Well, fuck

Mar. 14th, 2011 05:00 pm
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weekends away awe awesome.

I just.. never expected this to hhappen. I.. sort of wen and... fellinlove.

with rugby.


Other than that.. not much else to add. cried a lot. good to be out of town. but yeah. Rugby. How the fuck did this happen?

Well, fuck

Apr. 1st, 2010 12:34 pm
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... I'm pregnant.


Nov. 1st, 2009 12:55 pm
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First off. after the week form HELL which is still not entirely over - guess who may have lsot her passport, too? - yesterday was halloween at Dominion.

I was the Queen of Hearts - and yes there will be photos! - and joined a motly crew of Malice in Wonderland, zombies, and other creatures made of awesome.

Now, there is one thing I have to say now: My. Crew. Is. Awesome.


Who the uck are my crew, you might wonder? Well, it starts with the likes of [livejournal.com profile] davesangel, [livejournal.com profile] m3gg0ra, [livejournal.com profile] amerikamcgee and includes a ood deal of people likcertain polish maniacs who flat out asked to DJ on the same night as me.

Seriosly, thanks guys. You helped me keep my sanity with everything that was going on - with the hell week, the big guy, the other guy, losing my shit - everything. I canät tank you guys enough.

There was dancin, there was drama, i will cry moar later, but seriously guys? I love you all to pieces. Never ever forget it.
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I had, in a word, a great night.

Now, before I went in, I discovered that Albert from Tyske Ludder Was DJing at Dynamo, Zurich, Swizerland.

Well, last time I checked, my dear darling friend Bunny was there too. So of course, this hatches a Plan.

Bunny likes TL, and I figure, if a guy from the band is DJing, then chances are they are playing his kind of music. If I can persuade Bunny to therefore go up to Albert and do something Evil, and tell "Ara says hi"? this would be epic, yes?

It would have beenm had Bunny not told me when I text him that he was now in Germany. XD

Foiled again.

I met up with [livejournal.com profile] davesangel for a bite to eat and a drink before hand - we chatted about lots of stuff and got ready, then went off to D.

THere was a lot of good things - [livejournal.com profile] m3g0ra and her crew including [livejournal.com profile] amerikamcgee were shooting their film and I made an ass out of myself on camera. Ag had her birthday and there was shinyness. I danced like a silly idiot to the tunes from Semisentience, Rae and [livejournal.com profile] endon_neu. In fact, everything was pretty damn brilliant. I also made a bunch of new friends and probably traumatized [livejournal.com profile] anmerikamcgee for life with some details about the day before.

Yeah, there was some guy silly there - Big Guy got the cold shoulder, and I may have to talk a little more about the boi, but all in all?

I had a great time! :D

.. now I am at work for the next 12 hours. *weeep*
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So. [livejournal.com profile] luciusmistress gave me these three to decide on whom Iäd want to marry, fuck, and thrww off a cliff...

Sirius Black, Lucius Malfoy, Neville Longbottom

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Mar. 18th, 2009 06:59 pm
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In a few hours, I get a [livejournal.com profile] silicondragon for a week.

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So. Ropecon.

Friday, we left te place around 5.30 to make it to te airport in time to catc te fligt at 8. REead ont e plane, one e in tampwere, dragged seles to te train station and took a ni e inter ity train to elsinki, form were we subjected outrselves to a loc al bus to make it to Ropecon proper in EWspoo.

Dude, e cick I sat next to on te bus?> was ousing one of my LJ friends. Small world !

Wat cna I say about te co oter tan it ewasaqs awesome as always - Iron Sky people ere tre, Blood Ceremony guys ere tere and i came wway wit te msot offensive t-sirts ever... I now ave a stuffed Dart Vader... I ad FUN! And of course it ls also proven tat inky orgies int e3 ladiues toilets are not a myt. tis is trufaz.

Saw [livejournal.com profile] xuenay,[livejournal.com profile] nekrovuohi(Samiksii!!)[livejournal.com profile] nitessine,[livejournal.com profile] rifumi... a ton of people.

Did not see dad. see aa being a messy wreck. u but e was too sick to come to elsinbki and forbid us coming to see him. REan arounf banks a lot and sorted out sit. did some sopping.. I now avew Plans on wat I will look like at net donminion. Now ifd only I ad a needle and tread...

