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Nov. 8th, 2009 05:28 pm
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Born Again: Stage 1 (separation) by [ profile] xhellsfirex

This fic is amazing. Just fucking amazing. it is RPS but serioulsy, read it anyway. even if the idea of Nick Cave/Blicxa bargeld makes your brain explode. Because it is also an incredibly gripping creepy and haunting horror story. Read the disclaimers and warnings: it has some incredibly nasty things in it. But the whole is horrific and beautiful and left me going "woah"
but yeah, read the ewarnings. the vontent is pretyt damn hardcore.

Seriously. even if the pairing etc etc etc its totes nto your cup of tea, go read it. If you wnat horror, this story is it. totally. i can't rave enough about it.

... or, if you jsut want some pretty damn hardcore Non-con fic, go read. (yes I am looking at you, [ profile] ms_anthrophy)
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Oh my god, guys, I WROTE SOMETHING! :D First fic I have written in GOD alone knows how long. Except itis not my pairing, and not my fandom, and *flails*!!!

Title: A Letter from Frank
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Rating. PG-13
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Summary: for this prompt in the STXI kink meme. Jim recieves a letter form Frank. Angst and comfort.
Warnings: Under the second cut.

Letter from Frank )

warnings )


Sep. 30th, 2008 07:12 pm
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Occasionally even the rule 34 suprises me.

.... the ship "Nixa" was one of those things that jsutr break my bran.

possibly in a good way, though.

as ong as the fcking caterpillar mustache is not involved.


Aug. 29th, 2006 07:47 pm
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here's the prtomised fic :D

Title: Pain
Author: duh
Pairing: Lordi/Dima, implied Lordi/Dima/Awa, Dima/Awa, Lordi/Awa
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dima likes pain.. but how much?
Warnings: guy-on-guy stuff (duh), monsters, whips & chains
AN: Part of the Toys series, follows Pillow Talk.

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Title: His Place
author: me, duh
Pairing: Lordi/Dima/Awa
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dima learns his place
Warnings: potential consent issues, threesome, monsters
A/N: Fourth in the Toys series, follows after Harsh Light. and damn, I need an OT3 icon for these three! thanks to [ profile] navigatorsghost for telling me this does not suck :)

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Aug. 8th, 2006 01:32 am
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Well, ainöt I productive or what? Lordismut. Justy like I promised :D

Title: TOys
Author: [ profile] arabwel
Rating: R/NC-17
"Pairing": Lordi/Awa/Dima
Summary: Best laid plans can go awry...
Warnings: threesome, alight hints of dubcon
Thanks : Fel & CHristine for being lovely
Word count: 2727

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Jul. 23rd, 2006 07:13 pm
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For [ profile] navigatorsghost who needed cheering up :)

Title: Bitch
Author: yours truly
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dima gets what's coming
Warnings: Bloody monster-on-guy sex and dubious consent

Inspired in part by the nw Who's Your Daddy video as well as some of Dima's various vids :D

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So I have been up all night (so ok it is not more than 5 am but still.. I am going to be awake a lot more) and what have I been doing? trying to google inerviews with Dima, which is relaly fucking difficult because his English is apparently EXTREMELY limited - to the point that he had an interpreter in Athens. (WHydoes this give me some vague bunny ideas?) and of course finding more compromising pics of im.. (And I canöt make out what he says in this clip, but apparently his mtoher approves (!)... and accodrding to some other interview I found quoted, his mother also says "MY son ain't gay, he just likes a bit of chage" - excuse me while I dance naked in joy and squeee. )

But.. yeah. Much bunnies and such in my head right now.

But - after rambles, the good stuff; next bits of Älä Mene Metsään :D

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Oh my....

May. 21st, 2006 07:32 pm
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Courtesy of [ profile] lordi_thebest (thanks for the link, [ profile] pnaama! ) an [ profile] _crj_

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Please tell me I am not the only one who gets slashy vibes form this one. I donpt know if it is a real pic or a manip or what, since I don't speak Russian... here is whaere I found it.

buy.. yeah. I think I have a thing for that Russian guy.... mullet notwithstanding.
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So... i was sort of browsing my files and found something I'd started about an age an a half - nokay, a few months - back, and I think has potential. It's Lorii-centric OuaTiM, with a side order of Sands/El, nd could probably fit in the bighger plot bunny I have.

One problem: I have no idea iof the silly beginning is worth anything.

Is anyone willing to take a look and tell me if it is just silly OOC waffle, or if I should keep writing?
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Jo's Gay Agenda

Go. Read. Laugh. Let the bunnies roam!
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This is not a part of the drabble meme; this si what I wrote for [ profile] sarethia when she made ther 100th comment in myrather random entry here.

