Feb. 25th, 2012 06:42 pm
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My new glasses: and, awesome music. You should totally come see them play at Bruisers on Thomas St on March 30th!
They are shiny and awesome and wonderful.


Dec. 19th, 2011 01:58 am
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Guys, thank you all for epic birthday. therew ill be a gfull report of shenanigans eventually but.. woah. Seriously, thank you.

I will write a proper recap, with carousel playlists and dominion playlists and squeaking about the bands and unicorns and food and people and snuggles and how manchester is the most evil place int he world nad missed planes...

byt yeah. am still here. Still alive and kicking.
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So, copyying the contents of This FB event here:

So, it is once again my birthday in December! I am turning 26 and I want all of you to celebrate with me! And it just so happens, this is a weekend - for a given value of weekend anway - of lots of clubs and gigs and Other Shiny Things!

Thursday the 8th: Carousel at the Thomas House. 8 pm onwards, there shall be good music and I guess yours truly appears to be DJing. Oh dear. Did I mention the cheap booze? And general dark and awesome tunes, none of that damn newfangled bleepy music? :D

Friday the 9th: Yet another reason for y'all to attend Caustic Disco at the Good Bits - oontz and cheese and eurotrash. 10 pm onwards so plenty of time to recover from the night before!

Saturday the 10th: MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY! I will be DJing at Dominion - and really if you don't know where that is, why do I even know you? - and you should all be there. No promises on the quality or the genre of music, but it shall be awesome! There may also be pre-Dominion shenanigans, follow this space!

Sunday the 11th: London, Front 242 & Nachtmar & Empirion & Global Citizen at KoKo! Great bands and great debauchery, and the fact that you're not in Dublin is no longer an excuse to not to show up to celebrate with me ;)

Monday 12th: Chameleons Vox at Dingwalls, London! For the non-bleepy London crowd, you have again no excuse to not to show up ;) In case of shenanigans this may still turn into getting stupid drunk somewhere else, but hey, the important bit is that I'm in London :P

Tuesday 13th: I shall eventually arrive in Lancaster so anyone in the area who wants to mob me for a pint, should do so that day before I am kidnapped to Morecombe. that, or hit me up in the next 2 days or so :D

So, you have plenty of chances helping me celebrate this one! :D

If I forgot to invite you because FB is silly, click attending anyway because I love y'all. And of course, I will be around during the day time as well - if London or Norhtern or whateverous people want to grab lunch or dinner or a pint, I am sure we can figure something out! :D
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Nothin much going on. Bought some pinstripe trousers from a ccharity shop for 6 quid, so SCORE! Work is still evil. People still suck. I am still feeling very hermit-crabby about social networks.

Covenant and Modulate on Saturday, so wheee! I hope I can gush and make an arse out of myself at Mr. Montelius because damn. he owns my soul.

Now, I have dinner to cook. The Plan involves copoous amounts of meat. *nods sagely*
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So as you may know, I love having my music providing device on shuffle quite often. I have if not a huge library, still a pretty big one with a lot of variety across genres and styles. This often causes me some WTFs, and the occasional hey that treally works should ot it down for DJing to other interesting eyebrow rasing reactrions.

Just now, my phone gave me these two songs one after another:

It may be just me, but to me? that WORKS. and it works HARD. And it made me go "wow that is scary"

You guys know by now that I am an old school conservationist and a genre purist. I get rabid when people misidentify music genres, but I nbever deny good music it's due. But then again, genres are fluid and subective things - on Discogs, Silence is Sexy, the album form which Sabrina comes from, is identified as "Electronic, pop" (with the substyles experimental and abstract) while Exit Ghost is identified as "Electronic" (with the sub syle ballad)

One of these songs, to me, is complex and layered and evokes different emotions with a rapid progression of rich imagery that engages the mind; rife with symbolism and multiple intrepretations and a rich, layered sound. One is less layered, but instead presents a deeply evocative story where a few words convey a wealth of not information, but of reflections of a specific world. it pulls you in and engages in a narrative level. And yet, in the fact that they evoke a deep reaction, they are the same. They bring out a reaction that is in the deeper, darker side - I hesitate to use the word "negative" but neither one of these songs paints a picture of hope and happiness now, do they?

