Nov. 23rd, 2006 10:37 pm
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Am at dad's. had an awesome dinner, ironed my nterviw clothes, and am now kjust wibbling a tiiiny bit while waitng or te roast to settle. damn, but dad makes a fine roast. di dnot in factcontribute to the cookery at all. which makes me feel a it weird. dad is een doing the clean-up 0_o

incidentally, even after stuffing self, dad's scale says I have lost more weight. down to 284lbs or 129 kg if you please. :D

Now, we are of to bed. which is goodness. casue bed = lovely. ra be the sleepy and tired and sore. the effects of serious lack of sleepand so on.

That would be it, then.

(And i want to strangle dad now. he is a fucking peelo about stuff. Right now he is eng ana ss about keyboards. fuck him and his insistence about me learningthe evil of touchtyping HIS way. Fuck him. *haes head*)


Nov. 17th, 2006 10:15 pm
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In totally unrrelated news, this chair makes my ass HURT: which it did not the last time I spent any time sitting on it.

THereofre, I am making the educated guess that i have lost some weight.

Just not enough *sigh*


Sep. 19th, 2006 03:38 pm
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So, ok, what's new I nara's life today? have slept way too little, rna around lik a headless chicken,a nd mom is here. jen, too - she got fixed free of charge.

not many of the stuffs got done ourside getting some of mmy perscritptions gixed and the first of the shorts - I got to take a second shot along and find someone give it to me in amonth's time. Ummm.... any of you guys good with a neelde? [livejournal.com profile] madandy? :P

other than that.. argh, angst angst angst and so on. But even myu sister agrees that the Ireland would be a good idea. even if it is helldesk.

and supremely good nws? While I got the shot, I also saw a scale. Nice scale tells me I weigh 132/291.

that's tright. out of the ev0l 300s :D total loss of 33 lbs :D

so yeah, Ara is pretty good-feely right now, even if with a hellish headache.

Talk to yous laters.



Aug. 28th, 2006 04:56 pm
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gank from [livejournal.com profile] rifumi...

Re-post the entry for this date (or closest to it) of every year you've been on LiveJournal. Then say if the thoughts you expressed in them are still valid.

Sept. 02, 2004:

Just that, inc ase anyojne's interested. i just might do a bit of cleaning on my HD and post some more of my so-called fics....


Yup, still valid since I am a) alive and b) still posting fic :P


Aug 27th 2005:

Remember bhow siometime erlier this month, I was happy that I fit into some pants I haven't fit in for an age or so?

Well... there was another pair I tried on at that time, too. They doidn't fit.

Now they do.

So okay they aren't WEARABLE - fuck, I can barely BREATHE in these pants... but they fit. They are tight like woah, but they FIT :D

*does a happy dance*

Go. Me. :D


I still fit in those pants, Ibelieve :D so ok, I have not done any major progressw butI am happier, and I am keeping those damned 25 lbs off and I bloody well will for good :D


Jun. 8th, 2006 01:12 pm
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I have Jenova home and a new keyboard. now I should just get arounfd to, yo u know, doing the thing where I pulg her ina nd so on.. but I am too lazy to. maybe on Saturday.... o something.

Also, have sleep meds. a tenox form mom and 4 some random oxysomethings from the doc. will bneed to get another appoiubtement... and oh, have a dentist's appointment ont he 14th,too.

weigh remiains the same.. but therew was a slight NS: the bblood pressure measurement thingy worked just fine with the standard wraparound, no need for the really big one they usually use.

IOther news, eh, well, consumed about gaxillion calories cause I needed the wonderfulness of reddd meaaat so I had a huge megaburger. cause, you know, it has been MINTHs since I evebn set a foot in a fast food joingt of the burger sort... and ooh, saw mom. for she and her ex wer ein town. thus, much hanging around commenced and stuff was done. i now ghave a new shiny xcweell phone that I don't know how to use - SO much fun, that one. *sigh*

todayäs agenda is.. ah, packl everything I need - quick, guys, tell me what do I neeD so I won't forget anything! - and then.. go to sleep. well, nto immediately afterwards, but I am aiming at 8 pm my time or so - so I can get in some serious sleep before getting up at 6 am. ish.

*poibnts at icon* ciourtesy of [livejournal.com profile] navigatorsghost. Pretty, isn't he? :D


Jun. 8th, 2006 07:48 am
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I have good news nd bad news.

Good news? I foumd my eloved snake ring.

Bad news?

