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First off: Laptop charger ded. So I can't play Avengers Alliance at home. WAAAH! (I love that game. You get total of 3 bonuses playing with Clint and Natasha - Agents of SHIELD, Assemble! and... Frenemies. :D)

In more avengersy things, I have two big-ass AU ideas that I am contemplating...

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Dec. 8th, 2011 01:44 am
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I am not the only one whose first umpulse after waching a movie/show is to find the kink meme, am I?


May. 13th, 2011 12:22 am
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Nov. 27th, 2010 01:07 pm
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So on Wednesday I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1.

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I hate the world.

I saw an epic level of AWESOMe movie today with Adun - Green Street Hooligans (Or, Hooligans, or Green Street, depends on release locale) and it was epic. Srsly. Like drew me totally in and was jsut fucking awesome as hell.

and yeah there wa sho yay and i generally lovd the characters. I go look for fancfic.

in addittion to allt he crap i find on - have not ound stuff elsewhere yet - riddled with sues etc, guess what I find?

A fucking Twlilight crossover.



that's all.


May. 24th, 2009 01:22 pm
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Movie awesoe. Fic recs plz? Uner cut with spoiulery review, specifics of what I want. but hey, REC ME ANYTHING!

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Ahem. FInally saw the movie last night.

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Jul. 7th, 2007 12:43 pm
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Well, i am alive. saw Die hard 4.0 last nigtha nd it was aweosme. fell asleep when went home so no party for Ara. this be le shocking.

linkies? yes. - I think you might like these guys, GOogleboy. After all your beloved FLA shares membvers witht hem :P (for the record, I like these guys base sdon a quick listen. *shakes head&* What has happened to me?) - Saxon music video from 1989. FOund thanks to Nigel Durham having it on his myspace page. arent; they all so cute and adorable and babyfaced back then? *giggle* I am pretty sure Graham Oliver still has that jacket... 8shakes head* (fdid get the brrownie points, btw - no one else wished him a happy birthday at the Tempest blog *grin*) also - I can;t be the only one who goes "OMG GUITAR HERO!" at that vid?

Now, I am off to go shopping with gemini. Later tonight, hitting DOminion, but bfefore that shoppping with gemini and etkot with Gloria. this should be fun *grin*

Love you guys. as usual :)


Jun. 23rd, 2007 04:41 am
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So I finally saw AWE. and fucking awesome. msutt talk more when more cooheerent.

I is annoyed for the fact that i turned down some cute guys cause I hoped that certain irish jackass I was texting to would come oover - he was rahter keen on it. and, apparently passed out <3 oh well.

was a great eveening, even with the whole sick as a dog and so forth thing. *shakes head* can;t weait for tomorrow...

love you guys.


Sep. 27th, 2006 10:51 am
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So, Fig i a te uni and Sphie' off to Ceeseland and i am.. sitting hre sniffling and trying to start feling better in time for Swarm. Supid flu :(

So, yesterday we got up,had breakfat, and headed to the Uni. where we nded upin tis HUGE queue while waiting to gt in the freebie fair. And, amusngly enough? the chick right behind me was Finnish. ralied this when she sopoke of the matriculation eams. I don't think that the word is used anywhere else....

b ut yeah freebies! tons and ons of freebies. love them to bits. might even use some of them :P and then SOphie and I waited for Rick and Will of SWARm while Fig went off to get her lip looke at my doctory people. we ere supposed o help the guys with abanner but there was a shortage of banner material and we had to come bac o we said bye to the guys, picked up Mags and came back. had lunch, yay for sandches,a nd I belie I managed to sleep for a bit on the couch. lovely couch, it is.

th we escoted ophie to work as a wageslave for the Fort Knox of supermarkets, did a bit of grocery shoppin and came back to ave dinner. we watched Batman Begins and.. hooy annolli, I ove that movie. can i have Ducard's babies? and Crane is so pretty... spcially if he ets broe.... must read slash now...

But yeah, then we mooched aound fr a bt, Sopi ame home and we eded up heading to bed. sleep was lovely, and amn but Ienvy Fg's char futeon thingamacky. wnat one of those when I get a place o my own...

Now, I beliee i t is back to napland for me.