[livejournal.com profile] silicondragon, aka Prague, was pretty miserable for nmost of te trip. Wich sucks. *Sig* I did my best to make sure everyting would go as smootly as possible but.. yea reigt.

Logistics, you fail us. a lot.

In te end, tere was lots of loot, lots of cuddles, etc. and i don;t tink it went too badly.


Jun. 15th, 2008 09:20 pm
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So, I have [livejournal.com profile] pnaama and [livejournal.com profile] saikku92 over form FInland.

thus far we have shopped, so ok ,, I shopped they tagged along... touristed around, now i have taken one of those bus tours, gome, and been to howt. and they shall depart tomorrow morning. woe.

however, this visit did not prevent my saturday form being VERY interesting - wtf, first party wherew I played but was not in the recieving rend at all?> And, also, petings. yay. nice pettings. and lack of drama abnd wlaking iwht someone i car e abpout, yay.

Fun tiems.


Feb. 8th, 2008 10:06 pm
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TOo sick to work today. Cough of dooooom.

isntead cleaned and did a bit more househunting. ran into something v. dodgy.

Did get confirmation tho that if ninja thing doesn;t work out, there is a lovely attic room that is mine, all mine.

feeling like crap, buit nowhere near as sore as last week. Yay for ninja tricks!

Life still sucks tho.

Stil alive

Jan. 19th, 2008 10:09 pm
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barely. FLuy form hell.

going to Fibbers tonight, meeting friends as suual - asked certain swede to tag along and he was up for it, yay.

In other bnews, cleaned up the apartment a bit, cooked some chikcen curry, and in general had a good day.

Also spent a lot of time reading SDith Academy - should probabvly ramble about that for a while at some later point. And for love of all things shiny, if you're not familiar with Sith Academy> Jsut fucking gogole it, read it, love it.

Now, as an alledged grown up I actually a) get more of the jokes and the vocabulary that i was missing earlier abnd b) KNOW what the music is that they are listenint to (Iggy Pop, anyone?)

and of course, ahve realized that I am quite the Cynthia. *facepalm*

(will elaborate ont aht later. Must, really, since is fascinating. And boy am I glad I didn;t run into [livejournal.com profile] hippediva> those dyas despite us freqquwenting the same corners of fandom, cause sdshe owuld have eaten me alive and not in a good way> I was a fabnbrat, through anfd through, thank $Deioty I grew out of it! 0

But yeah, right now>? Most stuff is good.

ESPECIALLY my new blanket *cuddles blanket mentally since it is at home* king size fuzzy mink blanket. 21 eyros at guineys. Guess CreepyD was good for something! :P

on top of that, or shoudl I say unde rit, some hot water bottles. Heating not working> What heating? *grin*

but yeah. in genetral life is goodness on so many lebvesls rifght now trhat I am hoping it stays this way.

Also? I Look fucking fabtabulous today.

Wheeee :D

Dec. 8th, 2007 04:22 pm
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So. Yesterday.

After sucktasdtic fay at work, came home, got ready, headed out,w aited for bus for AGES... so as a result, KLOQ was already ons tage when I dinally made it to the VIllage. Hadn;t chekced them out beforehand but the result? Me like! Definitely danceworthty. had an attack of selfconsciouslness so resisted urge to dance until there was someone else to latch onto who was dancing *grin* (thanks, Googleboy!)

And VNV Nation..w ell, i was on secodn row. and all I can say is FUCKING AMAZING. I don;t have the words for how fucking great it was :) I was bouncing my head off, scraming,s inging along.... it was great. (although I have to say.. I expected the ssinger to look diffferent. More moody, less General Hammond. *grin*) it wwas fucking amazing. Set list? Don;t ask me...

Saw lots of peeps, obviously. Some haven;t seen in ages. Was m8uch socializartion after the gig, and ende dup buggering off to Brux with a ton of people. hadn;t been there ina ges.. some people apparently even missed me! (So ok, one person *snort*) there was also a wweir dmoment when the barguy, one I hadn;t seen before but who seemed to be having fun, actually didn;t let me pay for my coke 0_0 was strrage. But yeah, hung out with my new friends, who also invited me toa christmas party, until; they left and then kept socializing a bit longer until I gheaded home.w aited an hour for a taxi - no bus for me, too annoyed - and kept company to/consoled a girl who;d had everything of hers robbved that night.