What is also mportant, both artists seek innovation - EN in a scale larger than Faderhead, but still the drive to go far beyond the comfort zone is there. Do you really want me to nitpick specific influences and instrumentation and arrangement but quite frankly, I know I am not qualified and I know most of you would not care.

I hesitate to call Sabrina a "typical" EN song, as let's face it, it is very hard to say that a band that has spent thre past 30 years reinventing itself and its output could be typical anything, but Exit Ghost is an atypical faderhead track, as it is not a thumpy club style track with the express intent and purpose of getting people move their bodies on the dance floor. Nevertheless, it is still unmistablably a Faderhead track, and has the same qualities that ifentify the artist's other songs to me.

Remember me wafflinbg about genre? ah yes. Both of these songs are, to a lot of people, industrial. some would say one is and the other isn't. I personaly? Actually do fall into the latter category. to me, Einstürzende Neubauten is industrial. (amongst a lot of other things) Faderhead? is not. Post-industrial electronic music, yes, but not industrial. And guess what?

In the end, that doesn't really mean anythinbg. Because these are two good songs that work in different ways to evoke the same places in our hearts and heads, and the work together in a pretty nifty way. Doing it diferently dos not mean doing it wrong.

And now, I think I will go to sleep and when i wake up realise I sut wrote utter pointles drivel I no longer agree with, but for now, this is it.
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As in he kept grabbing me and not letting go. Me, specificly.


Actual wgt, cult, grinderma report later.

But, fuck.



Jun. 1st, 2011 06:30 am
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Just took a look at the bands and venues. It looks like it will not be terribly complicated - only a few "ARGH WHY DO YOU CLASH?!" moments.... and alot of times when no one i am absolutely demanding to see is playing so I can waffle about and see where something random and shiny is going on. All in all, should be excellent!

ooking forward to seeing a ton of awesome people and in gneral, haing a time away form dublin.

I still need to get my custom t-shirt made.. the one that may get me punched by Faderhead. We sahll see. :D
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so, resistanz!

Was made of win. Will do a full writeup when have a laptop in my hands again and therefore a keyboard.

Highlights inclsdue epic money shot stageinvadering, caustic going cubenate, deviant uk + uberbyte covering scooter, and getting vodka bukkake'd by Faderhead after I called him a bitch to his face (and, stole his fries)

all in all, fun!
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Yup, happy holidays tiem again. I has a vegetable with a hat!

Y'all are heading out to Faderhead this Saturday, and to Dominion after? DJ Ara strikes again, and also celebrates her birthday ;)

Even with work beihng a Buinvh of Mugwumps, I am not letting this week go to waste!

Set lists!

Nov. 14th, 2010 02:34 pm
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Thanks for everyone who showed up last night and had fun at Dominion! :D

Here is what I played... I think XD

also, thanks to my co-DJs Paul B and Paddie T! :D

Set the first, 23.00-23.30

Cellmod - CRISIS (Shiv-R Remix)
NIN - Capital G (Epworth Phones)
Ghostfire - the Last Steampunk Waltz
Emilie Autum - Dead is the new Alive
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Hall of Mirrors
Rhombus - Anywhere
The Damned - Melody Lee

Set the second,00.45-01.30

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod
Front Line Assembly - Millennium
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Der Mussolini
Gwen Stefani vs. Front 242 - Hollaback Headhunter
Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn
Pop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein Auslander
The Prodigy - Colours
Colony 5 - My Wolrd
COvenant - Call the Ships to Port
Apoptygma Berzerk - Non Stop Violence
Aesthetic Perfection - The Siren


Oct. 12th, 2010 10:59 am
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I am at home in Finland right now. As in, mon's place.

sorry for lack of updates!

Have basically had epic times in sweden - yey, my boys! And my Bunny! and then not so bad times in helsinki, and annoying train journey and now home. and vegging the fuck out till god only knows when...

THere will be a proper bodyfest report later. Promise!


