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Pre-con, I will be crasing with the awesomesauce personified that is [ profile] ms_anthrophy

However, post-con? I could do with a sypathetic spot on the sofa.


FOr how long? um, sor tof depends on how uch is there for me to do in Helsinki - if there is, sa, Tragic Disco furing the week? Or if there is other interesting stuff? oubt I can afford to travel hoe even if I did have the eek to do so... I may have to consider it... but who knows?

I do know, however, that I am taking full 2 and a half weeks off work. a proper, solid vacation.

Boss BETTER okay it.

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So. Ropecon.

Friday, we left te place around 5.30 to make it to te airport in time to catc te fligt at 8. REead ont e plane, one e in tampwere, dragged seles to te train station and took a ni e inter ity train to elsinki, form were we subjected outrselves to a loc al bus to make it to Ropecon proper in EWspoo.

Dude, e cick I sat next to on te bus?> was ousing one of my LJ friends. Small world !

Wat cna I say about te co oter tan it ewasaqs awesome as always - Iron Sky people ere tre, Blood Ceremony guys ere tere and i came wway wit te msot offensive t-sirts ever... I now ave a stuffed Dart Vader... I ad FUN! And of course it ls also proven tat inky orgies int e3 ladiues toilets are not a myt. tis is trufaz.

Saw [ profile] xuenay,[ profile] nekrovuohi(Samiksii!!)[ profile] nitessine,[ profile] rifumi... a ton of people.

Did not see dad. see aa being a messy wreck. u but e was too sick to come to elsinbki and forbid us coming to see him. REan arounf banks a lot and sorted out sit. did some sopping.. I now avew Plans on wat I will look like at net donminion. Now ifd only I ad a needle and tread...

[ profile] silicondragon, aka Prague, was pretty miserable for nmost of te trip. Wich sucks. *Sig* I did my best to make sure everyting would go as smootly as possible but.. yea reigt.

Logistics, you fail us. a lot.

In te end, tere was lots of loot, lots of cuddles, etc. and i don;t tink it went too badly.


Aug. 8th, 2008 09:45 pm
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at ropecon.

having fun.
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So yeah. Home in Dublin now. Fnland-home was.. ugh. jsut,ugh. bought sttuff back,a nd am stillfeeling like crap versom of the stuff.COn was.. dun,a s usual, the LARP I ran? We got kudos foorbeing the only GMs VER run agame wth more GMS than players. Of course,.the gam involved bno actual LARP,jsutrtbullshitting, drinking nd devolution too ral life drama. So not thaat jm ucho fdrama but nough to make me bth laughand cry at the absurdiy of it.

n general,tho, was agodconvention. tthen Iovcerslept n mnday, only saw dad for theree hoursadn f ewel rotten becaus of itt,and camehome to find outhavee 34 weeksnotice becayseof refurbishing. Can w sayMonday 2 tthe 13th?


Culd do with hug. Or severasl. Mostly jsuuttbeing remnded why xactlyI cambackhewre.,

thank God mypohne ddn;t work in Fnland -beecause if it hads, Iw ouold havee h ad amserable cn sinceI wassent the notce by txt n friday.

h,mand eeven forgotmy hat, to boot!


Aug. 1st, 2007 11:06 am
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Late forwork 2 days in a row, sleeping less than 4 hours despite the being late thing, and in genertal not feleinbg very good is on today;s agensda. seeing the landlady today, the fucking bathroom drain is not working, and ing enral is not a good day.

but, the arabox is currently cleaner than it probably has ever vbeen since boxship was handed over. Peoples are welcome to drop over to boggle. State shoudl stay clean tillt omorrow - since tomorrow is the last day I can do laundry before i fly back for a brief visit, you can imagine the statew iwt will eb in afterwards... unmentionables hanging everywhere, a bad case of wherethefuckisitis, etc :P

incidentally, those who come to ropecon are herefore obliged to have a go at the goth larp I am running with [ profile] hoarmurath - 7yes,we are crazty and yes,.we are taking hte piss out of a lot of things. and this is the thing I will have to DJ at, formthe looks of it - we won; have anyone else doing it so.. I get to do it. <3

Also... Jan has lost her mind.c ause for some strange and mysrterious reason> Yours truly isnow the #1 friend ont he Tempest myspace. wtf, world, wtf.

(Oh, and no I do not know what to wear to ropecon. must plot :P)


Sep. 14th, 2006 11:01 pm
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Under cut? Me, in my piratey glory, as shot by the pro photogrpaher tat the con. Of course, the pics look a bit off cause I am dumb abd donöt know how to make them right *sigh*

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Under cut? 90 pivcs form the con. and the long-winded description of twhat I did. hope the pics match what I did or osoemthing.. donöt have that many form friday and that was. ah, interesting.