I am so manic and insomniac it is in no way funny. I swear, if I conk dopwn on Friday, it is gonna e AD. it is aout the worst possile time for me to have a breakdown - and I have a AD feeling that it will e. I Can do jack ut... hope top hell and ack that it is not gonna happen, OD on sugar and caffeine, anmd ask mom to give me sleep meds for tonight. Sad,. I know, but... I NEEED the rest before Friday. *sigh*

Going to go see the nice lady with the scale today, too - wan bet it is gonna e ugly? Not becauise of my ad eating aits all week - ecause I did decent - ut ecause of the huge-ass amounts juice and meaty foods I have consumed since yesterday to make sure my lood iron doesn't conk up or I won't dehydrate?


my hair looks icky, too. think I may have roots afterall.
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Tarotaro is home! :D

Screw the smoothies and salads diet. I am oging to do my best to make them a major staple, but the store had steaks on sale so.... :D

In other news, Casa Ara will officially become a madhouse this THursday: Why, you ask? SImple.

I am getting a dog.

yes, you heard me right. A bona fide dog. Generic yellow mutt, 3 year old bitch that is used to cats and reasonably-sized. Playful and likes walking.

I know I am cerazy. But it is good kind of crazy.


May. 7th, 2006 09:40 pm
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Tarantino is missing :(

Also, someone smack me, for if I can arrange for transporattion from LIminka to Pudasjärvi, I will be getting a dog.

In other news, I intend to see if I can stay on a salads-and-smoothies-only diet until Friday, when I have my next weigh-in. Thus, salad reciopes ar emuchly appreciated.


May. 5th, 2006 05:24 pm
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I think I am going to keep this one for a while. May get bored with it V: soon tho.. but for now, like it.

IN other news, am actually thinking about going for a walk. And possibly getting all garden-y tomorrow. Not sure about htat - need to plot a little. Anbd what sort of tools do you need to garden anyway? *is clueless* I am thinking about just a small flowerbed thingy, nothing more... need to start small, after all.

And goodness gracious, I am actually thinking about taking abnother walk today.

Went to the store, too, to bitch about Jen. THe guy went "Oh fuck" and ended up giving me a crash course in BIOS and if that does not work, I will bring Jen to be fixed.
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Let's see... i am kinda bored with my layout so I may end up messing weith it for a while. But it is still gonna be Tequila for the soul and salt for the wounds cause, come on, that is just an awesome title, dontchathink? :D

In other news, i am going to ramble to the store today,a nd possibly go for another walk, My poor wittle foot hopefully does not hurt.

Oh, and slept fotr 1-ish hours with occasional breaks for oming to check my computer, get csoem coke, and go to the bathroom. I am freaky like that, it seems.

I suppose I am going to get on with this life thing now. Or saomething.

and incidentally, today's liunch ios so gonna be a roast beef salad....

Ow Ow Ow

May. 4th, 2006 08:40 pm
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So yeah. I just came back from a walk. Yes, a bona fide walk where you go out just to be a pedetrestian. went for about 20 mins and went around 2 "blocks".

and was reminded of just WHY I hate walking.

Namely, my right fgoot is hurting like a motherfucking bitch. It STABS; it burns, it feels like someone wound the tendon at the arch of my foot too tight ant it was being mangled with each and every step. So... owwww. no more walks. At least not with those shoews. But igf hiking shoes give the same result, it is off to the doc I go,

In other news... errr, anyone happen to have recs for good, plorrful Harry/Draco/Ginny polyfics? Just a random craving I got...


May. 4th, 2006 12:30 pm
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Hair still icky. Had major bad drteams. (dead kitty kind of dreams *sdhudders*) Had gained. So, in short, Ara is NOT a happy camper at all. In fact,t he Ara may just be dragging her ass bacjk to bed now,.
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- TOok out the empty bottles
- Started a batch of mead
- Embarrassed self with unnoticed underwear on the floor when Mom's ex and his friend the Nice Guy Whop Fixes My Bike came to visit.
- Spent too much money on food
- Rearranged and vacuumed the bedroom
- went for a ride
- did laundry
- FIed Jen

Now? I wanna do the dfishes and then have food. But today has been a good day.-


Apr. 26th, 2006 08:09 pm
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So, I jkust took a nap. Hqad funky dreams. fdor some reason me, sisterling and Juan Pablo Montoya were sharing a room (wtf) and there was an argunment because I was going to a party with [livejournal.com profile] smutccutter and for some reaon my dad got dragged along.... wtf, brain, wtf. NA old womanizing creep my dad may be, Hugh Hefner he ain¨t.

In other news, did take that bike ride. adn had forgotten how yummy Alpen strawberry yogurt bars are.
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So yeah. More yamnjmers and a meme.

Today, I went to see the nice person witht he scale. had lost - back rto 302. which is ghoodness... afterwards,a ctrually took a ride and am now feeling vaguely okay and thinking about possibly going to the store or something, but.. not going to, most likely.