Oct. 7th, 2010 04:15 pm
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Here are my playlists from Dominion on 02.10.2010

DJ Ara 11:00 - 11:30

Dandelion Wine - Muscle Memory
John Ruiz And Eleusyve Productions - Sweet Seasons
Pretentious, Moi? - The Garden
Rhombus - Anywhere
The Dandy Warhols - She Sells Sanctuary
Luxury Stranger - Marlene
Veil Veil Vanish - Anthem For A Doomed Youth

DJ Ara 12:00 - 12:30

Cellmod - Crisis (Shiv-R Remix)
Covenant (R) - Theremin (Club Edit)
Method Cell - Your Weakness
:Wumpscut: (R) - We Believe, We Believe
Front 242 - Headhunter
Skinny Puppy - Assimilate
Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk The Line (R)

DJ Ara 1:00 - 1:30

Killing Joke - Fresh Fever From The Skies
The Damned - New Rose
New Model Army - Poison Street
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Slowdive
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Visage - Fade To Grey
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Enola Gay
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Duran Duran - Girls On Film
Faderhead - Destroy, Improve, Rebuild

This in context can be found on the Dominion wesbite here.

All in all, was a good one :)

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for various reasons, am not going to mera luna this year. (unless someone can borrow me 300 euro or so? didnt think so...)

So instead have a meme.

1. If you'd like to play along, reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. You then list (and upload or link to the video, if you feel like it) 5 (6, 7) songs that start with that letter.
3. Then, as I'm doing here, you'll post the list to your journal with the instructions. Easy peasy!

I got slapped with an E by [ profile] raisedbymoogles :D

And i iz laxy. no links. do your own work :P

Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
Electrosluts Extraordinaire - Faderhead
Eloise - The Damned
Epitaph - Front Line Assembly
End - The Cure
Electronic Warfare - Apoptygma Berzerk
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Under the cut, roughly 3300 word report of WGT.


WGT: Day 1, Thursday:

So I left Dublin with [ profile] silicondragon who was on his way to Prague. We made it to the airport - after less than 2 hours of sleep for me -and went our separate ways.
On the plane I saw +plenty familiar people - Including that one guy I run into EVERYWHERE like Leeds, Utrecht, WGT and London, someone else I know, and a few other people I only knew by sight.

Why yes, we were all in the same train to Leipzig too.

I found my friendly accommodation lady soon enough st the station, and headed to the house where I had a room all to my ownsies for the duration. I got changed, and headed off to Agra to get me tickets...

Only to lose euro 200 on my way there. Suffice to ay, I as NOT Amused by this. *sigh* this set the tone of this trip, somewhat...

After a quick trip back, some angst, and regrouping, I did go get my tickets and went to the Dark Flower. I had never been there before, and I enjoyed it - one of the DJs was a Darkling! so we had a quick hug and hello moment. (I also may sort of have left a message to be played in the show. I,, um, sort of am too scared to listen to the podcast to find out what I said. Yet. XD

Evenrtually Is tumbled home, and slept.

Day 2: Friday I'm not in love

Friday! I woke up, got ready, and headed out eventually. Chose some nice pink-black bondage pants and a Sisters of Mercy t-shirt :D at this point, my phone stopped working so alas, my plans to meet up with [ profile] macpain did not really work out. at this junction anyway... But, I did meet up with Inma! the Spanish girl I knew form Dublin and had missed like CRAZY, and her friends form Spain also.

After some food and a quick spin of Agra shopping area of doooom , where I got a bag and was tempted by goggles, we went to see Zeromancer.

Oh boy, Zeromancer. I recognized 3 songs, thought "this is a total rip-off of X"#a few times, and nearly drowned in my own drool. Not a bad show! :D

From this, I ran to Werk II where I had never been before, for Cinderella Effect. I have to say, it is a great venue.. and damn but Cinderella Effect? Blew me away. they were EXCELLENT, and I am so glad I know they exist! :D

Afterwards, Off I went at his point to see Kirillan camera. One of the bands I was really waiting to see. I made it in about halfway through Conjure One's set, and I was quite impressed by them as well. Kirillian camera? now they were amazing. I am not very familiar with them but it was a very solid gig and I enjoyed myself a lot.
Afterwards, I talked with this one German bloke whose phone I had asked to borrow, and suffice to say once we'd had our minds blown by Brendan Perry, we, ah, took off together. Brendan Perry, for the record, was amazing. It was one of those “wait how can it be over yet two hours totally did not pass!” kind of gigs :D

.. what is it with me and Germans at festivals?