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Aug. 14th, 2006 02:12 pm
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Well, I'n back. full report and stuff is going to happen later.

But damn, i have good karama. that's all.


Aug. 11th, 2006 10:21 am
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Safe and siund at R's place. nothing major happene on the way. had mediocre food and went to see DMC. was genuinely creeped out by some bits, and cab agreee... not the movie I wanted to see. *le sigh*

but yeah, will be at the con later today. Seeya guys then, sm of you anyway.ö



Aug. 10th, 2006 03:15 pm
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DO, i am going to leabe in.. 'cehsk* 2 hours. I am so uberexicted and bouncy like WOAH. Wish me luck, guys - and everyonbe coming to ropecon, youa re goijng to be hunted down. and snuggled.a nd stuff :D


I'll tell you alla bout it when I get back :D


Aug. 9th, 2006 10:40 pm
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Hair is done. no pics, tho,c ause I suck. (And already packed the camera)

I took a nap, which eas a bad idea in retrpspåect cause now I am wired. foresee wnating to sleep artoyunf.... 7 amm. when I acurtally should get up *sigh* oh well,t he rtrain should be plenty good for sleeping. (I won't splurge the extra for the sleep car but I have a blankie :D)

Sp ueah. the hair is loovely.. adn I am killing time attempting to write, for now. the problem? I STILL have the girl and OX staring at each other and I have NO idea how the hell he should approach her! *wonders if she accidentally turned her Ox-muse gay*

also, i feel dilemmafied because I donöt know if I should spell his name Ox ofr OX.. cause Ox feels right, wheraeas it is spelled OX int he band site and so on... 'sigh*

But! there is OMG FANART OF ÄMM!

She was under the imperssiont hat Viktor was blonde, tho. *blush' Should've made it clear that he had dark hair but I figured everyone reading already kjbew tha the was supposed to look like Dima.. oh well.

other than that.. dear God I will have huge bags. I have the backpak, mostly filled by my costume. panniers + bling takes SPACE!) a shoulder bag that has my foodstuffs, a plastic pbag that has my hat in a box (Unless I say screw it and wear it - yeah right) and my purse. *sighs* and I canöt come up with anything I could leave - the food, maybe, but the problem witha th is that I want to save money ath the vcon... maybe, with the splurge of maternal unit I could leave some (ok, lots) of it here. Decisions, decisions....

But yeah. Anyone willing to inspire my OX-muse itno liking girls? PLease?
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So. have kkeybaord. Now where are the muses? *glares at OX*

in other news, fidgueed I'll take the train.. if only cause god but I have a LOT of stuff. 0_0 I foresee that I will end up feeding other people, too... but hey, i have the crackers, you bring the cheese, and we'll all be one big happy family, right=? :D

so todayäs to do list: clean bathroom, make sure the buckets are ready for the cats, make quiche, clean anything that would stink away fromt he kichen. not too mucvh to do, wight? I wonät have to be up before 9 tomorroww, whihc is a blessing. I think. *contemplates bed* don't HAVE to be int he city until 8 pm (to get tickets for pirates) but I would like to not to miss my appointment about the credit card.. adn that also means I have to take the time to make my way to the local KELA place to get proof of my income if I do that. so I think I will have to callt hema nd say no thanks or.. soemthing. not sure. *undecided*

help me guys, am I forgetting something?
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Cassandra Claire / Plagiarist.

<3 google.

In other news, mom gave me 3 times the amount I asked for. so i am saved.. and can go uy a new qw keyoard. maye, just maybe if I moved the chair and so on that I could aftully keep the keyoard on the desk, I would not make it #7 of this year

... and as it is, ijsut came back from town and still have no new keyoard cause i am a twat wirh a ad memory. thankfully, mom's ex is coming back to get something else after he is done with his appointment so i will e ale to get it then. i hope. *crosses fingers*

so yeah, on today's agenda there is making suerre I packed weverything, making arrangements with the guy i qm hitchign a ride from - crashspace for thur-fri, anyojne? *is vaguely desperateish* Outtside Helsinki is fine, too - we'll be driving from Oulu to the general Lahti/Heinola/Kouvola direction.

... or should I just call him and say I have to cancel cause thanks to mom's antics, I can afford the train tickert and such, and e at the con in time as well as go see Pirates?

Another thing on the agenda is to make quiche. I figure it takes care of the spooilagey stuff int he frifge AND will e all sorts of lovely to just pop int he microwave when i come home. i HEART having a freezer.
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brok keyoard. pr0n therefore peoaly postponed. suggestions as to what ox should do tot he hapless girl he lured to his hotel room are welcome. *gtin*

unless someone wants to offer crashspace, will proal6y ske the guy if 8 a on friday is a good time to leave and therefore i iwll be gracing the con with my presence a llttle efore 5 pm on friday. earlier if he is a fast driver.