IN general, best MoA organized evening I have had. Bnecause there was no drama, or at leasrt not much drama,a nd I eent home happy and even got some damn sleep. no drama for me or people I consider dear so... goodness.

Even if there wer eplenty of flashbacks and annoyances.


Sep. 9th, 2007 12:43 pm
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I think that was been the longest i have been away from he internet without prior notice in years.

But yeah. am alive. interesting weekend. full body contact with the guy from Sheep on drugs... of course with proper protection. get they minds out of the gutter, he just leaned against me at the bar before the gig cause it was a bit packed in that end of the bar... so ok, even "fuilly clothed" may not count as proper protection with him but...

in other news, guess who is sick as a dog again?

I swar if my tosilitis doesn;t kill me, the drama fallout will.


Aug. 19th, 2007 04:51 am
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I hav never before believed in karma so strongly as i do now.

tonght had both karma and revelations.

i don't think i can say mrre right nw.

Bye bye

Aug. 5th, 2007 03:06 pm
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am heading to th airrport now. I have NO idea abvoutrt my internet access, but trust me, i will be ok.

I guess anyway.
yesterday was a gd evebning in Dominion - starting at my place first, haveing a tn of fun with Gloria and thn hading to D, the fisrst song Ihear when coming down? Perrfect Drugv *grin*

wasnotallg ood,t ho. stpidness involving the boui,a nd some other stuff, and me being a complete and uitter idiot. *sigh* my social skills stgill don;t really work tghat well. I fake it well, but I am not in any way, shape r frm good at it. I mean, shees,m gloria thinks I have confide,mc. wtf? I don;t, not really. *Shakes head again*

.. i am heading home hating myselkf, acttually. this was noot what was supposed to happen.

Oh, and Zoi brought me a shiny pink box that is immensely a wsome. jsut so yu know. love the shiny!

... gah. see you guys in a week or so. Do t ell me fi you move jurnal,t h.t his stupid shit LJ is pulling annoys the hell outt ame.
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flying ot tomorrow. see asra scarewd.

Yestterday was agoodnight. brxxeelles, crappymsic for htee most part, the three msketeers (&A froendof zoi's froom Greece) much fun weas had, t-shirs were commented n, and i think my nose is stil hurtingfromclingig on a certain someone whpo denies being skinny. (When I gett back, you ARE coming over to be fed on your next day off, no excuses *glares*)

much fun.w ads remindedf jsutwhyI lve Dublin.why I am cooming back when I go back home. Lokgn foorward to more f that tonight -having fun with Gloria, tthen heading to D and glomping teh Zoi some more, dancing unttil i can;t walk straighth and so forth.

i was actually going to ramble about somthing thatt came up lastnight -my slight "..." about the fact that theeFInish embassy is so ear whereIlive. (5minute walk, people, 5 minute walk) and how that jsutt dfeelsttooweird. but it is to0o nice a day to get philosophical about class issues, ec,so scfrewit,i am going to try to sleepagai,ow,i t hik -adn then start getting ready. I may ormnay not dowhat I trhreatened todo re: dominion outfit.you jsut have to see :P


Jul. 8th, 2007 03:20 pm
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Whar we have learned from last night is that a) you CAN have a party at the Arabox and B) don;t let the boi hand out the drinks *shakes head* also, CoA finally solved witout a doubt.

One of the more enjoyable eenings I have had in a good while, despite only sleeping maybe three and a half hours. BUt it could have been worse - I am not woeking today!

Heading out to an Aspie meetup soon enough. now mucking about the net for maybe twenty more minutes.

Oh, also much amusement about the fact that the boi was wearing a t-shirt older than I am.

All in all, it is good to be back ont rack with things.
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So, what was I up to yesterday?