Saturday: WORLD GOTH DAY! :D

So after I wake up in the camping area with no clue how i got there with the worm kind of wristband, I went back to my accommodation.. and realized, I do not in fact have the keys. Yes, I had lost my fucking keys. This caused a lot of trouble for me later on since I never got a replacement. But I did, in fact, eventually get in, and a get myself ready for day 2 of bands and goodyness. For the WGD; I was wearing pinstripe form head to toe :D

First band of the day was Spanish death rock: Los carniectros Del Nostre who were angry, energetic, and fun. I had a great time - met up with Inma as well as some other people who were friends of friends there. And it was amazing. I also saw a cool jacket with the legend "too old to die young" worn by a guy with a grey 'hawk.

Next stop for me was to run, run like the wind! to Werk 2 for.. Gene Loves Jezebel. Who, as it turns out, were stuck in traffic so could not play. Boo. So Instead I saw Joy/Disaster who had just made it there, and had not been able to play their own slot. They were excellent, as it turns out. As was Escape With Romeo.

Also at this time? I did, in fact, manage to hunt me down a [ profile] macpain and his prettier half! :D It was so shiny to meet him finally. :D I love meeting my friends from the internets, after all :D

They were not the only ones I ran into - I also ran into the German bloke from Summer Darkness who was the reason I woke up in den Haag more than once! XD it was nice to see him again, and no not like that you perverts.

We watched Escape with Romeo together, and then I , I headed off to Agra - for here, there was X marks the Pedwalk to see. I saw one of my Spanish friends but unfortunately, my attempt to locate the rest of them failed. And I did see someone else but did not get a chance to talk to them before the show started... I had a decent spot on the left side of the stage and stayed there dancing for a few sons - unfortunately. however.. it was kinda.. underwhelming. Now don’t get me wrong, i like the music but.. something was missing. I think the venue was too big for them. Combine that with me feeling a bit tired, I went outside to have a few smokes and sit down and rest for Leather Strip.

At this point, I hear a shout "Oi Finland!"" and who is it but if not my favourite tall not-so-dark-but-very-handsome German from my favourite German EBM outfit - Olaf form Tyske Ludder. We had a nice chat and I hope I did not make too much of an arse out of myself. It was established hat there are no Irish EBM fans and apparently I don’t count. (the fact that i had to actually seriously think about people who like actual EBM and not glow stick industrial did not help... Mythical creatures. Like unicorns. ) we talked about bands and stuff and who we were planning to see and had seen.. we apparently missed each other barely at Werk 2 because he was there for the original joy/disaster slot and did see Luxury Stranger whom I missed... Great minds think alike XD

Never saw ‘em before, and maybe because of that, Leather Strip was fucking amazing. AMAZING. I didn’t mosh for most of the gig - I was happily dancing way further back because the moshtpit? Was a maelstrom of insane amounts of momentum and i was wearing way too many clothes. XD In the end, I did make it there for the encore and it nearly killed me XD (fun fact: I got thrown into someone I have met officially once when someone introduced us at last WGT, then at Nitzer Ebb when I was slammed into her in the mosh pit ,and now? again, pit slammage) had to tell her nope, no mutual friend. Boo. (Him not being there kind of annoyed me tbh - I missed someone to squeee to who appreciates the finer points of old school EBM) also, there were drunken loud Finns XD One of the best, if not the best gig at this fest - even if Claus did not come to the barrier at the end like I hoped so I could have given him the same treatment as I did to Andy laPlegua last year.

After Leather Strip ended... I ran like the fucking WIND to Werk 2. Because gene Loved Jezebel had the late-ass set because they could in fact make it for 00.20. I missed about half of their show but it was still amazing <3 I enjoyed it a lot :D

Eventually I staggered out. Did not see any nice Swiss people or nice German people who had said they'd be there... which was b00. but I made my way to When We Were young, where I.. kind of collapsed. but I enjoyed the music. XD Eventually, around 8 am, I staggered out and back to my accommodation via a hearty breakfast in town <3

Sunday: More fun!