Aug. 8th, 2006 07:21 pm
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My mother is SUCH a fucking cunt. She is throwing dramatics, and being such a fucking..... ARRRRGH! *reisst the urge to use owers of the mind to strangle the maternal unit* fice to say,m she was a bitch on the hone,t hen went "omg I am giving you no money for the truip " _ seriously threatening to screw me over -a dn whrn I told her I donöt care , taht she better do it she went "omg fine I will give yoa ll my money scre wbuills let the house go to ruin" et cetera et ceterat he fucking drama-llama that she is. *sighs*

someone help me plot the pr0n? *puppydog eyes I have the chick bqackstage buit that's as far as it has gone. She doesnöt even have a name yety .P

oh, and iconprtty.
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FUck tyhe fact that my CD burner seems to have DIED. *facepalms*

In other news, I am preparing for ROpecon with much much business. Trying to get everything figured out - I am listing stuff I am taking along, tell me, am I forgetting anything?

- costume
- duct tape
- caffeine
- scnacks
- music & reading for the mindnumbing boredom that will be the train and the plane
- a blanket
- makeup supplies
- hair supplies
- camera
- batteries
- Safety pins
- post-con clean clothes

Am I missing anything here?

In other news, am doing more of the cleaning schtick. *sigh* god, but do I hate it or what?
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So, lessee.. made quiche from scratch,a nd it was of the awesome. Watched a movie - TIme and TIe. Hong Kong action flick with LOTS of pretty. this one guy, Miguel? absolutely dreamy. Mix of Hispanic and asian features, topped with a wicked hot psycho attitude and a lovelylovelylovely voice... *sigh* the movie had the other two pretties, TYler and Jack, with pregnant ladies.Can I volunteer to be Miguel's baby-mama?

in other news, ah, writing is slowly but surely happening. thee should be the first part of ToW up... eh, no idea when. Cause I am stuck with some pr0n. And yes, that is pr0n in the first chapter. *blush*

other thant hat.. well, there is the brokeness thing but think have been able to convince Maternal Unit to give me money. Or at least something. but yeaht, ath means I have to clean up this hellhole a lot...a nd that is gonna be a pain.

Also,t here is a VERy silly Lordi/Dima bunny in my head, involves Amen sending Lordi some slashfic a nd that leading to lordi becoming rather obsessed with the idea offucking a VERY innocent Dima's brains out. or something. it should be a hoot to write once I get off my arse and actually do somethign about it...

but yeah. carry on :)
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I swear, my brain is all sorts of ev0l. I want to wrtie a sequel for "Bitch" but don't really know what the heck it should involve. writing out the pr0n was SO much easier than this... suggestions v. v. welcome.

have some vague ideas foir the starting of TOwer f Woe. dunno when you can expect first part, but not before my head stops hurting I am sure... (and still no money fto buy caffeine. BUmmer. *sigh*) it is going to be one hell of a mess to wrrite, i am sure... jhust got to hope I cna keep it consistent with ÄMM. Oh, and int he editing of ÄMM I Have decided to change the name of VIktor's horse. any sufggestions as to what the nice little horse should be called? :P

other than that... well, I have vague plans for what to do post-ropecon, before I go to the auirport to spend several hours with a good book and my CD player. (memo to self: burn a few CDs worth of the good stuff (tm) to take along) mostly it involves meeting up ith Dad (unless he is somewhere totally inaccessible like St. Petersburg, like he was last year) and doing the usual semi-fancy dinenr route before he drops me off at the airport. Of course, the poroblem with this? I have been 3 days at a convention where I have yet to manage to locate thwee cleaning facilities. so if some lovely person is willing to give me crashspace long enough to get myself cleaned up, I will be extremely grateful.

other thant hat, nothing earth-shattering going on around here.

*hugs everyone*


Jul. 26th, 2006 01:09 pm
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So, noew that I am awake, I have dropped offthe IUmportant Papers nad gotten the whole "I want a passport!" thing going on. I should have the damn thinhg in plenty of time for travelling.

In other news, I don't really know what I ineend to do today, if anything. I want to write - hell, the sequel for ÄMM is bubbling at my fingertips - but the problem? I need more of a plan for it. I want.. if not an outline,t hen something resembling a coherent idea of what is going to happen. Or... something. Oh well. at least it now has a working title - Tower of Woe. :P

thena gain; I could also continue with "Bitch" *evil* have some ideasm involving Dima on his knees mostly,a nd possibly throwing Awa into the mix just because I want to :P

In other vague news and ideas, I WILL be fying home form Ropecon. Courtesy of sister :D Which means, I will be sitting several hours at the airport in Helsinki. Which should be.. interesting, I suspect. COmpany welcome :P


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