on the left one, to boot.

(Bosspeople don’t seem to care at the moment, tho :Pand the ATL next tome is using messenger. *g* she seems to be weasy to get along with. And I wonder, sheloks familiar beyond work.. Fellow [livejournal.com profile] fatshionista?)

Also: SO ME! Even the blue hair.

That should be all for now.

ETA:Oh,andthe microsoft guy?> Also when asked "Is VIsta the best opertating system out htere?" said "Well I would have to argue so..>" *snicker*


Apr. 26th, 2007 02:06 pm
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State of teh Ara at the moment is: CHeery but tired. I am, for once,
not depressed. jsut... cheery, depsite the fact taht I feel like
hell physically and te fact that work is KILLING me. Work is aking me
spazzy and completley falling apart-y, I can't deal with this-y... and
it still does not depress me. it is jsut good old fashiopned stress,
not the end of the world or emotional upheavalage.

Major Stress of he Moment? Would seem to have been lifeted. Now if
COnnor's landlord sayeth the ok, then a certain German redheaded
menace who abuses my access to my phone will be moving in to a nice
hole in the... wall? Ground? Somewhere dark and hole-y anyway, and I
get her shoebox! :D and yes, it si a shoebox. I have had bigger
bedrooms than that apartment is. But, it will be mine, all mine.anD it
has interwebs! And kitchenette! And a window! And it is half an hour's
walk from Dominion, and so forth. itr is freakihly aweosme. (as is the
redheaded menace, obvioulsy)

if everything goes awesomely, I get the keys next tuesday and haul
stuff on wednesday. Cross fingers, toes and applicable appendages for
us! :D

I relaly have no plan for today,. I will probably jsut go home, and
sleep. and possibly pack. hell, i KNOW I have to pack. i am jsut, not
very good at it. But I will be working on it, and also working on
picking out an outftt for Friday.

Cruxshadows. Cruxshadws are of the awesome. And I will be going to see
them! :D It would seem taht at least 2/3rds of our merry bunch will be
descending to VL,. have not asked Zoi yet but think she might not come
since the tix are pricey.. which sucks. but do hope I will get to see
her saturday.. miss her.

I need that sleep tomorow night.. christ, can't remember the last time
I slept more than 6 hours. *shakes head* yes, i am aware of just how
fucking unhealthy this sort of a thing is.

then again, according to the IBM doc my blood pressure is "perfect"
saw him to make sure my back is ok, and my eye is ok. burtst a vein
last weekend and didn't notice until monday when it was pointed out
to me... and perfect blood pressure is a great excuse for pizza for lunch! (which, incidentally,w as spent tlaking to the cute irish boy *shakes head* I think he is crushable. Not sure if it will go anywhere, kind of don't even want it to, cause, coworker, eek, but... pretty! and nice. and fun. and cute. And makes me all silly in the tummy and not in the "Oohj, i want to jump him!" but in the "Ooh, he lookd at me!" way. *shaeks head again*

oh, and Googleboy? Sorry to tell you this but you don;t give the best
hugs in Dublin. Grover does. You two need introducing. *g* I hope that
can be arranged when Nodis brings his fuzzy blue ass home from Leeds

*hugs people randomly and falls asleep on them*

... and my manager is jsut braiding someone's hair almost right next to me. *shakes head* God, I love this job.
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So, i seem to have foubnd a VERY good deal. in Harlold's corss, v. pricey though - 645 a month BUT that is with them feeding me. the downside? Available mid-may. so I am probably going to need crashspace for a bit. Anyone willing to provie, know someone willing to provide, etc, etc? Worst case scenario, I will jsut go for the Celtic Halols or somesuch for the time between leaving my place/ moving to the new place assumign I am not getting any of the other places I have looked at, but I would still need crashspace for some of my gear - anyone willing to provide that?

right now, things look a bit more clear than before.

and today has been a shite day at work. crazy fucking customers...

also> the first time I haev to talk to my manager in a good solisd while... and I am a wlaking dresscode violation \o/


Apr. 9th, 2007 03:42 pm
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TTOday's plan, nothing but net herew at home and music. lots of good music. listening to all the CDs I have gained altely.l Like the Era Vulgaris one - I like these guys.