After a quick bit of sleep, got dressed up again and headed out. (Black jeans, EBM 0- my way of life shirt) and made it to Parkbuhnen. Previous year, i got lost like crazy on my way there. this year? I was busy talking with my hosts about music until I realized I had to run to PB to make it. Now, it is only 10 minute walk or so, but I still missed the first few songs form La Magra... b00. They were quite good, and PB was hot as anything.

I aided both Out of line and Black Rain merch stalls; got a couple of compilations including the big EBM comp that Out of line has just put out. I heartily recommend everyone to go grab this. From Black Rain, one of their album samplers ridiculously cheap.

Up next was Future Trail, which was nice enough.. but the singer reminded me of Laura Voutilainen's Eurovision entry with her hair and yeah XD

Lola Angst had a fucking ORGAN on stage and gets props for some of the best props - ha ha ha - at treffen. It was a fun gig, I did the whole bounce shriek fun fun fun thing and I enjoyed it a lot. After this, however, I evacuated to brave the scary lady in the toilets and by the time I wad out of there - epic queue is epic - it was Cephalgy on stage. Not bad, but not enough to keep me form wandering.

I saw Olaf again and finally braved to ask him to recommend something for a synth n00b. His advice? fruityloops and a midi USB keyboard. This is something I will take into consideration. I also admitted that for the biggest EBM fan in Ireland I have been a fan for such an embarrassingly short time. My first EBM album, I got 3 years ago and thought it was shit. I still think the album is kind of shite but I love the band anyway. XD (FLA – FLAvor of the Weak for those who want to know) the appeal of Millennium to a metal head-originator was again mentioned and agreed on.

I wandered off again, in search of my Spaniards. I probably as grinning like an idiot, seeing as I have that big epic crush on a certain someone that reduces me into a blushing 13 year old XD I got out, did not get lost on my way out! And then I ran to Kohlb... arghsomething zirkus. Did not find them, and got lost on my way to the damn venue. Which is embarrassing since i had been there the year before.. but alas, I had sucky directions that totally failed. But I did eventually make it there, ran in when S.P.O.C.K. came on stage with Spock's Brain playing. I ran into my Spaniards in the crowd, and had a GREAT time :D they had on superman costumes and they were so very, very FUN :D the crowd was crazy dancing shouting, laughing, throwing the Vulcan hand sign instead of the horns... I think this was probably one of the best, if not the best gig at WGT that I was at.

Next stop: Colony 5 at the same venue. And damn if it was not fun! :D they are infectiously good and hard and fun. they would be easy to dismiss as "Covenant light" but come on, they are way better than that. And i quite enjoyed them.

After Colony 5, I said goodbyes and ran off to see Modulate. Helped a cute Norwegian to get lost on he way there.. we were sot busy discussing the scene we missed the tram stop by miles. *FACEPALM* And Modulate...w ell, glow stick industrial really really REALLY Is not my cup of tea. Instead i wandered outside after I heard Skullfuck and then, wandered down the side to where they had an art installation.

OH. MY: GOD: Seriously: IS pent more than an hour there going gaga at the art - gas masks, led lights, plastic plants and terminator-predator hybrids, themes of religion and death and argh I have NO WORDS! It was the single most amazing piece of art i have seen in a VERY long time accompanied by eerie industrial - and I do mean proper, oldschool, radiators and Latin chanting type industrial. the artists, Incestum, Nilz Böhne and Schwarwel were all amazing. here is a myspace linky for you: LOOK AT THE PHOTOS PEOPLE.

I was down there until I realized "oh, this morn omina must be on stage" - i caught maybe half an hour of their show and it was pretty okay. Not my cup of tea. and I could not find a t-shirt for [ profile] elegy_of_flames :( However, I did buy myself an EBM - Old School t-shirt because dammit, I needed to defend myself from the glowsticks!

