Feb. 15th, 2012 11:37 pm
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still not ok but distracting self by posting a recipe for soup. Serves 2.

1/2 leek
2 medium potatoes
1 large carrot
1 tbsp sundried tomato paste
2 cups chicken stock or vegetable stock
1/2 cup cream
Olive oil
black pepper, white pepper, green
pepper, pink pepper, allspice

in a pot, heat oil and toss in sliced carrot, leek and potato.cook for 2 mins, add spices as desired, and the tomato paste. Cook for another 5 mins, then add chicken broth.

Bring to a simmer, then let cook 15 to 20 min till potatoes are done.

Take off the heat, add the cream and give a few good bllllrs (that is a technical term) with a blender to puree some of it.


I shall crawl back to insaity nao.
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I have been thinking about this for a while now and this is what I have ocme up with, oin plenty of time before new years and panic buying into things I do not want :P

- Learn German (yes, I am recycling this one)

Because I go to germany so often, I should try to learn even the bleeding BASICS dammit. Current situation where I can't say anything intelligent or useful is not a good one.

- Adopt healthy behaviours

I eat too much crap and spenmd too much time sedentary to my liking. So the plan is to slowly but surely work on doing more healthy fun awesome things. Big part of this is to wish to gain some upper body strength - all the waffling about I do is great for my legs, but my arms are still woefully weak. Use mositurizer more often. Take care of myself kind of a thing.

- Go out more to things that are not clubs, gigs and festivals

This one should be ather self-evident. I get out of the house a lot more than I used to. But it is almosat always alla bout music. I keep clicking "maybe" on lots of awesome things on FB but do I ever go? Not really. and hwen I do go, it tends ot be pubs and stuff. This year I wnat to drag my ass out of the hose and hit a museum or two, maybe catch cirue du soleil in april - you know, stop limiting myself. Hell, go to more gigs in different genres for the matter.

- Read more

I still read a lot in fandom but I have not read books properly in a while. So I think in addittion to a genrealized read moar, I will endeavour to read the unread books in my flat asap.

- Write more

This year, i managed to win nanowrimo by the skin of my teeth. I want to do it again in 2012 and not fail horribly. I want to write more, full stop. I want to have at least one or two stories that i can say I wrote by the end of the year - short or not so short.

- Visit new places

I travel, sure, but I always go to the same places. in 2012 I would like to just - see new places. Go somewhere I've never been. Sure I wont be wintering in chile but I would like to see Belgium...

I think that about sums it up. These are the things I want to do and we shall see what happens.

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Nothin much going on. Bought some pinstripe trousers from a ccharity shop for 6 quid, so SCORE! Work is still evil. People still suck. I am still feeling very hermit-crabby about social networks.

Covenant and Modulate on Saturday, so wheee! I hope I can gush and make an arse out of myself at Mr. Montelius because damn. he owns my soul.

Now, I have dinner to cook. The Plan involves copoous amounts of meat. *nods sagely*
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Reasons why I love being a grownup #212834231100445:

I can have ice-cream for dinner when I get home.
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Last year, I made the following resolutions:

1. Go to at least one gig per month

Well I went to a LOT of gigs. But unfortunately the once per month thing did not really hold up. Which annoys me.

2. Cook at least one meal a week from scratch

... Yeah this one failed so thoroughly there are NO WORDS for it. I was lucky to cook a full maeal from scratch once a month, let alone a week. But at loeast there was less takeout than last year...

3. By the end of the year, be able to do at least 10 pushups

Fail. Next, please!

4. Still not going to give a fucka bout what people think of me

Strill working on this one... but mostly managed, I think.

5. take part in nanowrimo and kick the bitch's ass

Failed. Le sigh.


Oct. 5th, 2009 09:13 pm
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I like these guys. a lot.

In other news, I am rather hungry. Home, there will be leftovers :D

Tempted to go food shopping tomorrow before weork so I can cook once I get home...

Also nearly done ripping all of the CDs acquired from [ profile] mickmercer - somevery excellent stuff here! It took me ages to get to the post office to get them but I did inally manage that last thursday and there was a lot of Oohs and Aahs from the Gang when we went out later that night. :D

Now someone stop me from looking at corsets. I am due to work.

End random update
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I am sitting down and eating osmething I actually cooked. for the first time in WEEKS. Possibloy in months. And by cooked mena chopped up etc etc all by my ownsies!

Yummmmy teriyaki stir fry with corn, broccoli, peas, spring onion and mushroom! :D

*iz happy*
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I havethenext 3 days off -working sat-tue at the moment - So you can guess what this results in. Dometicty to sckening degree snce have to try to make the place landlord-frendly before I take off to my actual summer holiday awesomeness.

... So ok, at least I am tryng to XD It is not that successful but hey, I am trying.