MY ensiferium shirt is lovely and snuggly. and, a size M. FOr osme reason, beinbg able to wear shirts int hat size makes me happy. Now, I dunno what size "girlie" shirt I would have to wear but gys' size M fits me jsut fine,.

Incidentally, my dreams are bizarre. in addittion o everything else that was tgoing ojn last night, I had a lovely dream involving snuggles leading to making out that then turned CREEPY as in, i realize "hmm, this has to be a dreajm" and then.. yewah, suffice to say I don;t wnat to talk about it. *shakes head* but, until that point, was nice. Not very likely to ever atually HAPPEN but was nice :P

Incidentally, since some peeps have wondered - I did locate some photographic evidnece, a few yewars old, of TDS. here, pics 100_499, 100_500, 100_1526 - the arrogantt-looking one with the long hair and the eyeliner.. *shakes head* No longer does eyeliner, tho, as far as I can tell.


Mar. 29th, 2007 07:02 pm
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Have baked brownies and had dinner. dinner did not involve brownies. instead it involved rice, chicken broth and an egg. was v. v. yummy. am half tempted to make another batch of this yumtastic goodness but shall refrain.. at least for a few hours. (seriously, it is good. you stick rice in choicken broth, cook it, add an egg ans soy sauce and devour like he soulds of weeping children.

... or not.

Right now I am going through sartorial difficulties of doom. You see, I have an interesting tomorrow planned. first, i am going to go to work. wasy enough, especially since it is a causal friday. after that it gets dicey.

I intend to go to town and dos tuff. good cdheap italian for dinner, and then sitting in a net vafe iuntil I head to bruzxelles. would not be that difficult, except.. a) I want to pull,m therefore i should be hot and b) I am meeting Sean & the other guitarist so should look... not formidable, but not stupid, you know? need to appear not-ditzy or too girly, i suppose. they are not aware that i have tits, after all. or at least they are not poerfectly aware. i did not specifically mention being a chick, but my avatar at metalireland is the icon I am using for this post... wish me luck that we will get along well.

and of course any suggestions for what to wear tomorrow are appreciated. ... can you actualy wear fake leather pants on a casual friday? it hinkt hat would actualy solve msot of the peoblem... migh actualy wear them with a long skirt over them - that would work, right?

but yeah. migth crash eearly again. need to call that damn taxi before I do, though.


Mar. 22nd, 2007 03:41 pm
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So,m the ara is the sick again; the arra hyas tonsilitis, and therefore 2 days off work.a nd a v. v. v. upset stomach, to boot. the original reason she didnb;t go to work today.

In other news, ara is hoping to see the boi on sat and probably gets to apologize for being an overcommunicative twit. or somkething.

[livejournal.com profile] nodis, I was going to assk yuou if you'd like to come to bruxxelles with me this friday, but this being sick thing is putting a damper on that... :( so, coffee nextr week at some point?

Also.., my laptop has a brokenb screen ow. the damn thing has a huuuge black blotch on it. this is not of the good. In any way.

Now I am going to mooch on the intere=ts some mroe and hope like hell I can survivw3=e today.

Oh, and obviously decide what to wear on saturday. i did tellt he boi i would be making an effort.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 09:09 am
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siksicksaick. as in my throat is swo0llen, both from inside and out, i can see my tonsils all sortws of puffy and white abnd the lymph nodes (?) in my throat are huge, and not jsut the ones in my jaw.

I seriously need gto see a doctor. the prooblem? I don;t know hhow to getg an appointment *facepalm(* am therefore going to ask my Irish rtroommate wuhen she waskess yup.. but is probably gonna be too late to get one for today though *SIGH*

as you can guess, i am nog at work. was not yesterday, either... went to the bank, tho, and did some stuff that needed to be done. also, went shopping... not rally proper shoppiong, jsut in and out of few sgtores because I needed some things. namely, some pink dye and a hoodie. *snnuggles her new Iron Maiden hoodie*

You see, tomorrow is that Sazxon gig i am not oging to miss. but, I alsao don;t want to get sick-er so I needed osmething to wear over my t/shirt while waiting for the band to appear and so forth. a nice warm hoodie does the trick perfetly. and since iw as alreqady going for a hoodie, i figured why not a good band one rather than plain black one?so ok a [ plain one might have been cheaper but don;t care. love my m new hoodie.

Also, Claire's Accessories = my personal doom. that's all i am saying...

