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Since it's again around, here's mine once again: Johari and also my Nohari

Go and poke.
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I wish i could afford to go back to school.

Because being a dietician is starting to really, really appeal to me.
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I <3 y'all.

It's been an okay christmas, may the new year be shiny too.
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RELATE ME! When you think of me, what is the first thing that pops into your mind related to me in the following 10 categories:

TV Show:
Other LJ user:
The first word you think of when you think of me:

Busy as hell in RL with event prep and other stuff. SUffice to say there is drama but when is there not?

and yeah the OFC fest is still on my mind too.
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Why do I want to find and if there isnt one, to run a fic festr celebrating the most maligned of fanficland' creatures, the OFC?

Cause let' face it - there are a lot of how qwhere it i really hard to write fic without having OCs around - for example, any villain-of-the-week show, if you wnat to write an episodelike fic, recycling jsut the old villains get old after a while. Or if you want to write an epic fic with tuff tha tan already epic word has not explored - you will need OCs. Like, people's old friends and parent and new villains and so on.

Am I the only one, guys? Cause I love as-kicking OFCs hard.


Sep. 30th, 2011 09:32 am
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- > Bodyfest & Finland.

Snakes, keep up the points-grabbing when I am gone!

Love y'all.


Jun. 28th, 2011 12:49 am
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Lifew is busy, busy busy these days. Nick cave touched me, yadda ydadda.. lot of things I should probaly open up about but argh, tired. Sorry guys but there will be no epic WGT report this year beyond "Saw a lot of bands and had fun and drama" and yes, Bunny is still an asshole.

However what you can have now is my set lists from Dominion, Dublin this past weekend. it was hotter than a very hot thing in there and we seemed to sail with grace form one fail to another, but to quote Chip, the evening degenerated into success.


Sex Gang Children - Dieche
Wake - Christine
Psukai - She's A Model
Guilty Strangers - Guilty Bystaders

DJ Ara 11:30 - 12:00

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Where The Wild Roses Grow (Blixa Bargeld
Guide Track)
Einsturzende Neubauten - Morning Dew
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
19ninetynine - Vagabonds
Deviant UK - Wreckhead (Grendel Remix) (R)
Faderhead - Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois
Uberbyte - Money shot
Ladytron (R) - Seventeen


Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
Alien Sex Fiend - the Girl At The End Of My Gun
the Damned - New Rose
Rob Zombie (R) - Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix)
Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)
Ministry - N.W.O.
Rammstein (R) - Du Hast
OOMPH! - Augen Auf!

Aaand mine out of the last tagging bits we did:

Apoptygma Berzerk - Until The End Of The World
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough


Jun. 8th, 2011 05:49 am
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Busy ara is busy prepping for wgt.

had a fun weekend doing lots of stuff. And once again iw as invaded by a certain silly freiend of mine but ta tthis point.. I'm resigned XD

on Monday I waddled the Flora mini marathon. therefore, GO ME!

How is everyone else? :D
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Siete Horas by Bebe. no idea what it says, it jsut sounds so happy, and I only have happy memories of it :)
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Ok uys, this saturday at Dominion, I shall be DJing again. You will all be there, right? :D

other news, still lethargic, still crazy, still full of drama. Long midnight phone calls thend to mess with my head.... as tends haing conersations I am not sure what was said.

Life, as usual.

Oh, and has a bigass shitty cleopatra comåp for 4.99 - for 80 MP3s. Worth it jsut for the few good ones!
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Last year, I made the following resolutions:

1. Go to at least one gig per month

Well I went to a LOT of gigs. But unfortunately the once per month thing did not really hold up. Which annoys me.

2. Cook at least one meal a week from scratch

... Yeah this one failed so thoroughly there are NO WORDS for it. I was lucky to cook a full maeal from scratch once a month, let alone a week. But at loeast there was less takeout than last year...

3. By the end of the year, be able to do at least 10 pushups

Fail. Next, please!

4. Still not going to give a fucka bout what people think of me

Strill working on this one... but mostly managed, I think.

5. take part in nanowrimo and kick the bitch's ass

Failed. Le sigh.


Nov. 27th, 2010 01:07 pm
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So on Wednesday I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1.

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Set lists!

Nov. 14th, 2010 02:34 pm
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Thanks for everyone who showed up last night and had fun at Dominion! :D

Here is what I played... I think XD

also, thanks to my co-DJs Paul B and Paddie T! :D

Set the first, 23.00-23.30

Cellmod - CRISIS (Shiv-R Remix)
NIN - Capital G (Epworth Phones)
Ghostfire - the Last Steampunk Waltz
Emilie Autum - Dead is the new Alive
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Hall of Mirrors
Rhombus - Anywhere
The Damned - Melody Lee

Set the second,00.45-01.30

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod
Front Line Assembly - Millennium
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Der Mussolini
Gwen Stefani vs. Front 242 - Hollaback Headhunter
Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn
Pop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein Auslander
The Prodigy - Colours
Colony 5 - My Wolrd
COvenant - Call the Ships to Port
Apoptygma Berzerk - Non Stop Violence
Aesthetic Perfection - The Siren
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three years, 6 months, 11 days and counting...
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I know you are all intelligent people and wont post shit you say here to me on twittert/Fb, right? Cause, you know,keeping things slightly private and all that jazz.
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for various reasons, am not going to mera luna this year. (unless someone can borrow me 300 euro or so? didnt think so...)

So instead have a meme.

1. If you'd like to play along, reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. You then list (and upload or link to the video, if you feel like it) 5 (6, 7) songs that start with that letter.
3. Then, as I'm doing here, you'll post the list to your journal with the instructions. Easy peasy!

I got slapped with an E by [ profile] raisedbymoogles :D

And i iz laxy. no links. do your own work :P

Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
Electrosluts Extraordinaire - Faderhead
Eloise - The Damned
Epitaph - Front Line Assembly
End - The Cure
Electronic Warfare - Apoptygma Berzerk
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(for the record, my7 journal title is formt he Depeche Mode song of that name)

Yeah, I do dream. A lot. there are some recurring themes, and I do try to keep track of them here on LJ when they are especially interesting.

Like last night. I drramed that I showed up at Labyrinth without CDs to spin and had to run back home to fetch them. This led somehow to a matrix stuyle helicopter-machineghun shootout at my old elementary school with me being shot at. Etc. :D

Some6times my dreams do haunt me. In bad ways. There are times when a dream appears innocous and leaves me unsettled - watching a dancing video made with my friends should not be a horrible nightmare, should it? But it is, to me.

Sao yeah. I do dream.
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So, I am on next week at Dominion.

Any requests?

Be there and expect aweesome shiny shit from myself and Paul Fitz.
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Step 1: Put your MP3 player on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 10 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

I skipped the non-english ones.... but under cut, 10 songs for you to guess!

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(in case it dies of comments, just comment anon here bbs)


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