Dec. 4th, 2006 12:42 pm
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You know, sometimes buying a tabloid or two makes for a happy ara. I jsut had a massive attack of the fucking squee. [livejournal.com profile] pnaama, tremember when I made those jokeds about Lordi being at the "WASP gig? Well, according to Seura.. they were. *dies*

this should not make me feel this silly, I know. :P

In other news, I have the data transfer thing msotly figure d out now. it is going to be a PAIN to burn everything, though.. but I have time.

And I need to listen to more Saxon. jsut because.


Oct. 30th, 2006 01:16 am
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I hatehatehatehate epression, especially when it sneaks up on me like this... out of the blue from something that should be nivce, like checking LJ. i hatehatehate feeling so.. inadequae, so worthless, so.... foolish and useless *sigh*


Oct. 29th, 2006 07:38 am
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Am in edinburgh now. the good news, i had fun lawt night, the bad news, i can't get into my room until 3 o clock and i badly need a shower... *grimace*

WASP was bloody amazzing. the setlist was the same as it was in Oulu, as far as i could tell, and manchester was the first place in addittion to Teatria where they played that one song they had never ploayed live before..... (I am rather sure Blackie looked at me when he said they's played it in Finland... or maybe it was my imagination?)

And i think I made an impression on a certain guitar-wielder... or maybe my boobs did.c ause i got two picks thrown at me bny the awesomeous Mike, who wears leather pza\ntd I want. (Also, the other guy's arm guard things. and Blackie's boots) one of them landed on my boobs, actually, but i fumbled and it fell.. i thought it was lost. *sniffle(*( so when i caught another one? I was overjoyed. and afterwartds... well, i found the "Lost" pick, not in my bra but in my bag :D

yhr support bands were that no-name estonian thing - they went first, and they were still as unmemmiorable as anything.. wouyldn#t have known iy was them if not for the fact that the singer had those silolly pants and the guitarist was still ugly. (And the bass player pretty) the second onwee wad a britband called mcQueen, only chicks, and the singer had great boots... knee high, with a ton of buckles, and 4 inch heels. (I want those, too!) didn't like their music very much, too much screaming....

couploe of peip0le had to get out f the crowd and some others tried to get on stage,,, it was realloy wild. and i have bruises - ow, do i have bruises.

but god did i have FUN.

*sighs happily and sswonders if she can catch them for the third time*

In today's plans, since i only have 5.73 to my name until tomorrow, is going to see some free ploaces, and maybe a church. I was hopi9ng to give my legs a bit of a rest but quite frankloy, i don't care :P

*Hugs everyone*


Oct. 28th, 2006 11:07 am
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Am tired. slept well. talked a lot last night to a nice guy nazmed Paul. he's a bona fide backpacking ohtograpoher who now hads to settle down, poor guy...l;

... and get thy minds outta the gutter polz.

anyway, today i will go to museums with [livejournal.com profile] pnaama and then, see WASP. *wibbles* and after that i got my bags to claim before is soend half an hour dragging them to the bus stauion... i seriously hope it won#t be raining.

so, since i am broke as anything till monday - yes, i am quite good at that - no ida if i will be able to access the net or not until monday. but i should be all right, and you guys know my phone number if you need to catch me :)

My dear paternal unitt has promised to come see me on thursday,t o pick m up from the airport and see me off. also, to feed me. and if i get my way,l also to buy me nice shiny job interview-appropriate clothes... Any suggestions on those?

I love you guys :)



Oct. 27th, 2006 05:15 pm
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So, i am now at a very nice and shiny hostel. this makes for a very happy Ara - because it means she is going to go see W.A.S.P. live tomorrow. *wibbles a bit*

Sometimes, the universe smiles at me :D

(And amusinghloy, i wonder... Lordi will have a gig here on the day after the W.A.lS.P. one.... and no onwe would recognize them in a crowd.... *kickss bunnies back with a heavy boot* )

other than that, i now have totally solid ploans.l after the gig i come to pick my gear from the hostel, znd then take the 1.10 bus to edinburgh... where i will be way too bright az\nd early. and vaguely broke as well but i don't fcare, i should be okay. looking at free stuff :D (am getting more money on monday, yay) amnd on monday evening, i board another bus that is a shiny shiny megabus and sloeep my way to London. there, i will be on the morning of the Big Event, and will therefore got o my hostelo, spend a few ghours setting myself up, and then head to the gig. after the gig awnd soleep, i catch h some last-minute souvenirty things to people that i promised, and then... fly HOME.