(also also, the bpoi did finally reply to my txt. not seeing him this weekend from the looks of it. waah, waah, annoyhing. thaen again, i am too sick for sex and my throat is too sore for talking so.. )

la diida..

Feb. 4th, 2007 04:36 pm
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I am stiull freezing my ass off. *shudder* dear god did it get cold lastr night, waiting for the damn taxi for half an hour in a fucking miniskirt and fishnets.

So, since iw as bored, i legged it to Dominion rather early yesterday.One of the reasons I loike it so muich is that even coming in earely, jsut sitting therte not really taoking to anyone or anything, it still feels good. Back in the day, it would have mnade me feel depressed and icky but now> nah. I know it is just a matte rof time tiull things pick up, and until then I can jsut sit there anfd contemplate Stuff.

but yeah., it was pretty amusing that the folks sitting at 's Little COurt Of Doom were one american who's been adotpted to canada, an italian, an iurishewoman ansd someone who transplanted themse3lves from south africa to ireland 10 years ago. and later, there were lithuanianas joining in, too. Always v. v. amusing, that sort of a ything.

it wa s a good night, danced a bit, chatted with nice people, got introduced to some random people, and thing were.. well, ok, the boi was causing minor.. ok, vaguely major awkrward!soert of angst. not about the whole thing wigth jsut being friewnds, more like "damn it, this is qawkjward and i don;t wnat it to be and I need to do soemthinbg but i don;t quite knoew how" - more discomfort with my own inaptritude at handling it than the situation itself.

afterwards... well, it was fucking cold. and thanks tot aht damn game, it took hjalaf an hour to ccatch a bloody taxi... *shimper* i am still all sorts of frozen and i spent the night happily cuddled up = under a ton o0f blankets. (no, no company. another wevil mornig for the boi.. did get a goodnight kiss, tho, and wills ee him next weejk.... )

all in all, not a bad night most definitely. Now, i am waiting for my quioche to heat up.. i am int he mood for chinese,a ctually, but the stuff ic ould get delivered SUCKS so if i wnat it, i have to get dressed and go to the city cwenter and the one good chinese place in town that I know. So, i believ e that will be dinner.

feel free to amuse me. today will be naught nbut the net until tthe evilsspawn comes home.


Feb. 3rd, 2007 11:58 am
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it is official. I am now old. cause atm? my head hurrrrrts..;.... and there is only l one logical explanation.

I am hung over. the woe.

Oh well, at least i habe no moral hangover. i am rather happy about last night and hell, yestersay in general.

So what happens is, after work i go off to the ciuty cewnter, and meet up with marita. asnd... yeah. MY plan was to spend all of 160 euros.... did not go that way.

So, first we go to Evans. I bought saome leopard print thights cause they did not have fishnets in my sioze.. and now I am seriously anoyed cause those thiughts? are supposed to foit up to a size 30. THey do not fit me at all. But, I did score a pair of very nicce boots so... yeah, by the time wer lefdt i had the boots and thights. Moving on.... to lush.

stuck to my list.l conditioner, moisturizer, exgoliator, another kind of moisturizer. cost me a ton, but this should kkeep me lushed up for the whole month. I think anyway.

Ann syummers was nicew, i did try this one n ice shirt but it was nbot whatr I wanted. cause, not enough boob support there. and I wnates owemthing I could hewave worn outside the bedroom as well. n o shoppage there. a nd that was, you know,, my original plan.

thewn we headed off to temple bar. hysteria, a few other storews... i ended up getting more makeup, and damn it i now know that pamela mann lycera onesizes fit me. this is not a goodd thing to know :P aha was closed by the time we got thewre but it was still so worth it. I beliueve shopping till you drop is a good word for stuff. (I goot, in a moredetauiled supply liist, 2 stargazer kohls, a nail varnish, some entertainement *woink wink nudge nudge*, and chocolate. sand the fishnets) and after that, it was time for food.

i wans int he mood for italian, and stteak actually, so italnian it was.. my steak was cooked the wrongf way but i didn;t catre, i was too hungry to give a damn. the food was awesome, thew winme delicious,a nd I have ytou recipe for instyant sin: Bailey's cheesecake.