On to the drabble )


Mar. 1st, 2005 06:31 pm
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I promisede you drabbles, didn't I? Looked over by the wonderful [ profile] smtfhw, I hereby give you... these.

Drabble the first: Sparrington! With wigs! )

And Of course....

Drabble the second: Mort/Sands )

Meh. Much apologies for ebil typos. Have yet to learn to type properly when laying dow.
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In order to distract myself from the sharp pain of continued Jenovalessness (and the headache gained by repeated *facepalm* and *headdesk* and *headwall*) I sahall complain about my latest impossible plot bunny.

Once Upon a Tinme in Mexico/24 crossover.

Now, the problem is this: when it comes to 24, I am a definite Jack/Ramon shipper. But, I cannpot imagine anyt scenario whatsoever involving crossoverness where Ramon would survive - he is, after all, a cartel boss.


On the other hand, if I make it Jack/CHase, which doesnt really have that much effect on me (no sparkage, am afraid) I could make the "official" crossover pairing so much easier; namely, Lorenzo/Kim.

Of course, if your ecall my musings on Lorenzo from earlier (young, cocky, amoral and greedy little fuck - why mariachi gunslinger whore and not vcarte? to nutshell them) you might understand why I have nbeen fooling around with the idea of actually making Lorenzo cartel - Lorenzo Salazar does have a nice rring to uit, yes? Of course, that would pronbably allow the best escuse ever (tm) namely, his huge crush on El to be the reason why he is running around with a flamethrower guitar-case and not worrking wewith the family...

Yes, I am insane.


I wonder if this could work in any way, shappe or form?
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*hugglesquishglomps [ profile] hoarmurath*

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My dear darling friend wrote me this; a nice Enrique/you fic that does need that beta, but is pretty decent anyway :)

And as a response, I wrote her this....


Title: Bent
Author: Arabwel
Fandom: Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick
Pairing: Riddick/Vaako
Summary: Riddick bends Vaako
Warning: Manshagging, bonding, nonconnish - also, unbetaed, so porobably has lots of random idiocy...
Dedication: to [ profile] hoarmurath; quid pro quo

Bent )

And this can be consiered a public sevice announcement: Write me Enriquefic (Lorenzofic also counts *wink*) and I shall write for you :P
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Thy call it Nanowrimo; I call it a monster. That... thing took over my brain and it still keeps on growing.

This is not a part of the "proper" novel, even if the beginning is similar to one part of the story... let's jsut say that in the proper story the boys get interrupted and this never happens.

Thus, this is... err... non-fan-fan-fiction? :P

Miniature guide: Tony is thirtyish scriptwriter, Jani is a 20-ish actori in training, they net only very recently and Jani has always thought he is straight. A kiss gets out of hand. Stuff happes.

A visual guide:

Tony; think Antonio Bandras 10 years ago, just with long hair
Jani: a younger Johnny Depp

ETA: Any and all comments are more than welcome :)

On to the story! )
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Well, as some others have done, I guess it is time to air the dirty laundry and stick out the old stuff... this is my second-ever slashfic (no idea where the first is... )

so, here goes... four pieces of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction I wrote at the ripe age of... 15; headers included, and completely as they were posted to the UCSL list... pairing is X/A, and the overrall rating is NC-17. (Yes, shame on me...)

Part 1: Meeting in the Night )

Part 2: To deal with it you need to do it )

Part 3: Invitations and realizations )

Part 4: Paiful Discoveries )
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Title; Braille for Beginners, part 2
Rating: R
Pairing: Sands/Lorenzo
Warnings: It’s Mexico – duh.
Summary: “Time to play”
Dedication: to [ profile] khohen1 whom I already owed fic… this should hopefully cheer you up just a bit… and yes, I am sorry it’s short but I wanted to cheer you up ASAP.
Crossposted a lot

Time to play )
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Title: Braille for Beginners, 1/?
Author: Arabwel
Rating: R
pairing: Sanzo (aka Sands/Lorenzo)
Summary: Errr...
Dedication/Blame: to [ profile] yuna_firerose for randomness - I wasted almot 1000 words on this one :P
Waringins: unedted, unbetaed, and written under the influene of writer's block. Further parts are prolly not going to come any time soon...

Random idiocy )
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Hit 46K; Will try for 50K during this wake cycle.... aI know I can do it :D

Also... Fiddlesticks!

Ahem... will go write some more now... .


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