... where i will be despicabbly late, but i don't care.l i will jsut sleep at the azairport until Dad comes to pick me up :D

but yeah.. manch3ester is realloy rain y, but i have had fun with the awesomeous [livejournal.com profile] pnaama....incidentally, T-rex = BLOODY HUGE.

guess that it is for now.


Oct. 26th, 2006 06:36 pm
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In manchester, safe and sound. have plans, and plane tickets home... *sighs happily* Miss home. miss kities.

Now, i am staying in manchester till Saturday and then taking the bus to Edinburgh.l . right after I hopefully go see WASP. *&glees* there are some issues with the ticketws but i am hopeful i can get them..... *glees some more*

too bad Lordi is sold out for the same night :P

it is massively awesome to be seeing [livejournal.com profile] pnaama again :D


Oct. 25th, 2006 08:14 am
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I think I have a plan about this.

Anna - can you take me in today? I wish i could call you/text you/e-mail you but i seem to have misplaced all three forms of communication cause i seriously dubt you still have youtr finnish phone hanging around just in case.... but yeah. can I appear today? Cauxse if i can., that would be v. v. awesome. and would make the rest off my plan possible.

Which would be, after visiting you, going to Edinburgh for three days - glamis castle and a date, wheee.... - and then, um, yeah. another bit of planning there.

[livejournal.com profile] diamantequeen - could I possibly crash at yourt place againb on Monday and thgen go to the gig wiyh you, and then probably disappear on wednesday or something back to my lovely homeland most likely? :)

(and incidentally lasrt night was incredible. goth eucharist = teh win. Goth clubss are also v.l cool. hhaving my hormones go kazoing at someone not good, not so good. and God is still shutting up....)


Oct. 24th, 2006 03:49 pm
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Suffice to say, situation in cambridge is v. v. solatile. to not to delve ytoo deeply into it, Rath has too much n her plate, and i am herefore switching dinner parties.

in other wqords - need crashspace for the next week. after that, i am going home - ause i want to go back to my cats, start working n my cv - the holiday's over.

(God? I hate you. but it would be nice if yolu talked back, you know.)


Oct. 23rd, 2006 11:19 am
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thank god for rasonability being able top prevail. eventually.

and fuck me for being such a rotten excuse of a human being.


Oct. 22nd, 2006 02:33 pm
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Arrived to Cambridge on Friday. Am still alive, so on, so on, sbneaking to the computer room ast Trinity> V. pretty, all around.

Oh, and God hates me, that's all.
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So. i told off some people, in a way, before i went aaway. going nah nah, i am going asaway and you can't make me do aanything., so n ow they are not giving me money, which poses Big Problems.l *facepalm*

which also means - oi am truncating my trip a bit. Namely, going home sttgraight from Ireland and spending less time there than I thought I would.... becvause i have to be back home before the end of Noivvember.

... on some mornings, i wish i didn't have to wake upo.,

(Leg is fine. hurrts a little. looks awesome)


Oct. 17th, 2006 08:30 pm
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Have tattoioi. '[tis gorgeous. poics will come. leg sore. hurt like holyohgodfuckinghell atg points. namelyh,t he lining, shading was okay for the mostg part. I b elieve i gave the obnservers much amusement.

now is tired.

[livejournal.com profile] madandy Is an absolute genius. was v. v. aswesome meeting her :D


Oct. 16th, 2006 08:26 pm
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The sister is buiying me boots. guess it is Camden for Wednesday.

tomorrows? the delightful [livejournal.com profile] madandy will ink me.

thursday.... pink hair day.

... why do i get the feelingt that going hokme is going to be INTERESTING?

*hugs everyone*


Oct. 15th, 2006 10:16 am
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so, yesterday we weent to Harlow and I now have a nice pair f SHINY heels. in black. and some other things I am adoring.

Today, it s a family occasion and I am graciously being allowed to tag alo9ng, for it is [livejournal.com profile] diamantequeen's Brother-in-law's birthday.