Afterwards I found out that Diary of dreams -which was on at the same time as Modulate - and Welle: Erdball - which was on the smae time as TMO - were both epic and I should have been there… So I felt pretty blargh.

I made my way to Agra where the one and only Alien Sex Fiend performed. (So I caught a good deal of Lacrimosa beforehand and talked with Finnish death rockers who wanted to know who I was and where I was from since they had never seen me in the scene.. lulz) i had a pretty good spot again on the left side for the start of it - for maybe 3, 4 songs I was right there in row 4 but then my legs started giving up on me. Boo. So I had to go and collapse. but that is one of the reasons I like Agra - even sitting on the ground at the back? I still saw a little bit, and I could hear everything in beautiful detail: My mates were right at the form and said it was fucking amazing <3

After ASF, I actually was good and stumbled home - so ok I was there at 6 in the morning but still, that is a good time to go home without any after parties at WGT XD I just - felt so tired, you know?

Monday: Oh hell not again

Monday I got dressed in a gorgeous outfit involving black and white polka dots, a black skirt, my new Old school EBM shirt and lots of nice accessories. then, off to Parkbuhenen I went.

I made it plenty in time for Golden apes and met with the Swiss contingent again. Yay! However, what happened was that there was a bit of rain. Like, whole lot of rain. So in the end i was dancing practically alone in front of the stage loving every moment of the band while being effectively in a shower. As far as I was concerned? I just had to run back to change before I went off. XD and, there is a photo of jsut HOW soaked I was - to the core, pretty much. Dripping wet and looking like a drowned kitten!"

Which I did, after I said my byes, and then ran off to see Kitty in a Casket - horror punk, and again, an amazing show at Werk ii. We are talking energetic, lovely, shiny music that just had me go all bouncebouncebouncebounce. And buy a badge and tell them they rock :D Their music was.. Infectious. I especially love their songs Zombie wannabe and Space Invaders. Besides, any band with full size upright bass on stage gets instant win points :D

After this, I headed off to Agra. Plan was, grab a quick bite to eat, shop a little, go see.. something. this ended up with: Shop - I bought goggles. GOGGLES. I feel dirty now.. and a few CDs and badges. (more compilations from Out of line, and two nice button badges. Siouxsie and FLA) then it was food,.. did I mention I lived on crepes for most of this fest? Mm, cinnamon and sugar crepe… also, I could actually order my food in German most of the time. this is progress! :D

I was going to run for something like Genevieve Pasquier or – well, something. Instead i ate in peace, got cherry wine and cheese, and ate some more before I went back to Werk 2 for Ghoultown.

My first impression? Johnny Cash doing speed with the cult. Revised impression: Johnny Cash doing speed with the cult with the Nephs and WASP passed out on the floor. Seriously - these guys were fucking AMAZING. They had a great sound, lots of energy, and they were unashamedly Texan. :D It took me a while to pick out the WASP influence -the rest was much easier to hear - but Killer in Texas made me immediately think Blind in Texas and it clicked. Did I mention these guys were damn hot, too? I had never heard of them until I was told on twitter they were shiny and damn, this was the best spur of the moment band selection I have doen in AGES.

Next stop was supposed to be the Klinik and then nurse with wound but.. guess who lost her wallet?= yeaah. *Sigh* this SUCKED SO HARD THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR IT. Instead I watched some of the Creepshow and eventually in the end, moped my way to Moritzbastei where I met my friends. Took a quick break at a friend's place to recuperate and get a bit more human with the help of food, coffee and cigarettes and then back to Moritzbastei.

I ran into the cute glowsticky Norwegian again! :D I now owe him drinks when he's over here in Dublin - I am amazed anyone would like to come here but... XD I had a great time in this after party, I did not dance, I was slowly getting into the body = broken mode but I enjoyed just sitting down, watching people pass by and soaking in the music – both the thumpy noise and all the else that was going on.

Eventually stumbled home in the morning and slept.

then got up a few hours later, settled myself out, caught a train to Berlin, read a good book on the train, panicked about money, met up with [ profile] k1mm0 for a drink and a hug and how-are-you and then went back to the hostel to die... after having mcD's at Checkpoint Charlie. I found this to be highly ironic....