And whle I am putterng around, am abusing spotify to its fullest extent. One of the guys at work gave me an invite and we spent a good hour or two swapping music recs. Now I am abusng Spotify to listen to bad 90s dancepop. Oh, the memories XD

And the best part.. get to check out a lot of bands you guys havbe recommended to me. Well, some of them anyway...

But, yeah. Tryng to be domestic is the plan. If I disappear, the dust bunnies ate me. XD
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So, arequestdd, this is Araäs Broccoli Mushroomy Pasta Goodness.

THis i basically a eal in two parts: there is the pasta goodness of day one, and the pasta bake goodness of day two. Feeds two people twice, or four once.

so, to start the day 1, you need:

1 crown of broccoli
200g of mushrooms (I used chestnut)
3 tbsp butter
shredded cheese
black pepper

In a pan, melt butter. Toss in the sliced msuhrooms and cook until almost done - then, in goes the copped-into-suitable-pieces brococli. cook until mushroos ae done, then add the cream, pouring slowly, until it is nice and thick. add black pepper.

Cook a suitable amount of pasta - I suck at figuring out ho wmuch that is! - and drain. this should be done by the time the sauce is done tickening, so you can take the soauce and pour it into the pasta.

Mix well.

add a few handfulls of shredded cheese - I used red cheddar.

nrom away.


that was phase one. phase two, is leftovers the next day - assuming you have any!

take a casserole dish of sutiable size and fill with the leftovers. Cover with cheee -ä in this case, a handful of red cheddar, and about haf of a smallblock of Ile of Man white cheddar with black peppercorns.

oven in 200C until browned on top and heated through. 25ish minutes shhould do.

Again, commence with the nrom.
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I actually have now signed up for organic food delivery.

*woes a little*

In a way, this HAS to be good for me.

Also, I work too much according to my boss. i a apparetly acing everything he requires me to do, and my stress is born for feeling like I donöt do enough.

Have I said recently that I love my job?

Even when the fuck up my pay. issing money form y paychecks, tsk tsk. even if it is more than twi the normal thanks to m epic overtime.

Now, my oven seems to be heated up. time to crumble some isle of man blackpepper cheddar over y broccoli and ushroo pasta leftovers, for epic awesoe foodings of the lunch type before I go to work.

... i have no life outside work and Dominion. aybe I should try to o someting about this?

And yes I will share the recipe if oskeone wnats e to :D


May. 1st, 2009 08:51 pm
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Like i poseted yesterda.. there is major ta fallout sortae. uess who is going in on sunday and probably will end up pulling 12 hour hifts all week until nday?

yeah, missing one ODminion.

But, on the other hand, the amount of money I will be getting? Yummy.

Well, either money o r more tie off tat van be redeemed at a later occasion.

But still.

if it does come to that? i will pull a 84 hour workweek.

Shoot me now. please.

... at last it will help me with my CD havbit. today before I came to work, i got the following.

Sisters of Mercy - Vision Thing
Sisters of Mercy - Some Girls Wander By Mistake
The Cure - Galore
The Lost Boys OST
Ministry - Twiteched
Bauhaus - Carckle
David Bowie - Best of Bowie
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
New Model Army - The Collection

What can I say? thi i what a lazy DJ does.

... and yeah I wans ot supposed to shop at all, or at least, go get some work-appropraite clothing. but nooo.

It is decided tho. i am not setting a foot on Wicklow street in a VERY long time.

How else can I afford prague in june, london also in june - straiht to london form praguue, people - 26th till 29th, orning of :D - and Poland + castle party and Finland + ropecon in July/August?

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The Epic Lamburgers of Doom

1 lbs of ground beef
2 lbs of ground lamb
2 eggs
1 cup of sou cream
1 cup of bread crumbs
1 garlic
1 small red onion
chili powder
Fresh tarragon, rosemary and thyme to taste

Being burgers, these WERE rathee easy t omake. Chop onion and garlic, Mush everything up, make sure it stays sticky, form into patties, grill, enjoy.

However, I also made a variaton: stuffed with goats' cheese, these worked even better. FForm a ball, depress, stuff, reball, flatten.

Enjoy! :D

Mmm, food.

Apr. 25th, 2009 03:46 pm
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So, wit some helpfrom a fellow TSer I have greated Bugers of Awesomeness to take to Samuli's BBQ today. :D

From BBQ, plan i to hit Dominion .

TOday has had ome majo drama of money sort, fucking tesco ripped me off, long story, but things look good.

YRecipe of ara'äs lamburger of DOOM ro follow :D



Apr. 21st, 2009 07:39 pm
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I feel old. I jsut registered for argos.
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Laundry done oon.

nromming onbroccoli, boccoli shoots, cherry tomatoes and strawberries before I get ready.

God I love broccoli.

Ans yes there are entries out there that state how much I hae broccoli.

I have een the light! :D

TOmorrow, the plan involves actual COOKING with te broccoli. like, stir fried brocoli with teriyaki. and asparagus in some form.

