Dec. 19th, 2006 05:12 pm
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So, Tal ginally slapped me with theGrammatical Moron of the Week. well, screw him. DOnöt care. But I am outta there, methinks...

In other news, I am stull all sorts of silly over friday (OMG! LORDI!) Busy with preparations, and allt aht jazz. I have plans for NYE, too - going to an alternative-sort of a pub with some future coworers.

RIght now, I am going through the new pics f Tempest ont heir mysapace and trying to find a polite way to say "Paul,s top trying to look 18"... or soemthing alon htose lnes. *shakes head*


Nov. 19th, 2006 09:50 pm
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So, compy went boom and ate this entry so i had to rewrite this.

first order of things: the snapcup I posted here? has the right link nowl so please, do say nice things about me :P

In other news, this has not been a good morning. My sotomach is cv. upset (yay for red jaffa!) and, well, when the first thing you see when you go check your usual checkings is someone going out of their way to upset and hurt you, to invalidate and trivialize your emotions and opinions, what do you do? other than get hugely POd, that is. *sigh*

I do hope today is going to get better. the fact that a certain band commented on my myspace *cough*yesihaveone*cough* is a good start. Hope other goodness happens-.
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So, fter my last enry I wen t my room to pac, dithed a ton of stuff,and then came downstais with Mom. I had breakfast and then I gt taken to the airprt by her ex'nephew.

here, sister called m and we chatted until I got to check in and stuff. no one aid anything about my luggage - guess the drug dogs werestill sleeping :P - and so was I when I hit the plan. there was someone that was also going to london sitng next to me so we chatted while I was not sleeping. loike at the Stockholm airprt where I had towalk from one end of the place to another. (and tested if m VIsa Electron works abroad . does :D )

more sleep in the london plane, then bouncn about the airort and eating a delish muffin while waiting for thegang to sho up. they didn't, so I ended up taking a diect s to Brighton and slept some ore. once here, my welcome by [ profile] ariskari was rather aesome. (and no, am not saying this just beause she is peeking over my shoulder)

wesat around, takd,Imet her housemats and then [ profile] safriailo made us hamburgs for dnner. after that we wtched some Black Books and stuff on Youtube and I think there was chating but my memory i bit fuzzy... I dragged self to bed before midnight and slpt v. v well. Now, I am feeling all sorts of shinyhappy.

On today's agenda, the beach. :D and ome shopping, probably :D

*hugs* love you guys :)


Sep. 14th, 2006 02:03 am
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Remind you fo anyone?

In other news, have nbeen threatened with a ban from SP over my typos. feeling weepyu and horrible over it cause I fucking LOVE that site, it's been my fucking HOME for the past five years - yes, you read that right. five years. - and although LJ has becomne more centerral int he past two.. it still fucking hurts. the bastard has the gall to say I am making typsoos deliberately, AND he is trheatening me with public humiliation in addittion to banning.

.. so yeah, guess today is not a very good day after all 'sigh*

Less than twoo weeks to go...

RTA: As you can see, fixed faulty html


Jul. 31st, 2006 05:12 pm
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So. baking cookies led to a bag of runny white chocolate exploding at me. Ahirt anbd hand covered in it. THen ok, I manage to do the cookies. but when I pick a cookie and come to my desk? I manage to stumble, nearly break my desk fan (as in, managed to jury rig it into back working) and the cookie? lands runny chcolate-down... on my digital camera.

You can imagine how much of a good day today is.

In good news, though - thanks to [ profile] rallymama I ma now the proud owner of an OMGWTFBBQ-necklace.:D

other thant htat, both the layout issue and the girlbit issue have solved themselves magically. which is goodness cause it measn no need to fiddle with settings or go see a doc. and the issues should be done with by the time Ropecon happens...

But yeah. today? shoudl not havegotten out of bed.


Jun. 13th, 2006 05:18 pm
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Public service warning. Ara the Angstball s4eems to have reappeared. Anyone surprised? *snort*

So, um, yeah. Much angst to be expected.a lready ahs ahappened. So I am relaly relaly worry about the cact that i am and will be a complete wet blanket whineback needy little twerp for a while. Stupid bipolar.... *grumbles*

Plus, I have to go see a dentis t tomorrow.

the dramadramadrma over at the FAI seems to have been solved, but... I donät think we have seen the end of it, not by a long shot.

and just how badly angsty do i ahvwe to be to realize that I <am still, in some weird way, hung up on the catholic jackass of dooooom? *sigh* But.. yeah. angstballing.
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It is misty outside and the ground is covered in frost. Much pretty.

In other news, I think I am suck ant the pirate RP is back on. wheee.
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glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text glitter textglitter text

also known as condolences for growing old and grey :P
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So I was takingh a nap, and was woken by the doorbell. it was a delivery person.

Dozen. Red. Roses.