Mifght go foer another ride, this time with Cid in tow. Cid being my MP3 player. might go fotr the same route i took, or see if I can actually make it longer and go to town that way so i can actually go get some food, too...

Now, it hinmk I am gonna clean the kitchen and do the dishes or something... Not rally sure of what I want to do.

and the meme:

This is how it works: Comment on this entry and get a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why.

[livejournal.com profile] habibekindheart gave me the letter G :D

1. Giving - one of the primary facets of my personality
2. Glomp - what I like to do to my friends :D
3. Google - Love it. love it dearly. One half f my research otp - Google/Wikipedia 4-ever.
4. Garlic - teh yummy.
5. Giggle - I 'do that a lot, rather than actually laugh.
6. Guns - scary things, but I have a srange and bizarre fas'cination for them
7. Gelding - a type of horse, and I like hgorses, a lot. Moe than I remembered :DS
8. Green - I love the color, and not just because my eyes are green
9. Glitter - I like sparkly things a lot.
10. Gate - *insert pseudophilosphical jorney crap*


Apr. 6th, 2006 08:24 am
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Feeling vaguely better now. But only vaguely. Had an appointment with the scale, had bloated like hell. ads in, 6 lbs gain.


so yeah. Ara is one hell of a miserable camper still.

Am workin g on the cleaning thing today, i think.


Mar. 29th, 2006 02:07 pm
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'tyodayt in Why Ara Sucks:

I have a meeting with the scale at 15.30

I should be meeting someone at the gym at 15.45

I have realized that I do not have anything that I can wear to the gym due to severe lack of laundry.


Just got to hope I haven't bloated....

I am NOT feeling well. Just want to crawl under the covers and stay there till forever. Not pohysically too crappy, just sore and stiff, but mostly mental unnnngggggthhh-ness.

I am so btroke it is far from funny.

and dear God I am never going to manage cleaning this damn place.


Mar. 23rd, 2006 09:23 am
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Gain. 2.4kg/5.3lbs.

See Ara being v,. v. v. depressed about this, because she is v. angry at herself.

Also, Ara is at the clubhose for the criminally insane now. And ghungry. Bleh. Not fun. especailly since the Ara has to go to the store at some point..... stupid sstupid Ara. Should have her head kicked in.

Well, fuck

Mar. 22nd, 2006 12:53 pm
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So... today I went to see the Namesake for therapy as usual. it was nice enough..... and the last time ever, most likely,t hat I will have her as my shiny therapist.

She´'s.... not quitting. taking some time off her job to work as a project leaser for the local mental heatlh organization thingy.

caan we say "fuck"?

I will get to talk to her replacement in April. at the end of April, more specifically, after Easter. And I got a hug. the best hug I have had in ages - warm and sqquishy and long. But still - no more namesake. No more taklking to someone who actually knows what I am talking about, doesnåt mind me slipping into English, jhust... gets me.

See Ara being verrry verrry morose.

But... this led to Developements. Namely, she managed to convince me to visit the local cvlub house for the criminally insane, aka the mental health organization's headquarters. Mainly, so I could get someone to kick my ass into cleaning.

When I walked out I had agreed to... let's see, amongst toher things,t o babysitting. Sort of - one of the volunteers has 7 kids anbd when she takes the four youngest ones to swim, she needs an extra pair of weyes. Not like that is fgoing to lead to laptasticness, but should be fun. and it´¨s kids"! Youngest of the 4 is 2 year sold.... meep. and hetr animal-crazy rw'teenage daughter might eventually start visiting me to cuddle the cats and keep me company while I clean...

and did I mentiont aht I can take any excess bakingness there, so no more poor Ara being unable to bake because she will eat everything at one go?


what the fuck did I get myself into, I wonde? I will go there again tomorrow after I go see the lady with the scale... makes me geel vaguely mmm-graghle-y. thwre will b crafts. and possibly I will go there on Friday for karaoke - I figure I will be able to treat it as singing practise rather than actual karaoke.. maybe.

adn they ahve a piano. *sigh`I wish I knew how to play...

and I wonder what the fuck did I get myself into.

now.. I believe I am off to make self some breakfast.


Mar. 21st, 2006 01:12 pm
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SAo, whgat I SHOULD be doing is preparing to drag my ass to the water 'bics in less than an hour. And what am I doing? Playing ToB. Because, remember what I said about too much oraganizatio? It's hitting me aggain. I have dreaded the 'bics for a few days now. *sigh* Not going to go, obviously. But am making it a Goal to drag arse to the gym at least once this week. will hopefully get hooked again.

Now, i am off to sort some laundry. Wonder if it will evcer make it to the machine...


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