Jan. 10th, 2014 04:36 am
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Hey guys look, I wrote a fic! Punch-Drunk on Blackmail 8K of explicit White Collar Hagen/Neal/Rebecca fic.

Which got jossed to hell and back tonight XD
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So I wrote more Avengers fic.

Title: Wide Asleep
Author: [ profile] arabwel
Characters/Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 554
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings: None
Summary: Phil sleeps with his eyes open. H/C, angst
Notes: thanks to [ profile] vampkilmer for the beta and feelschat for the encouragement! and of course, thanks to BG for being the one to sleep with his eyes open in the first place.

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So I am posting this here before I hit any of the comms out there because.. I dunno. Feelings. and because I may end up saying a lot of stuff in comments at first. And, well, ffs. I wrote this because I thought the first fill for the prompt was way too generic and didn't really do what it was set out to do. that probably says too much about me.

Title: Swansong
Rating: M / NC-17
Summary: Response to a kink meme challenge: Loki's threat to Natasha comes true; she is destroyed by the one closest to her
Characters: Clint, Natasha, brief appearance by Loki
Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Warnings, holy mother of warnings: Character death, non-con, graphic violent torture, mind-control, psychological torture, anything else I should mention that you see, please let me know. If you want any of the warnings elaborated, feel free to ask.
Author's Note: I have a lot of feels about this fic and how I wanted to explore the intimacy part of Loki's threat and the psychological implications of what precisely would movie!Natasha fear the most? I don't feel I've succeeded 100% but I believe this fic stands on its own.

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Because apparently [ profile] not_eurotic will be offering fanfic in his new Kickstarter campaign, I decided it is time to finish this epic masterpiece of Caustic/Twilight fanfic I starrted back in 2009.

Other people may or may not have helped with some of the epic plot and they know who they are!

Edward Is Gay For Caustic, Part 2

The dark oppressive grey clouds upon London's sky like a TV tuned to a dead channel back before we went all digital kept Edward from Sparkling. Indeed the only sparkle was that of his keen wit and astounding intelligence and humor, second only to his moody good looks as he brooded greatly upon his obsession.

Oh, but Caustic had fled! This was intolerable: it stabbed like the blades of the Venturi, like the fire of a thousand suns. He could not bear to be parted from his chosen!

He had traveled long and wide in search of his one true love and he was here now, in the city of London, and he had tracked down Caustic to this den of iniquity and idolatry; A wretched hive of scum and villainy and preposterous posturing, before him the Tate Modern spread like an in-depth study on space-time and the artist's depression and hatred of anti-colonialism expressed in the bold strokes of black crayon and menstrual blood.

Caustic, the man, the myth, the legend was here in search of inspiration - what now, to inspire him into even greater heights of artistry to wow generation upon generation like the true masters of the craft before him?

Speaking of before him - His eyes light up like a new morning upon ice as he sees it. her. She is large and edgy, blocky almost - All lines and no soft curves. There is no form, only function.

He approaches her - it - the beauty with no pronoun can ever apply: He touches, gently, over the corrugated metal. He knows he shouldn't, he knows this is wrong but he has to..


The shout startles Edward out of his self-described malaise; He wonders, briefly. Could that be...?

Edward raced to the back of the museum like a lightning, greasier than an oil tanker. Before the brave London bobbies had a chance to arrest Caustic for public indecency and molesting the property of the City of London, Edward whisked his beloved away in a totally not sparkly at all movement that left everyone on the spot baffled and disgusted.

For Caustic, being whisked away was an experience not much akin to any actual whisking; no implements of metal nor plastic were involved, albeit the end result was that when he was unceremoniously deposited in a luxurious hotel room, he felt as if he'd had his innards not only whisked but beaten and stirred as well.

Promptly, he threw up on Edward's shoes.

"Oh my beloved don't fret!" Edward cried out dramatically, still not sparkling in the artificial light. "Come, come with me!"

Because this is a work of fiction, we urge the reader to please take a moment to suspend their disbelief that pure, virginal and chaste Edward would act so wanton. Bear with me guys, this is true art.

"I am so gay for you" Edward's voice was impassioned and resembled that of a donkey in heat. His eyes wide, he threw himself to the bed, amid the luxurious satin sheets that had been super glued in place to keep them from sliding off the manky hotel mattress that had previously housed a corpse that did not walk around.

"Take me!"

Caustic, eyes bleary and ears aching from the preposterous overuse of exclamation marks, eyed the creepy dude on the bed. Creepy dude who appeared to not to be breathing despite talking too much.

With a shrug, he dropped his pants. he'd been interrupted with the inspiring piece of art, might as well finish.

And that, dear reader, is how Edward decided he was not so gay after all and limped back to ass-end-of-nowhere to prey on teenage girls, and Caustic crossed necrophilia off his purity test list. That, and for once not being the one getting sodomized.