Will be wearing new shoes. wish me luck.l haven#t worn gheels like thios.... err... ever.

and also? [Unknown site tag] is a fraking GENIUS. that's all.
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to the pub with diamante and her hgly drunk without meaning to - the cider is waaaaaay stronger than back home. but ghave not done anyting digraceful yet.

today has been a very nice day. but sleep? is gonna be l.ove.

guinness id nioce but ansell cider i nicer.

ooff to bed now. love you all!
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So, yesterday... camden. and all i can xsay, holy canolli with a coating of awesome Batman. Camden = the awesome. as was the stuff i got - dear god but I spent way too much money. and damn it, now I want ssome New Rock boots.... *sigh* managed to spend aboyut hal tyhe money I had. that is, the half I had with me. left the rest at home, v. v. wisely....

also, had some v. dodgy chicken.l *shudder* ended up not eating it and stole some of [livejournal.com profile] diamante_qeen's pizza instead.

but i am now the proud owner of many a shiny thing... and my ostume s stating to form into something incredibly AWESOME.

(nd I spent 35 quid on a shirt. wtf, me, wtf?)
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so. what have i been up to since Turnbridge Wells? lesseee.... what indeed. it wa fun there, and I am in live with this shop Evans. and i got myself BG2 now, too.

on monday, inxtead of ending up camping,, i found myself uncder the roof of the muchly awesome [livejournal.com profile] diamante_queen and this is muchly of the awesome in many many ways.

umm... this is a bit of a shot update, rally, my finger hurts cause i tabbed myself with a needle uder my nail when i was making stuff for my atgirl costume. it is goin to kik SO much ass, btw.

Umm, not much else really.

Love you guys!


Oct. 6th, 2006 11:37 am
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So, today's agenda go off to where the Fig's parents ive. should be an intereting weekend ahead i am sure....

oh, and i think I have a reasonable plot idea for nano. i atually tried writing this waaaay back but it never went anywhre o i shall get to a fresh start, old premise, different characters, different outcme,

bsically, itis how a rebel girl ends up in a triad with the evil overlord and his wife. *snort* believe the rebelo girl will be named Russa and be from a pig farm. you know, in honor of Russa the scythe-wielding fighter with a pet pig :p

ummm... guess not much anything else to say except that last night was awesome - the roat was delish, the deset - oh my god the dessert... and the company excellent. pot-smoling communist dragons for the win!


Oct. 5th, 2006 12:39 pm
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First off, yay. mom is borrowing me her credit card number so I can buy bus tickts. prised I would only use it for those, and tht i wuld pay back.
but the convo we had?'

Me: Please?
Mom: What will you use it for? When will you pay back?
*some back and forth*
Mom: If you misuse the thing I wll cut off your head and plop it back on backwards.
Me: Yya! You can borrow my breadknife if you want to.

in ote news... seem to have gone crazy witht he urge to get a lot of ink on my skin. (I blame this squarely on you, [livejournal.com profile] madandy!) but of course there ar things limiting it. like the fact tht I am a) too poor and b) too fat - i don't want to get a tattoo that goes all sorts of wrinkly when I los weight. *nosewrinkle* cause that would just suck.

but, thankfully there are pacs o me that should not be too horibl eve afterwards... right?

So last night at the SWARM when everyone else was busy oing the actual meeting thing, i made a bit of a tentative list of what I want...

Read more... )
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So, i decided to rap the buing a tent plan. i will rather just spend oless tie up thee than i itended to. So unless someone else in sothernih England wants to meet me and abduct me and offer me a place to stay, after I spend time with the glorious Rath, I will be heading to Edinburgh. th plan woud be to spend 5 ddays there, taking 2 daytrip to Dundee where i could a) Hunt down Dal and b) visit the glamis castle :D aftr that, the plan would involve taking a bus to Manchester. :D that sofa stll available, [livejournal.com profile] pnaama?

after mancheter, i would be gong to Liverpool and from there, tqaking a ferry to Northern Ireland . Hopefully by then, [livejournal.com profile] sheepyshell has her house all sorted out :D i not, bugger. but survivable :)

and damn but i ctually have concrete plans again. this makes me rather happy.

in other news, today i am bout to tole off to buy som t-shirts, hopefully cheapastic ones, if not, oops. crosing my fingers that I can convince the guy at the stor to sell m 3 shirts for 10 quid... if not, oops again.

and curse be on my dad fr bein a complete and utter asshat aboutdoing stuff onb time. that's all.

(ALso, og at tonight's dinner - roast leg of lamb :D )


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