Nov. 6th, 2007 07:51 am
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woke up with second degree burns.

did not go to see Enriqyue yesterday.

In general, my mood is craptacular.


Oct. 1st, 2005 12:17 am
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Re: yesterday's idea.

am thinking I will do it - just.... not quite how I expected to do it. In case anyone remembers my rambles from last year, before I got the idea for FotM, I created a faantasy world. It's half-arsed, but it is a nice fantasy world. And soo... I figure I would set the story there, and make it... maybe just a wee bit less self-insertionistic.

sooo... the basic premise/plot bits:

Enrique-copy is a noble of small standing and involved in pseudo-Spain's military; he gets sent to Pseudo-Rome (and dear god I need to name these places!) as a liaison/diplomat of some sort. THis happens a few years before the story starts, and he has stayed in the capital of the Empire ever since. (not a real emppire, vesdtiges of an old one, complicated)

Little less than a year beforte he is to leave the Empre and go Back Hiome, he ends up buying a freshly-caught, untamed, et cetera et cetera on a whoim; you can guess who that would nbe :P

So, ythis happen. Emotions get involved. There should be a Plot of some sort.

Eventually, when time comes for him to return home, instead of abandoning the dear girl and going away, he takes her along, frees her - since pseudo-Sppain hads no slavery - and marries her. teh end.

So, what think you? Should I actually do this? Maybe spend October doing research/preparation and nano this? Amn I an utter idiot?

Orr should I make this way less self insertionistic and write the happy Enrique/yours truly bit as somethingcompletely differnet?


Sep. 30th, 2005 07:27 am
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Sooo... i was reading this when I was overcome with a great and strrange urge to write AU slave!fic of the self--insertion kind involving Enriquee.

Now.... I know this might be a goddamn bad idea. But I want to do it. *headdesk*

So, I am badgering you guys for opinions.

[Poll #580290]
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SOoo... today has been nice enough. Overslept art but felt sickinsh anywqy. maybe an aftereffect of the damned pill? (and yes, PSA in case you missed it: Teh Ara uis on the Pill now. w00t.)

Spanish was fun. Foun d out that withg the exception of a single little old lady, everyone else of those in the class at today is a teacher. As in, there's 5 teachers and apparenltly 3 others (if one of 'em didn't quit and including me) in there. Some of them eventeach LANGUAGES.


I should feel pwned, right? Have a case of "OMG I sux they are all so better than me and i will never learn" and feel intimitadet, right?

But am not. Am gleefyull. Because I am pwning the lcass - it is easy. And some of 'em have even takenen Spanish before! *cackle*

(And sokay so my notes are covered in tlittle hearts with A + E in them.. and when one excersise involved responding to the phrase "Buenas Noches, mi amor", my instinctive response was "buenas noches, Enrique")


Found an.. interesting story yestewrday; OCs, Real people and Fictional Characters all thrown to an inbteresting space opera AU. With an empire. And nobles. And slavery. *headdesk* it is not too horrible, pretty good in fact.. and had Enrique in a bit part. (no pairing for hima s of yet) but... yeah. he's a noble. supposedly6 owns slaves. Can you see where my brain goes?

Because this ids damn long already and the rest is about my choices of clothing )
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I hate google.

I want Enriquefic. Good stuff, not sporkworthy.



Sep. 12th, 2005 03:12 pm
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What a thing to wake up to...

Hot Enrique Porn )


Sep. 1st, 2005 06:55 pm
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Oh dear... the FAI is my home. Mystrea strikes again...

Read more... )

La Bamba!

Aug. 14th, 2005 07:39 pm
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Go here to DL the video of great slashiness...f rom some concert or other iN London. Enrique is fdelish, thgat blonde guitar player yummy, slash rampant, and it is just hilarious in all the possible ways :D

*makes happy noises*

My kingdom for being able to peel off those pajnts... :D


Aug. 12th, 2005 03:13 am
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I am having an urgwee for RPS ike WOAH.

THe one problem? I have no idea who the guy is etath I want to get RPS-y on.

Now, I have this nice vid of Enrique singing La Bamnba that I acquired via eMule. And damn, that concert recording is giving me a HUGE lot slashityn3ess. That blonde guitar guy is HOT, And damn, the way they fool around on stage.... I am SO getting BacckstagE!sex vibes from that.


feel crappy. Csan't write.

If anyone writes that for me, am gonna be v. happy. Same goes for E-fic of any sort.


Jun. 7th, 2005 03:06 pm
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I think my friends know me too well... I was away from the ketyboard for a while when playing Baldur's Gate 2, and see how someone tried to attract my attenion via IRC:

[14:41] [Dalveen] Ara?
[14:41] [Dalveen]AraBG2
[14:42] [Octara] Enrique
[14:43] [Dalveen] OUaTiM
[14:43] [Dalveen] Enrique's Babies

Should I be alarmed?


