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So I wrote more Avengers fic.

Title: Wide Asleep
Author: [ profile] arabwel
Characters/Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 554
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings: None
Summary: Phil sleeps with his eyes open. H/C, angst
Notes: thanks to [ profile] vampkilmer for the beta and feelschat for the encouragement! and of course, thanks to BG for being the one to sleep with his eyes open in the first place.

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Dec. 27th, 2009 04:57 pm
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So last night, Dominion.

- Music was awesome. I danced a lot, and [ profile] endon_neu playd Theremin: Happy Ara! (also, poor Bunny. 3 years here, he hears that song ONCE, and then it get splayed the week after he leaves. Ooops)

- The Boi played Fairytale of th North. i missed most of it, boo, but id get to dance to the end parts of it. And this was made of win. Even if his commentatary regarding the rewuestage was.. somewhat off-color form what I was told XD

- There was lots of dancing. some rahter random people danced with me which was fun. It i fucking annoying though to try to dance to KLOQ when omeone is trying to b all over you... Oops. Also, found dancing with Big guy to be more amusing than it has any right to be.

All in all, uch fun as had. I had a fun chat with G and there was lots ofshenanigans. Afterwards I took off unsociaiably early but what can I say? I had a good reason *grin*

All in all, fun was had. however, my phone is gone. *woe* i lost it this morning omw to work. ARGH! Especially since it had the ulra-rare pic of me with Bunny. *poouts*

but yea. Domninion was fun.


Nov. 1st, 2009 12:55 pm
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First off. after the week form HELL which is still not entirely over - guess who may have lsot her passport, too? - yesterday was halloween at Dominion.

I was the Queen of Hearts - and yes there will be photos! - and joined a motly crew of Malice in Wonderland, zombies, and other creatures made of awesome.

Now, there is one thing I have to say now: My. Crew. Is. Awesome.


Who the uck are my crew, you might wonder? Well, it starts with the likes of [ profile] davesangel, [ profile] m3gg0ra, [ profile] amerikamcgee and includes a ood deal of people likcertain polish maniacs who flat out asked to DJ on the same night as me.

Seriosly, thanks guys. You helped me keep my sanity with everything that was going on - with the hell week, the big guy, the other guy, losing my shit - everything. I canät tank you guys enough.

There was dancin, there was drama, i will cry moar later, but seriously guys? I love you all to pieces. Never ever forget it.
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I had, in a word, a great night.

Now, before I went in, I discovered that Albert from Tyske Ludder Was DJing at Dynamo, Zurich, Swizerland.

Well, last time I checked, my dear darling friend Bunny was there too. So of course, this hatches a Plan.

Bunny likes TL, and I figure, if a guy from the band is DJing, then chances are they are playing his kind of music. If I can persuade Bunny to therefore go up to Albert and do something Evil, and tell "Ara says hi"? this would be epic, yes?

It would have beenm had Bunny not told me when I text him that he was now in Germany. XD

Foiled again.

I met up with [ profile] davesangel for a bite to eat and a drink before hand - we chatted about lots of stuff and got ready, then went off to D.

THere was a lot of good things - [ profile] m3g0ra and her crew including [ profile] amerikamcgee were shooting their film and I made an ass out of myself on camera. Ag had her birthday and there was shinyness. I danced like a silly idiot to the tunes from Semisentience, Rae and [ profile] endon_neu. In fact, everything was pretty damn brilliant. I also made a bunch of new friends and probably traumatized [ profile] anmerikamcgee for life with some details about the day before.

Yeah, there was some guy silly there - Big Guy got the cold shoulder, and I may have to talk a little more about the boi, but all in all?

I had a great time! :D

.. now I am at work for the next 12 hours. *weeep*


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