Teh End.
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I have been thinking about this for a while now and this is what I have ocme up with, oin plenty of time before new years and panic buying into things I do not want :P

- Learn German (yes, I am recycling this one)

Because I go to germany so often, I should try to learn even the bleeding BASICS dammit. Current situation where I can't say anything intelligent or useful is not a good one.

- Adopt healthy behaviours

I eat too much crap and spenmd too much time sedentary to my liking. So the plan is to slowly but surely work on doing more healthy fun awesome things. Big part of this is to wish to gain some upper body strength - all the waffling about I do is great for my legs, but my arms are still woefully weak. Use mositurizer more often. Take care of myself kind of a thing.

- Go out more to things that are not clubs, gigs and festivals

This one should be ather self-evident. I get out of the house a lot more than I used to. But it is almosat always alla bout music. I keep clicking "maybe" on lots of awesome things on FB but do I ever go? Not really. and hwen I do go, it tends ot be pubs and stuff. This year I wnat to drag my ass out of the hose and hit a museum or two, maybe catch cirue du soleil in april - you know, stop limiting myself. Hell, go to more gigs in different genres for the matter.

- Read more

I still read a lot in fandom but I have not read books properly in a while. So I think in addittion to a genrealized read moar, I will endeavour to read the unread books in my flat asap.

- Write more

This year, i managed to win nanowrimo by the skin of my teeth. I want to do it again in 2012 and not fail horribly. I want to write more, full stop. I want to have at least one or two stories that i can say I wrote by the end of the year - short or not so short.

- Visit new places

I travel, sure, but I always go to the same places. in 2012 I would like to just - see new places. Go somewhere I've never been. Sure I wont be wintering in chile but I would like to see Belgium...

I think that about sums it up. These are the things I want to do and we shall see what happens.

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Ok since the idea seems to be drumming up support - here is the Idea Post for an OFC fanfic fest.

OCs are often necessary for fic. There are a lot of fandoms where it is really hard to write fic without having OCs around - for example, any villain-of-the-week show, If you want to write an episodelike fic, recycling just the old villains get old after a while. Or if you want to write an epic fic with stuff that an already epic word has not explored - you will need OCs. Like, people's old friends and parents and new villains and so on.

Say, you want to write a Leverage casefic. In an average episode, we get the victim(s),the Big Bad, the henchmen, innocent bystanders who get conned, the potential law enforcement involvement, the folks at McRory's - and let's face it, some of them are likely to be women. And cue the cries of mary sue and badness. Especially if the canon flirt Eliot hits on one of them.

If the episode Two Live Crew was a fanfic? Far too many people would have branded Eliot's Distaff Counterpart Mikal as a mary Sue. Pretty? check. Badass Israeli? check. Able to mach Eliot? check. UST? check. Obviously asue right?

There is a lot of fic that doesn't get written because people are afraid theitr OCs will be labeled sues. Hell, I know I have a lot of fics I am not writing because I am worried about that label myself - of people flat out refusing to read something I write because it has the evil original female character. And that? that is not okay in my book. Not any more. I refuse to let the fear of teh Sue, internalized misogyny and misguided peer pressure dictate what I write and read.

So what I am saying is - i want to run a fest celebrating original female characters. Multi-fandom, gen or ship, any-length, fic art and everything else fest. Celebrating the fact that there's a lot of awesome worlds out there and awesome people whom we can create to exist in those worlds. (that is.. once nanowrimo is over)

I don't know what to call it, I don't know what to do with it, but dammit, I want to do it, and I will do it. Who's with me?


Nov. 27th, 2010 01:07 pm
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So on Wednesday I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1.

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Fic rec!

Nov. 8th, 2009 05:28 pm
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Born Again: Stage 1 (separation) by [ profile] xhellsfirex

This fic is amazing. Just fucking amazing. it is RPS but serioulsy, read it anyway. even if the idea of Nick Cave/Blicxa bargeld makes your brain explode. Because it is also an incredibly gripping creepy and haunting horror story. Read the disclaimers and warnings: it has some incredibly nasty things in it. But the whole is horrific and beautiful and left me going "woah"
but yeah, read the ewarnings. the vontent is pretyt damn hardcore.

Seriously. even if the pairing etc etc etc its totes nto your cup of tea, go read it. If you wnat horror, this story is it. totally. i can't rave enough about it.

... or, if you jsut want some pretty damn hardcore Non-con fic, go read. (yes I am looking at you, [ profile] ms_anthrophy)
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So. all this stuff on LJ andelsewhere regarding writing characters of color made me think about my own writing. How can I do this, why am I not doing it already, how can I do it and not fuck up...

and then I realized something.

Flavor of the MOnth from 04, the unnamed story from 05 - both actually have characters of color as main effing characters. Rafe, Tony, Juan - all hispanic.

and this made me facepalm. A LOT. Like".. why the fuck as I woried, I have doneit already"

andthen I started facepalming some more. Because this is not something I was actually thinking about when I wrote them - not really. So Now I am eworrying - did they come out "right"? Did I do something wrong there? And all I can think is...

