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First off: Laptop charger ded. So I can't play Avengers Alliance at home. WAAAH! (I love that game. You get total of 3 bonuses playing with Clint and Natasha - Agents of SHIELD, Assemble! and... Frenemies. :D)

In more avengersy things, I have two big-ass AU ideas that I am contemplating...

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May. 8th, 2012 01:35 am
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i am gonna end up gathering all of these "..." feels I have on people doing Hawkeye WRONG and make an epic rant one day.... grumble, grumble, grummmble. On the other hand, the idea of a universe of BBC!Sherlock with Avengers characters is not leaving me alone. *facepalm* Tempted to post my thoughts on it... Avengers is still eating up my brain, my wrist and knee are killing me, and I am waiting for the 19th like whoa. Now for moar jeremy Renner movies, I think.
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So as you may know, I love having my music providing device on shuffle quite often. I have if not a huge library, still a pretty big one with a lot of variety across genres and styles. This often causes me some WTFs, and the occasional hey that treally works should ot it down for DJing to other interesting eyebrow rasing reactrions.

Just now, my phone gave me these two songs one after another:

It may be just me, but to me? that WORKS. and it works HARD. And it made me go "wow that is scary"

You guys know by now that I am an old school conservationist and a genre purist. I get rabid when people misidentify music genres, but I nbever deny good music it's due. But then again, genres are fluid and subective things - on Discogs, Silence is Sexy, the album form which Sabrina comes from, is identified as "Electronic, pop" (with the substyles experimental and abstract) while Exit Ghost is identified as "Electronic" (with the sub syle ballad)

One of these songs, to me, is complex and layered and evokes different emotions with a rapid progression of rich imagery that engages the mind; rife with symbolism and multiple intrepretations and a rich, layered sound. One is less layered, but instead presents a deeply evocative story where a few words convey a wealth of not information, but of reflections of a specific world. it pulls you in and engages in a narrative level. And yet, in the fact that they evoke a deep reaction, they are the same. They bring out a reaction that is in the deeper, darker side - I hesitate to use the word "negative" but neither one of these songs paints a picture of hope and happiness now, do they?

What is also mportant, both artists seek innovation - EN in a scale larger than Faderhead, but still the drive to go far beyond the comfort zone is there. Do you really want me to nitpick specific influences and instrumentation and arrangement but quite frankly, I know I am not qualified and I know most of you would not care.

I hesitate to call Sabrina a "typical" EN song, as let's face it, it is very hard to say that a band that has spent thre past 30 years reinventing itself and its output could be typical anything, but Exit Ghost is an atypical faderhead track, as it is not a thumpy club style track with the express intent and purpose of getting people move their bodies on the dance floor. Nevertheless, it is still unmistablably a Faderhead track, and has the same qualities that ifentify the artist's other songs to me.

Remember me wafflinbg about genre? ah yes. Both of these songs are, to a lot of people, industrial. some would say one is and the other isn't. I personaly? Actually do fall into the latter category. to me, Einstürzende Neubauten is industrial. (amongst a lot of other things) Faderhead? is not. Post-industrial electronic music, yes, but not industrial. And guess what?

In the end, that doesn't really mean anythinbg. Because these are two good songs that work in different ways to evoke the same places in our hearts and heads, and the work together in a pretty nifty way. Doing it diferently dos not mean doing it wrong.

And now, I think I will go to sleep and when i wake up realise I sut wrote utter pointles drivel I no longer agree with, but for now, this is it.
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So. Sometime in the near futrure I intend to ilelgally download several songs off the internet.

Whym, you ask?

YOu see - I have bought these songs legally. I downloaded them form my operator#s music store to my cell phone. and these files_ .DCF files are so full of DRM that I cannot even use them as ring tones - let alone move them to my computer or any such thing. And id I did move the hideous quality ones to my computer and convert them to mp3? this is still omg illegals.

I will illegally download thsese songd because I have already paid for them but they have not been provided to me in a satisfacttory manner. I will not buy these songs again on Amazon or Itunes, or in any other manner pay again for these specific songs.

Cause lets face it - I pay for my music. I have bought 12 physical CDs, 2 full album downloads and 20-odd Mp3 downloads since the start of 2010. and now made themistake of downloading these fucking dcf files. I measure my collection in number of albums, not gigabytes.

the lesson here is> I am willing to pay for my music. I wnat to pay for my music. and in exchange for my money, I want my music. Simple, yes?

carry on.