Sadly enough, no, I am not being stalked by a handsome psycho popstar. No, these were "From one romantic to another" by The Guy.
I know I shopuld hav miuxed feelings about this but right now, i don´¨t care. ROSES! RED ROSES! A DOZEN OF THEM! *dances in joy`

First time evere that a guy gave me flowers :D

Wark wark

Dec. 12th, 2005 02:38 am
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yes, the ame ole subject line...

the date that was supposed to happen? didn't. I chickened out like woah because I just... I just couldn't do it. Couldn't meet some randonm guy for coffee. *sigh*

So what am I doing? Sitting alone at home, and, argyh, flirting with the one guy who has also been in my thoughts for a while. he says he's dark and hjandsome,a nd at 6' qualifies as tall for me. I know somme, hhh, intimate details from his kinda randomly. and I doa lso know that he most likely is not going to commit anytime soon. and probably wo8uld go eww if he ever saw my picture. he'äs also only 22 afaik, and not willing to have a family or, you know, actually financially stable. *sigh*

so.. yeah. should tell myself to stop being an idiot wven if he does call me Cherry Blossom.

ETA: And is going out on a date with someone tomorrow. so.. yeah. *lkicks self*


Oct. 4th, 2005 04:59 pm
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FOund a nice shoe store in Sotockholm: Can't wait till Thursday and getting to go shop there. w00tnbess. Much w00tness.

On the other hand... *cuddles Ricardo* thje poor boy is in more trouble than I thought he would be.. He's back with leBihan but... apparenlty he is gpoing to die messily unless he can somehow figure out how to hell ecape - possibly torching LeBihan's ship. Again. Or something. *saigh*

other thant hat...I reslly, REALLY should clean.But I am not cleaning. because I am a lazy ho. So, Instead, I will dye my hair and do stuff. or something ; No idea.


Taking out the kitty trash & cleaning the counters. that is what I shalla spire to.


Sep. 15th, 2005 02:33 pm
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THe srtorm passed without a hitvch; i slept, had everything powered down, and the cats inside. Not much - if any - thunder, just lots and lots and LOTS of rain and some severe wind. w00t.

had Art today. Which was interesting because of Stuff. But thre teacher liked my style and calls it "ecxpressionuist" - which is w00t.Because I am too lazy to actually, you know, do stuff the "right" way.

in a few hours or so, I will have Spanish. Which is scary.


But hey, did hgit 5K ver at SP so am happy.
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(No sign of a storm thus far....)

So okay, over at SP there is currently a thread about people's favorite posters. It is making me feel.. somewhat giddy, because several people have listed me amongst their favorites, for various reasons. (I am apparently silly, I have a "'tude" and too smart for my own good o_o) and this kind of made me start thinking about stuff.

Now, I like to think I am not vain. But recognition of the positive kind - feedback on writing/art, someone saying the like me, someone friending me - tendds to make me extremely happy. As in, giddy-happy. And I think I reactfar more... severely than most people.

i think it is most likey because of the whole "totally unappreciated in RL" thing. I have no firends. My family sucks. I believe that the last time I touched another human being was when mom visited in July and I hugged her. (she didn't want to hug nme, she says i am too big to hug. Ah, wondrous thing for one's self esteem to have the mother say "I won't hug you because my arms won't reach around you") so... I am putting a lot of value on 'net friendshisps and net actions.

Buit why am I so giddy about recognition? I have no idea. I think it has to do with my rather great desrie to be someone - and if it means taht the "someone" is the Typo Queen, the Little Girl, the Silly One - thenso be it. It means that I matter to someone enough for them to take note.

I spent yeatrs and years and years being the not-so-little gray mouse in the corner. So now, i am really giddy about it when out of 8500+ members (so okay maybe 200 or so are active) I stand out enough to make it into someone's Top 10.

Gah. Not sure why I am rambling like this. Maybe it is the lack of sleep and the nervousness about tomorrow... or the fact taht i am about to hit 5K posts on the site and, well, that is a Good Thing.


ETA: quizzes

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I. Fucking. Hate. My. Hormones.

I should not be drroling all ovewr my male friends just because it hits me that they are not dark, cute & short but rather, tall, dark & handsome. *HEQADDESK*

Someone jelp me... *whimpers* I am so hopeless with this stuiff.

And tomorrow, must go to the store and stock up on batteries. *nods*

oh, and a quiz

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Sep. 1st, 2005 06:55 pm
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Oh dear... the FAI is my home. Mystrea strikes again...

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Aug. 25th, 2005 02:24 pm
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Crisis aborted. No mysterious crushage from a certain jackass's part. The future Aralings are safe and secure.

Apparently, he disagrees with the legendary quote (Yes, you, you know who you are, I am looking at you...) a friend once spoke:

"LIfe sucks, love sucks, friends don't"

Apparenly, poor guy is srtarting to disagree with Part 3.

Believe me, I am relieved like woah.

Even if I kinda hoped he might have liked me cuz guyrs never do.. but better this way


Aug. 23rd, 2005 10:15 am
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I am muchly amused bu the fact taht Eldural, a Spanish-speaking, Miami-dwelling n00b at SP has been shortenred to "El".



Aug. 1st, 2005 04:29 am
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I have ugly boobs. But The Guy liked the pics.

The PÅirates RP lives again.. Reeves is back. o okay he is lócer and sokewhat wiser now, but... he is still a delightfully cruel little psycho.

Am having a good calorie day.

am tired.
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The bitch who usually makes my life hell just offered me some recipes. As in, she'll type them up from some bunch she got int he mail.


I think I fell into the rabbit hole.


Jun. 26th, 2005 01:18 am
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I think I can now blame TCJ for getting me addicted to Warcraft 2 BNE.


And i am being a good firl. Not making any jokes about sucking and enjoyment :D


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