*hugs everyone*


Sep. 25th, 2006 10:02 pm
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Fg and Sophie are downstais watching Smile TIme - i am off to sleep, but figured I'd make a quick update.

we went shopping and I spent waaaay too much money. And now I also want another tatttoo - omething simple, lack and pretty on my left collarbone. bught a sleeping bag and stff for the lordi gig - decided to revive ther erecat idea when I saw a gorgeous cat mask. Now I only need some black and gold geasepaint... and fake fur :D and nails.

the movie we saw was Children of Men and v. good. CLive Owen was awesome, as always, and the movie a a whole was v. say in a way. waaay too plausible,t hese days.

the we came home, had dinner, watched Black Books and I figred I'd toddle of to bed.. am tred plus, had a bit of a bad depressed moodswing earlier, therefre I am not really feeling well :(



Sep. 16th, 2006 01:29 pm
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Under cut? A meme requiring audience participarion. Go on, guys, fill it up! :D

(and I am feeling reasonably okay today. have food and such.e ating some lovelcheese now. and Starship Troopers? Still rocks my socks)

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So.... in case anyone is interested, the Kim Lönholm song, Rautataivas, whihch is according to VUorensola & co. a major inspoiration in the way it pisses people off or somesuch, can be downloaded here.

In other news, I am rather annoyingly hungry and coghing up a lung. and still stalled with the pr0n., *sigh*
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I'n a bad monster fanicer. i am apparently incapable of watchign Evil Dead alone.

...want to add watching said masterpiece to outr list of Things to Do when I come visit, rath?= :P

In other news, working on more TOys-verse. there shoudl be another fic tomorrow :D


Aug. 11th, 2006 10:21 am
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Safe and siund at R's place. nothing major happene on the way. had mediocre food and went to see DMC. was genuinely creeped out by some bits, and cab agreee... not the movie I wanted to see. *le sigh*

but yeah, will be at the con later today. Seeya guys then, sm of you anyway.ö



Jul. 30th, 2006 01:08 am
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cat peed in one of my cghairs.

my stomach feels like there's a dragon nesting in there.

Gary Oldman makes for a hot Russian terrorist. Anyone know where I could find Air FOrce one fic? or do I actually have to write the little evil thing in my head?

other than that, looking over FotM and going to give writing ity a try. ToW iss still all sorts of halted. gave Mexico fic a look and started to headdesk, too.

... ow ow ow fucking ow I hurt. *sigh* cats still nnoyed and refuse to cuddle.

Other than that? I suppose I am just bloody peachy.
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So, lessee.. made quiche from scratch,a nd it was of the awesome. Watched a movie - TIme and TIe. Hong Kong action flick with LOTS of pretty. this one guy, Miguel? absolutely dreamy. Mix of Hispanic and asian features, topped with a wicked hot psycho attitude and a lovelylovelylovely voice... *sigh* the movie had the other two pretties, TYler and Jack, with pregnant ladies.Can I volunteer to be Miguel's baby-mama?

in other news, ah, writing is slowly but surely happening. thee should be the first part of ToW up... eh, no idea when. Cause I am stuck with some pr0n. And yes, that is pr0n in the first chapter. *blush*

other thant hat.. well, there is the brokeness thing but think have been able to convince Maternal Unit to give me money. Or at least something. but yeaht, ath means I have to clean up this hellhole a lot...a nd that is gonna be a pain.

Also,t here is a VERy silly Lordi/Dima bunny in my head, involves Amen sending Lordi some slashfic a nd that leading to lordi becoming rather obsessed with the idea offucking a VERY innocent Dima's brains out. or something. it should be a hoot to write once I get off my arse and actually do somethign about it...

but yeah. carry on :)
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So. I re-watched Independence Day for the first time in... a very long time. And damn, I had totally forgotten that this movie? is GOOD.

*waits for the boos to pass'

I mean it, seriously. So ok, disregarding the whole utter implausibility of majority of the things int he movie and so on... it is GOOD. Because it works in an emotional level. Well,a t least for me it did. THe characters? I could really care for them. As in, i cried at the wedding scene, and when the first lady croaked. and... I canöt help it, this movie jsut works. i can laugh at the idiocy, cheer at the dogfights and cry for the dramadramadrama. (and omg, Munchkin is so gonna marry Dylan when they grow up.) and droola t the pretty. (Whoever played Miguel? Iw wanna see what he looks now, he was just a little bit of a puppy in that one, he should be gorgeous now :D )

But.. yeah. it is a movie that is both really fucking bad but still good.

*goes back to writing and devouring og PB&J sandwiches*
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First, meanderings on what Ara Did On Her Little TRip:

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Mar. 24th, 2006 03:38 am
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So, I just rewatched the movie for Nth time. And God, is Antonio hot or what? there are LOTS of scenes where I just want to push him dfown and start licking... he is just too good to be true. And Miguel is such a bouncy tfuck: A hot bouncy fuck. He would probably literally be a bouncy fuck. Why is there no good Assassins fic out therew?

Ah yes, because Rath is played by the ugliest mofo ever. *shudders* but even despite that I was crying "Kiss him!" KIss him" several times....

Ooh, and was rather enjoying the fact that the waitress with the big boobs had a pro-choice t-shirt on.

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