Dec. 25th, 2009 05:03 pm
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TOday I is at work and sleeping a lot. XD

Also I is facing moral dilemmas of sorts...

Right now I am staring at a list of links with a ton of full albums to donwload including stuff I really want.

and I find myself kind of qnating to download, but on the other hand, also going "... no, I should not" because.. ffs, I can afford music now. it was one thing when the money for one CD meant not esating for three days. Now? I spend more money on music than food anyway. and still.. looking at all that, it makes me go kind of "..."

It all ties to my prsonal moral belief that if I can do the right thing, I shoudl do it. (see also not fucking people over when it can be avoided) and my wilingness to pu myslef in the line. I am not against piracy - ffs, card carrying pirate here! - but I also believe in not screwing over those who povide us with the shiny.

I can buy it, which menas I should. I can do the right thing here - and i canät justify doing otherwise to myself. I could say "oh muse is rich enoyugh already" but the thing here s - it is a silippery slope. If I say today that Muse is ok to download because they are successful enough to not to need me, then who will I screw over tomorrow? the reason they are successfull is becuase people were willing to put their money where theyir ears are as opposed to fucking around on the intenrets for free.

Fuck yeah those links tempt me.

But this lal boilds down to one single thing:

I can do the right thing, therefore I should.

I belive I shall clebrate defeating my moral dilemma by putting in an order for some stuff.
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See subject.

How can I go from "ready to collapse" and NEEDING to do somthing to the point where after that on thing I needed to do is done to wide as fuck awake with the epic level of tires still there and the terrible itch right under my skin telling me that no, lady, we ainöt sleeping any time soon?



Nov. 1st, 2009 12:55 pm
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First off. after the week form HELL which is still not entirely over - guess who may have lsot her passport, too? - yesterday was halloween at Dominion.

I was the Queen of Hearts - and yes there will be photos! - and joined a motly crew of Malice in Wonderland, zombies, and other creatures made of awesome.

Now, there is one thing I have to say now: My. Crew. Is. Awesome.


Who the uck are my crew, you might wonder? Well, it starts with the likes of [ profile] davesangel, [ profile] m3gg0ra, [ profile] amerikamcgee and includes a ood deal of people likcertain polish maniacs who flat out asked to DJ on the same night as me.

Seriosly, thanks guys. You helped me keep my sanity with everything that was going on - with the hell week, the big guy, the other guy, losing my shit - everything. I canät tank you guys enough.

There was dancin, there was drama, i will cry moar later, but seriously guys? I love you all to pieces. Never ever forget it.

... crap

Sep. 5th, 2009 12:55 pm
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Methinks I'm sick again.

THis innesscant sneezing would seem so.

perfect timing... NOT.

Still going out tonight to, I have the rest of the week to rest!
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I hate the world.

I saw an epic level of AWESOMe movie today with Adun - Green Street Hooligans (Or, Hooligans, or Green Street, depends on release locale) and it was epic. Srsly. Like drew me totally in and was jsut fucking awesome as hell.

and yeah there wa sho yay and i generally lovd the characters. I go look for fancfic.

in addittion to allt he crap i find on - have not ound stuff elsewhere yet - riddled with sues etc, guess what I find?

A fucking Twlilight crossover.



that's all.


Jul. 10th, 2009 09:34 pm
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So, I finally got around tro listenng to Rocket Scence via Spotify.

I think my reaction is summed up by my icon.

Waitng for the next one...
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So, I have been reading a lot of meta on STXI's female characters/lack of and then copios amounts of genderflippy pr0n at the kink meme.

Of course this leads to thinky thoughts.

I thought "Who haven't we genderflipped?" Pretty much. And came up on...

Captain Robau.

This made me think. He could very well have been a female captain in the movie. Same level of pic badassery, right? (note: I have no bloody clue what was established about him in ToS/Novel canon, i am going by Memory Alpha here)

And then I thoght about it.

No. It wold not happen that wah. She would not have been a Memetic Badass. In fact, she would get many, many complaints. Basicay smming up girl!Robau as "disposable woman" instead of any kind of memetic badas.

And that? Is epic suck.

I donöt realy know what to say about this. Other than it aqnnoys me, it sucks, and smacks of doble standard. I am not very goo with thinky thoghts I canpt rally rticlate well al the implications of this paticlar what-if.


Jun. 8th, 2009 08:42 pm
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Under cut, girlbits talk
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Apr. 27th, 2009 01:24 pm
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Fucking Dublin Bus. Srsly.