I wrote them as characters first, color secondary. Mostly it was due to my intense fascination with Hispanic men at the time, which admittedly is a pretty fucking tupid reason to create characters of color. So more facepalm there.

It leaves mefeeling rather confused and makes me think it is time for a lot more thinky thoughts.
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THink this one deserves a separate entry. I need to kick my creativity HARD, dammit. And therefore I think I will be participating in Julnowrimo.

Of course, I have NO idea whatsoever what I will be doing. last time,t his resulted in a lot of porn involving vampires. THis time.. I have even less idea.

(Wonder if my recently admitted gothdom and the way I have been making fun of it will result in MORE vampire porn?)

(Oh,a nd when a workchat incvolves specuilation upon the secxxuality of a seniopr manager and the phrase "so deep in the closet his ass is in narnia" I know I love my job. so ok, I hate my job,but my workmates are made of awesome)

(also, what the hella m I going to wear when i go meet Stuart, assumign I have enough time to un hometo get cleaned upo> I think my new lovely gray jeans with skulls but shirt department is at loss)
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Title: Confession
Author: Yours truly
Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: Dima/Awa, implied Lordi/Dima, Lordi/Awa, Lordi/Dima/Awa
Summary: In the aftermath, a confession
Warnings. all the usual apply
AN: Part of the Toys series, follows COllar. also, this has been sitting on my HD way too long. aplogies for the wait.
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help ?

Dec. 9th, 2006 03:49 pm
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Okay, gentlebeings i have another hurdle with the guitarfic.

Can someone tell me what guitar lessons actuallya re like? I mean, Thea obviously knows th ebasics. so I need to igure out what sort of a thing weould happen during more advanced lessons - what sort of thing Ray would have her do. Please be helfpul, of you wwho play the instrument of gods out there?

In other news, I gotr the Lordibook as a prezzie to self. daaamn, butit is awesome.


Dec. 9th, 2006 02:35 pm
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Here is the first part of my new poriginal fiction - no name thus far. but this is the guitar fic :D

(and yes, inspired by a certain mr. Oliver :P)

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Dec. 8th, 2006 09:13 am
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2000 words in, my first major hurdle witht he story. IO need help here, guys... (and yes, that measn you MIkki cause you are the expert ont his stuff :D )

So, I need a song. a rock/metal song, prefeably from the eighties. has to be the sort of a song tha someone would think a good one to learn hen learnign the guitar with the "Listen-and-pluck-along" method - only, be more complicated than it seems so learning it would not be easy at all. Any suggestions?


Dec. 7th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Face still hurts.a dn i hate the fact that iTUnes only takes credit cards. Want my Goodbye to Yesterday, damn it *sigh*

other than that, ia m rasonably peachy. got shiny coomments on myspace, donöt think anything has fucked up my birthday plans yet, an the new story that involves the guitar is shaping up well i think.

what willit be about? Well, you know me. or SHOULD know me. tell me, what do you THINK it will be about? :P
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(crossposted to [ profile] little_details and my LJ)

So, I am looking for a fancy guitar. Except, it is not supposed to appear fancy.

the scenario is this: an aged rock star gives his beloved guitar to his protege when they part ways. I wnat this guitar to be v. v. specvial, except, not relaly look the part - not something you would recognize as omgspeshul lamorghini of guitars at a first glance. And I know jack about guitars - so I am asking you guys, what kind of a guitar could/should this be?


Dec. 1st, 2006 12:57 am
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Isn't it shiny and geeky? :P

New title is from the Temepst song by the same name.

quick recap of visit to the hellhole. Slept, slept some more, rummaged for shit, found a skirt that has been missing ofr months nad months, learned how to shoot a rifel. didnöt shoot anyone. came home.

and yes, wrote my ass offf.


Nov. 26th, 2006 05:22 am
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People seem to think i am immoral and evil forr fancying Paul and intendingg to do something about it. bleh at them. if he fancies a shag, it is not my problem, jsut my pleasure. If ti happens. *crosses fingers and hopes really hard*

In other news, sister has agreed to borrow me the money for plane tickets and probably for the stay at the B&B and..s o ona nd so on, reelaly. I will be able to pay her back, after all. THis ismuchly of the awesom anf i am making my tentative date of leaving here Dec. 28th - so I will be able to start a brand new year in Ireland.

oh, and Looksy at this: was vaguely amused to find self there. Looking forward to seeing their faces when this bloody thing makes it to bestseller.. means editing WILL kill m e because I have to edit everyone to unrecognizability, but...

other thant hat, hmm, can't come up with anything.


Nov. 22nd, 2006 10:04 am
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... [ profile] delfeus, does this guy just scream Rockstar!Snape to you, too?

*shakes head*

In other news, i am tired, headachey, have reached 29K and donöt have the faintest fucking idea where the story ifs going and what I am doing with my villain.

Nice lady from IBM calls at 4.30... ugh.,


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