May. 31st, 2005 02:32 pm
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ARgH! I have been looking for one picture for three outrs now,a nd no. fucking. luck.

it is the one from the leaflet on Sevenm,t he one in which Enrique has no shirt and has hios back turned to the camera.

For the love of all things holy, does ANYONE know where to get my hands on it?!


Also on an unrelated note. Pantaloons are funky.

ETYA: Thank you ASO much, [livejournal.com profile] muffinlass!

Ph234r Teh Hotness: http://umusic.ca/site/media/enriqueiglesias/wallpaper/option2_1280.jpg
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I hate myself for being a whiny bich and wanting to have Enrique's babies.

Apparently, according to a certain bitch who shall remain unnamed, I need to "come back to reality" and that I am "caring her"

Well, it is MY fucking obsession, kthxbai.

So it is "pathetic". So fucking what?

It's mine.


May. 13th, 2005 12:21 am
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First off: Serial adders suck.

second off, go download this and be amazed. It is proof of the fact that Enrique CAN; in fact, sing. He manageds too keep up in that one admitrable, and taking into account who it is that he is singing with..... just wow. Utter wow.

That is a muchly squeesome one.
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Warning: Kindfa graphic NSFW gakkage from [livejournal.com profile] liberatedsex... buit damn, how wish it were true!

Can I pleaseplease have this asap`No offense, namesake, but.... )
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Also, meh....

My brain has decided that Julio Iglesias is droolworthy.



Mar. 5th, 2005 04:31 pm
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First off... Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] elegy_of_flames!

Why? She wrote me muchly good Enriquefic, with muchly sitcommish stuff anfd myself portrayed with great non-flattery... yes, I would more than likely gibber if they ever kidnapped a certain Tall, dark and handsome for me.. :D

Secondly, I hate shopping - namely, when it is cold and slippery and I take a dive with my bike. The result was muchly bleeding of yoghurt, which is, as everyobe probably knows, Not Fun.

I am also haviing a green day, pun inended... green clothes (an accident - didin't realize ubntil i saw myself in the mirror) and my playlistt is throwin Green Day at me...

What else? ah yes... nothing, really...

ETA: Oh yes, This; isn't he... cute? Horses are muchly cool :)


Mar. 5th, 2005 01:07 am
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Okay,. huys - if anyone has been using Frienditto.com, I want you to unfriend me asap... why? Here's why.

Edit: Oh, and also much happiness... in case there is someone on my flist who watches Oprah, as unlikey as it is... why didn't you tell me Enrique has confirmed his still unmarriesd status? :D


Feb. 25th, 2005 09:06 pm
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Making a random update just because I can *huggles jen*

There was an astrology spam in my inbox sayiing that "Your dreams take over" - I just hope that it means i will get to make out (and more, damn you, alarmclock!) wit Enrique Iglesias in the near future, rather than having to escape rabid flesh-eating monkeys.

ETA: Some more randomness. A guy i know online tells me is music tutor played percussion in OuaTiM. i am currently threatening to cause him boily harm if he doesn't get me her autograph :D
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Ah yes... where to start?

Jen still waiting for parts.

This here warmed my heart immensely: http://www.sorcerers.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?/topic/22/545.html

I am a longtime resident there and even if I am well-liked, i am also somewhat... disliked buy the adminstration. Much drama and all that. And it was NOT me who did that poll - I just pretty much force-fed OuaTiM to that guy :D

Lessee... TV. I like QE a lot,m I have realized. Now I just wonder if I can find any of those fabulous recipes online... and justr how much much screaming would my place cause in the Fab 5.

Also, Ladeevix; You keep M, I like my version better - I finally watched an episode of WaT.

What else, what else... ah yes. I cant keep my kittens straight... and no, Tarantino did not run off with the tomcat next door, and neither did Carolina REALLY turn out to be in drag. Rather, I keep having these freudian slips and my dahlink OC Jani actually ended up saying a Sands-style line, swearing included 0_o

Also - I most definitely love snooze alarm - it let me have the nicest dreams i have had in a looong time, and prevented something that might very well have been a nighmare (human-eating rage-infested baboons, anyone?) But damn, why oh WHY did the stupid dream have to shift just after I opened my door and certain tall, dark and handsome stood there... *pouts*

Also, I feel geeky - I can program my VCR. The one problem is, of course, that it was of no use... that stupid program I taped because iw as too lazy to get up at 9 am did not show any of the music videos I really wanted *sniffle*
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GO read. It is by [livejournal.com profile] dee_emm who wrote it for me - think of it as Mission Impossible meets Scary Movie :D

(There is even a sequel in the makings :D )


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