Unplanned unauthorizedstrike.

this is why yesterday I had to leg it fo about 2 miles to make it to an atm/bus stop with an actual bus which contributed to the episdode of epic late,

and today I canöt get to work. ARGH!
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family claims they are too fat to work

What. the. fuck. SERIOULY.

this is the only thing going through my head here.

I have no fucking idea if I am angr at them, angry at society, disappointed, what the hell.

other than that there is too much WRONG with this for me to even start cataloguing.

Wah :;(

Feb. 13th, 2009 08:11 am
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My corset did not arrive today.

So yeah. the original 2 wees delivery... has been 4 weeks now.. (which is what they told me via a friend wo went in to annoy them it would take after 2 weeks...) no corset.

THis also throws a monkey wrench into all of my outfit plans gfor tomorrow.


I guess jsut hav to see wht else I can do...


Feb. 5th, 2009 12:28 pm
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Stull no corset.

If I had not been an idiot and managed to lose the thingy with the storeäs phone number, I would callt hem already... now I jsut have to try to google them. except, i donöt remember who the hell they are XD

Typical of me. *facepalm* (if osmeone happens to remember which one of the goth shops itis it that is int he stables, int he arches actually iirc, on the same alley as hexagon, is sut a narorow room with lots a corsets and floofy skirts, do tell me...)

I jsut wnat it here by next saturday dammit!


Dec. 7th, 2008 01:08 am
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So this is a weekend of doom. N additon to my shiny being GONE tere is the whole thing wher ei seem to have mispalced someting along the lines of 50 eur - i know it is in the room, but where?

And on top of that.. i am having the worst cough i have had in ages, a migraine, sciatica is flaring up, I have fever and my glands area lol swollen up..

and I am supposed to be in a plane to Prague in 6 hours.


Also, yay Finland. Independent still.
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So. the last night of Dominion... Can I rally have words for it`Everyting from pixi stiks to the best turnout ever.

God, but I am going to miss it.

I.. really don't feel like making a long post detailing all the awesomeness beause tbhy, I am going to miss Dominion like hell. FIrst time ever, I felt accepted somewhere. Sure, it can be a backbiting dramallama cesspit, but hell, I didnät care - because it felt like home.

Now, there is stuff coming up - Club Hellion might rise from the ashes to be a montly EBM with asmatter of other stuff night, an I know it is not the onloy plan people have. I am seriously looking forward tothis new era - because what else is here to do?

After all, goffik doe snot mean mopey.

I suppose this now gives me a chance to oncentrate on other sytuff. makes me hunt down my own musiv, not jsut trust the Jsto prvide me with my fixes. (this reminds me, please with the bleep suggestions Hell, any music sugestions...) and so forth.


.. I admit, I cried like a bit over this.
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(with apologies to Rahm Emanuel)

So, right. the motherfucking e71 I have been drooling after lk a retardd puggle for ages, now?

I still don;t have the motherfucking phone.

Why_ You see, there has been drama. FIrst time I went to get it, the fucking spineless salesdroisd didn;t acept my proof of address, as if anyone in theri right mind would claima fake addres sin fucking Cabra. No seweat, fine, I jsut made sure what was needed and ame back with it next payday.

Guess what? No can do. the fucking ting had no date on it and ti was apparently a bad ting. So no phone for me.

So, come the week after tis, ia m somwhat relaly fucking pissed of and readyto start ganwing off the heads of baby bunnies when I go in. Everyting's grad.. until tey tll ,eme, out of the blue, that there#s this fucking deposit I need to pay for the phone.

Fuk that shit.

Espeally since I could not afford the deposit. So this had to wait till the next time I would et paid....

ezxept, my loelies, my boss did a it of a motherfucking suckup of legendary ages and as a result_ No fucking OT pay, no new fucking phone for me even now. cause this is ME / I don;t DO his sang up bullshit.

I am eagerly waiting to see what happens next week in this saga of Atra Getting Her Grubby Little Hands On A MotherfukingE71 and The Gadgetry Pervin That Will Follow.


that's all.
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There is a reason why i note in my userinfo that this is hevly filtered and flocked.

Never. FUcking. EVRR> assume anything yous ee an be seen by others.

If yousee something, it mans I trust you with it. I might trust others with it as well. But don;t you dare fucking dare to play with it.

YOu hve a problem with something I write Say it to my face. Yoy ave aproblem with someting I sa about someone else? Tell me and do no go tattling to them falsehoods tat make for drama.

But above all, don;t you fcing brea my trust.

End of transmission.


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