Now, more nom!
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I swear I am.

the locle "Deep red" shade orf Jeans' colors?

is fricking PINK on my hair. PINK.

I wanted RED.


now donöt get me wrong, I love pink with an epic passion. HOWEVER...

I wanted red dammit. *sad*

but in positive news, at least I a make the hair look fabulous.

I also now seem to have a credit cad. FUCK XD

still crafving broccoli. therefore tomorrow's plans involve that once I wake up, I go hunt down some of it. tonight, canöt make it to the damn store in time. Bah. tonight will, therefore, be cleaning day.,

I hope anyway :D


Aug. 14th, 2008 07:59 pm
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by popular demand.. sharing what i found in mah inbox today!


4 tablespoons cake flour (that's plain flour, not self-raising)
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons baking cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips(optional)
a small splash of vanilla essence
1 coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well
Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.
Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla essence, and mix again.
Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts.
The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!
Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.

EAT! (this can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous).

And why is this the most dangerous cake recipe in the world?

Because now we are all only 5 minutes away from chocolate cake at any
of the day or night!

Stil alive

Jan. 19th, 2008 10:09 pm
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barely. FLuy form hell.

going to Fibbers tonight, meeting friends as suual - asked certain swede to tag along and he was up for it, yay.

In other bnews, cleaned up the apartment a bit, cooked some chikcen curry, and in general had a good day.

Also spent a lot of time reading SDith Academy - should probabvly ramble about that for a while at some later point. And for love of all things shiny, if you're not familiar with Sith Academy> Jsut fucking gogole it, read it, love it.

Now, as an alledged grown up I actually a) get more of the jokes and the vocabulary that i was missing earlier abnd b) KNOW what the music is that they are listenint to (Iggy Pop, anyone?)

and of course, ahve realized that I am quite the Cynthia. *facepalm*

(will elaborate ont aht later. Must, really, since is fascinating. And boy am I glad I didn;t run into [ profile] hippediva> those dyas despite us freqquwenting the same corners of fandom, cause sdshe owuld have eaten me alive and not in a good way> I was a fabnbrat, through anfd through, thank $Deioty I grew out of it! 0

But yeah, right now>? Most stuff is good.

ESPECIALLY my new blanket *cuddles blanket mentally since it is at home* king size fuzzy mink blanket. 21 eyros at guineys. Guess CreepyD was good for something! :P

on top of that, or shoudl I say unde rit, some hot water bottles. Heating not working> What heating? *grin*

but yeah. in genetral life is goodness on so many lebvesls rifght now trhat I am hoping it stays this way.

Also? I Look fucking fabtabulous today.


Dec. 21st, 2007 08:35 pm
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What will i feed for myself for Christmas?

... *ded*

Aug. 26th, 2007 12:35 pm
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So, aftter mpving yesterday, whic wasapan if I may say when you are doing it in way to fiucking hot weather, in a black carr. wearing black from head to toe, i had a funs atyurrday. wich involved settlngi n a bitr, scoyuting tjhe area- awewsome talian less than a blck away, whee- and then headfing t the city and grabbng the dart to go see Glora atr her shiny new house.

there was muc revelry and bitcvhing too be had, and eventually we dd make t to doominoon - as nprobably 3 minutes till midnight! *facepalm*& next time, my burrow. dammit.(i foresee a hhousewarming party ont er 23trd of september- 1st is a nimneach, 8th a munch, 15th an Era Vulgaris gis so...)

Dominion was generally made of aweesome.i am pretty s reI danced for a good two hoours or so... lovee dancing. (And yes, Googleboy, I am gong to hold youu tot ath pointng out to me when exactly they are playing that damn band. or that other dqamn band. :P)

at theendof the night I was quuiote thorouyghly knackered.apparetl;y ia slo loked like it. *sjalkes head* and believe me, when I walked home, I felet it - esecially wen had a wardrobe malfunctioon that led t some chubrub of DOOOOOOOOM. I did not likewalking home alone. not that it isa long walk, jsiut... not a gnicee n.l i need to figure out the nitylink t take to ghet as close to my placfea s possible... I don;t care fwalking is good for me, i9 don;t like it when I am aoone, it is dark,a dnt yhere;s not thr peplea round. *clutches keys on a cvhain* Not atuihat I am paranoid or nabything but i wld athherr be safe than sorry.

came home, slept, got up. then after i was human agan, went tot he old place and cleaneed te heell out of it. you can imagine how dead that mad me.. came homee from there, and have dfpone groceery shopping, and am now eting blueberries and glaring at my modem wndrng whermn I will be abl t post this. *shake head*

.. yeah, muundande arathngs. of COURSE ythere has been more going on, when hasn;t? butas t is it is nott mys tuff that is ging on so I can;t relaly fdo anythng but offer hugs and sympathy and worry myself rotten. because I still ahven;t figure d out how t not to.


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