after that, we were supposed to head for a pint. yeah, with ha;lfd a botttlew of woine and some fortifired coffee in us, we went off to this one place that had a rock jihad thing going on... and wee went through tower records. theree saxon albums in my possession now, and an urge to go back if they have O/DS as well... *facepalm*

yeah, tat the rock jihgad I badghered ,arita to ask the dj to play one of the songs form my new cds, and he did. we had fun, had a few pints (and dude, thesepeople don;t believ e ion shotrglasses. have you any idea how hard is it trying to knock nback a shortt of vodka from a tall glass with ice?

yerah, after we left there we headed off to bruxxelles. there was a bvusker on the street, and somehow we ended up talikking ot him. (I believe it involvedd marita goiung "ooh, verve!" Legts go be groupies!" and so fdort.h. eventually, the guy joined us at bryuxelles. his name was john nand he was a relaly nice guy.

and yes, in bruxxelles more booze was xonsumed. and I believe I was rather sounsed... you know, dancing ont he tables if i didn;t know it would be a disaster for b oth menand the table kind of a thing so just dancing at the dcorner we were standoing in... alsao met snowfake thewre. was nice seeing himn. * I have no idea what he said to marita, or wqhatr she said to him... *g*
There was a pretty italaian boy there thjat i kind of liked the look of, didn;t go anywhere tho. (He didn;t put enough effor t in it) and i actually sawe a familiar face from D... Starey McStary was there, too. *snort*

wer stayed there till the end of the night,t hen toddled off to grab a taxi fgor me bnefore marita headed home. when ig ot home, i jsut fell into bed, pretty much.,

All in all, a good night.

(Especially since, you know, marita and I, we talked a lot about the whole thing witht he boi. i feel a lot more settled about it now)

now, troday's plans involve some cleaning/. also, shpould go tgo the store. but hyeah, msotly cleaning.

and screw cookies, ia m hiung over.


Jan. 27th, 2007 12:52 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] nodis, i trhink I might#vce caught what you had... cause my throat is feeling jsutg a wee bit disagreeable. Oh welol, not keeping me from domninion tonight *g* I am probaly showing up around ten, tewn thirty cause I don;t feel like wasting all my monmey at the net cafe..... :P (Now, I am at home le gasp and roomies are away, but the cable is making th9ings iffy... slides outta the slot, the damn thing does... *insert klewd joke* )

so yeah. last night after i left the net cafe i drizzled my way home.... and went straight to bed. no evil notes from roomies, and jsut a cheery morning fromt he guy today and ignorrage fromt he girl. Actually, ti think I heard them fighting last night, not sure... *shakes head* i have a feeling they are not int he healthies t of relationships. I mean, if the guuy comes off as seruiously abusive to a roommate.. *shudder*

and as usual, i am planning to psend today with laundry (already in the dryer, wooot) and a loong bath (trying to decide on which lush goodie to go for) and then going to the city and, hmm, not sure. apart of me wants to go windowshopping, another part jsut wants to crash a nret cafe till tonight. (or morew like till dinner, then going to have friend rice at that one good chinese pladce i like, and then going to the other one till it is time for dominion) and. yeah, no real plamns relaly. one of my coworkers from amnother team is going to show up in dominion, from the looks of it - i will have to go fetch him at some point *g* should be fun. ifinnish metalhead, a geek, and someone i foresee spending time with cause he is the sort of a guy I usually end up being friends with. In 2 weeks, he is getting his Casrcassone set sent to him, and that should lead to geekiness. *g*

other than that.. well, i had a breakfast/lunch of quishce. whic h is probably not that smart but hey,t he next time i am eating is probably going to be around 8 pm, so I am not too worried :P

i have even dsolved my sartotial difficulties for the night, from the looks of it. go me!

yeah, guess this ramble abouyt the state of ara and allt hat jazz is now over.

love you guys.
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so there is a wank about my typing int he comments of the ortf-wank post *snort' Tia, next time we talk, pelase give me your scatching best to use there+ :P

and before i forget - a friend needs soem industrial-grade black weyeshadow.w aht bransd would you guys and your gothy selves recommend? he's in the UK so brands findable there owuld be appreciated.

In other news,a m all packed and fucking freaked out like woah. *wibböes*


Dec. 4th, 2006 09:01 pm
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Or not. under cut, some pictures of the outfit I want to wear to Raskas Joulu... that, and some myspace whore-y ones.

Read more... )


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