Date with Stuart. Last date I will ever have with him. we had fun, not the movie we wanted to see - should have, you know, reserved the tickets or something since it WAS the second day of shows but noo, we are idiots. Instead, ovberpriced cocktails at a hotel lounge and blathering. (if he finds the video of him being tackled ons tage by a security guard when he tried to get into a position to crowdsurf at a U2 gig, color me anmused)

the ate was inal. Not Interested on his behalf, and Not That Interested on mine, therefor ebetter off with friends. (Figures he wouldn;t be, he is after all a nice guy. *shakes head* thena gain, I would jsut have taken advantage of him, to be honest.)

TOday is Graham Oliver's birthday, therefore will be having a drink for him when I Hirt Brux - ( am assuming I Will hit brux anyway, doubt there is nything ewlse that will come up. Still no idea if I will have company, tho... ?

Oh well. now, should work.


Jun. 27th, 2007 07:19 am
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Might do the flist meme today. Watch this space.

Yesterday, afterwork I went home and cleaned. Yes, people, the palce is mostly habitable now. (Still waiting to take out some of the thrash,t ho, since the damn bins are once again full. need to therefore wait till tomorrow to do that... ) Went to bed relatively early, after landlady passed by (and didn;t even come in *shakes head*) ended up calling stuart, as usual... that guy confuses the hell out of me. Srsly. (Oneof these days we willa paprently be watching OuaTiM on my lapotop once the USB cable thing is settled out and, you know, he can be bothered to come over. It will be an interesting experience, I am sure...) Seeing him again tomorrow *g*

Also, go me. after yesterday's slight fisaco re: work I was a bit of a punctuationsexual about my doc checks... and suffice to say it led to my score dor that one rising to 100% *grin*

Under cut, a quiz that amuses me. Go ahead ghuys, I dare each andevery one of you to take it. ESPECIALLY those who refuse to be called goth *grin* (Yes,. you who have not given any signs of lifde nort snarked me for gloating at you,t hat means you :P)

ETA: NO FLIST MEME FOR YOU. but, instead, you get a lot of "are you goth" "WHat kind of goth", etc, etc kinfd of quizzes. *g*

RETURN OF THE ETA: Saw Cute Irish Boy again! He#s been int he UK for someunfathomable reason due to IBM sending him there. Got invivted to see his band on the 24th of july *g* (And, see Ara happy, he came to talk to me *giggle*)

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Ways to start your time back at work productively? Somehow get yourself locked out of every single system you have because your passwords have either expired or you are a victim of the cliché changed-the-fucking-thing-just-before-you-left. Occasionally with a does of “remember just after you send off a long-ass complicated request for change”

*shakes head*

Oh, and add to that t being surrounded by bosspeople, apparently. (Assistant team leaders behind me and next to me, manager’s door behind my back and my team leader right in front of me. *facepalm*

In other news.. on the taxi to the way to work they had a guy from Microsoft talking about windows vista. Apparently, the guy was a geek cause he was wearing a Microsoft badge at the lobby waiting to be led to the interview... now what DOES that make certain friends of mine, who can MacGyver hair ties out of their badge cords when they have a hairdo failure at D? *g* (I still want my hairband, back, bitch)

Also, backing April I had a bit of an argument re: NIN & Foo Fighters. Said SOMEONE said that no way was NIN supporting anyone. Well, like I texted said someone… I saw posters for this thing. NIN Listed as “Special Guests” –and we know that is the PC way of saying “support” *grin* Excuse me while I gloat just a teensy weeensy bitsy here:P

(No idea why they would do it, but hey, whatever floats their boat. )

I am amused by the fact that I am being such a fricking walking dress code violation again. Trainers on my feet, lovely combat trousers, a t-shirt proclaiming my love of music in biiiig pink letters, Iron Maiden hoodie, blue hair, and cherry-pattern emo socks. And a pirate wrist warmer on the left one, to boot.

(Bosspeople don’t seem to care at the moment, tho :Pand the ATL next tome is using messenger. *g* she seems to be weasy to get along with. And I wonder, sheloks familiar beyond work.. Fellow [livejournal.com profile] fatshionista?)

Also: SO ME! Even the blue hair.

That should be all for now.

ETA:Oh,andthe microsoft guy?> Also when asked "Is VIsta the best opertating system out htere?" said "Well I would have to argue so..>" *snicker*


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