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Originally posted by [ profile] lk737 at U.S. Petition to prevent ACTA
Kosmonaunt on Tumblr just posted this link to the U.S. Petition to stop ACTA. Here is what was said about it:

Americans, this is a link to the White House petition to End ACTA and get the Obama Administration to withdraw its support! This petition needs 25,000 signatures by February 20, 2012! Please, Please take a minute to sign this petition!! I'm sure the more signatures we get, the greater chance the Obama Administration may listen to us.

Please pass this along!!!/petition/end-acta-and-protect-our-right-privacy-internet/MwfSVNBK?

Please check it out and Retweet if you're on Twitter (hashtag #ActAgainstACTA). Here is the shortened link for Twitter --

Thank you to everyone on my flist and twitter for talking about this and making us so aware! You guys have really filled my flist with so much information! *massive hugs*


Dec. 19th, 2011 07:57 pm
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this has made up for the ick today :D
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Originally posted by [ profile] write_light at BAD Internet Laws Heading Your Way

From the flist: 

Spread the word, even you're not a US citizen, it is important for everyone!! It easy to do and it can change everything. More info by clicking on the banner.

Website Blocking

The government can order service providers to block websites for infringing links posted by any users.

Risk of Jail for Ordinary Users

It becomes a felony with a potential 5 year sentence to stream a copyrighted work that would cost more than $2,500 to license, even if you are a totally noncommercial user, e.g. singing a pop song on Facebook.

Chaos for the Internet

Thousands of sites that are legal under the DMCA would face new legal threats. People trying to keep the internet more secure wouldn't be able to rely on the integrity of the DNS system.

Read this analysis from

Get on the phone and call your representative. Express your disapproval. Tell him or her exactly how you feel, and that you don't support this. Tell your friends to call their representatives, their Congressperson, and complain. Mention that you are a registered voter that takes your civic responsibility seriously and that you will use that vote to express your feelings about this.

“We support the bill’s stated goals — providing additional enforcement tools to combat foreign ‘rogue’ websites that are dedicated to copyright infringement or counterfeiting,” the Internet companies wrote in Tuesday’s letter. “Unfortunately, the bills as drafted would expose law-abiding U.S. Internet and technology companies to new uncertain liabilities, private rights of action and technology mandates that would require monitoring of websites.”  The chamber-led coalition in support of the bill includes Walmart, Eli Lilly & Co. and Netflix.

Google and other opponents of the legislation argue that restricting the Internet in the U.S. sets a bad international precedent and that the language defines infringing too broadly.


May. 13th, 2011 12:22 am
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Why don't you?
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Now I am not her biggest fan but fuck yeah this rocks :D

(Now if only I could get a high quality MP3 of this...)
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that's all today. Maybe :P


Nov. 1st, 2010 04:13 pm
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Guys, go to [ profile] savesnowssanity and do something. Anything.

You see, [ profile] snowcoma Is a wonderful awesome shiny person and she needs help attaining the medical attention she needs. This is not a hoax, this is not a social experiment, this is the real thing.

People are donating time, skills, stuff, etc to auction to help save her. Please go and see if there is anyything there that you would like. Or could do.
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A Circus-themed night of cabaret, burlesque, gore and WTF followed by a dark alternative club with 3 DJs. Dress to impress - prizes on the night.

Labyrinth Performance Events Presents: The Creepshow
16th of July 8 pm
The Turk's Head, Temple Bar
8pm till late / admission €10

The FB event:

Hope to see many of you there!

And yes I am pimping the fuck out of this one, guys - I'm DJing! :D
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Thanks to my boss for this link:

FOr all your 90s dance needs.

I was made to promise to not to spend more than 2 hours out of my working day fucking around on that site XD i dunno if that is gonna woerk but... XD I will try.

Funny how it was not until I had embraced my goth/rivet identity that I felt comfortable and confident enough to admit to loving this stuff...
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This man here, Don? he is a damn nice guy. And he needs help. So I think that if this is oemthing you tghink you could spare a bit of monies or spreading the neews, etc, for? it would be greatly apprecaited.

I may joke about neding a new body but guess what? i dont. I don't NEED one, mine may be broken but it is still serviciable. Not so with his. So he needs a new liver. Go, helpo. Donate. I have.,


Apr. 8th, 2010 04:19 am
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i knew a kid who dressed up as a goth leprechaun for halloween
all black outfit, with a grayscale rainbow, and a pot full of cure albums

The mental iamges I'm getting... yeaaah... XD


Feb. 10th, 2010 10:53 am
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Best study guide eveah.
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30 years of electronic music - a MASSIVE Sideline interview

Guess I am not the only one sick of hearing Dead Stars XD

I foubd this to be really fasinating on several levels. and it makes me wish i had been alive a good deal longer *Sigh* Its like I've missed the best yeatrs of teh shiny stuff by not knowing of all this nad not being into it unbtil as late as 07.. *sigh*

But yea. go read now.


Nov. 27th, 2009 11:45 pm
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GO and read this

Star trek + goffy music = WIN.

Come on. You know you want to. If only for the idea of Uhura dancing to Siouxsie.

Fic rec!

Nov. 8th, 2009 05:28 pm
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Born Again: Stage 1 (separation) by [ profile] xhellsfirex

This fic is amazing. Just fucking amazing. it is RPS but serioulsy, read it anyway. even if the idea of Nick Cave/Blicxa bargeld makes your brain explode. Because it is also an incredibly gripping creepy and haunting horror story. Read the disclaimers and warnings: it has some incredibly nasty things in it. But the whole is horrific and beautiful and left me going "woah"
but yeah, read the ewarnings. the vontent is pretyt damn hardcore.

Seriously. even if the pairing etc etc etc its totes nto your cup of tea, go read it. If you wnat horror, this story is it. totally. i can't rave enough about it.

... or, if you jsut want some pretty damn hardcore Non-con fic, go read. (yes I am looking at you, [ profile] ms_anthrophy)
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Have I told you recently how awesome Corporate soldiers is? If not, dude. go look already!

Here is a video of theirs:

Seriously. they are awesome. <3

In othr news, my life still sucks doneky balls on c several levels.


Oct. 30th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Monk evangelizes heavy metal.

Fucking EPIC :D


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