This morning, I got up, got cleaned up, went to the airport marvelling at how fucking beautiful Berlin is- was there for such a brief time and barely saw any of it but.. it is so gorgeous. No wonder so many of my friends want to live there.... then at the airport+

the security goon complimented the EBM t-shirt I wore, asked i was at Leipzig, said his GF had been there and said ASF was awesome and asked if I liked Nitzer ebb, and said he'd see me back for M’era luna. XD

One flight that was late later, i am now back in Dublin.

Can it be WGT2011 already? XD
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I have no words for how fucking muc h chiny there has been. Bands. People. Music. Pretteh. Etc,etc, etc. Pervy Germans, old friends, pretty people form bands, so many bands to listen to it is amnazxing...

So ok i have lost a fuckton of money, some keys, had no working phone untiol this morning... guys it's been fail on so many ways bbut I donöt care.

It's WAVE GOTIK TREFEN, BITCHES. and I am having as BLAST :D
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So, last night I went to see Amanda Fucking Palmer play The Academy, supported by Bitter Ruin, form Brighton. This was SUPPOSED to be Evelyn EWvelyn show, biut as Iceland has ran out of virgins and we're being surrounded by an ashen cloud all over the europe, choking on this black veil of misery etc... What do we get?

Evelynb Evelyn: The abridged show.

Complete with: Jason Webley skype'ing in, the entire thing being webast to more than 6000 viewers across the internet, being bombarded with ch0colate and feathers and Oh My.


i arrived early with [ profile] silicon_dragon Who, by the way, took plenty of pics and video, and staked out a decent spot on the floor. Lots of short kids inf ront of us *grin* I was twittering and texting, trying to convine people to show up. (it was sold out. then they removed chairs. i got my tikets form twitter *grin*)

AFP tookt he stage to introfduce Bitter Ruin. And gle eabpout how all this was being fdonew on borrowed equipment - where the laptop, camera, etc had come from: Epic.

Bitter Ruin - - had tweeted her if they could supporther in Glasgow. took a treain they could no0t afford to be there, anbd got stufed into her van as a result to play Dublin.

How to describe bitter ruin? I was a bit hesitant when this waif-.y girl and a guy in a suit with acoustic guitar took thye stage. What to expect?


(for those unwiling to watch the video - it starts all flotywhispyeeerie and then -ä Shriek. Georgia has an amazing vocal range and I can't say it too much - she is BRILIANT. (and Ben's not too bad either but sorry, this woman's voice completely andutterly blew. me. away.)

They performed several songs, severeral of which are on youtube by now - go look! :D

I was not one of the lucky 30 to granb one of their CDs. But I willa cquire one as soon as possible. Because I can't strress it enough, the voices, the deceptively simple melodies, lyical dissonance and hypnotizing athmosphere is So. Worth. it.

There was not that long betwreen this and AFP herself taking the stage. Jeans, t-shirt nad long white gloves - ROCXK AND ROLL! She was too busy to change into her stage costume but did we care? fuck no.

So - how to describe the show? there were dsrawn putppets, audirence volunteers, blood splatters, i got a faceful of twix from her, ther was - undeniable briliance. jason Webley bravely played his part via skype, and thre wqas an amazing chharge int he air.

They performed some of the Evelyn Evelyn songs - including but not limited to Elephant Elephant (which go ta bit strange..)You only want me cause you want my sister, their BEAUTIFUL cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart (!)... it was gorgeous. And then there was the Evelyn Evelyn 4magical eyes to answer Seirous Existnetial Wuestions. Such aS "Why is she so short?" "Are baboons evil?" and "If I unscrew my bellybutton will my arse fall off?"

Yeaah XD

Eventually the evelyun evelyn part of the show came to an end. *snif anidf* but, AFP still treated us to some beautiful fare. TOgether with Georgia, she sang Delilah. On her own, Astronaut, Oasis and GIrl Anahronism.

For the encore?


Amanda fucking palmer & Bitter Ruin: FUCK THE ASHCLOUD.

Beautiful song, with lyric hgetting fucked up, people shrieking and singing along, and a haunting heartfelt sentiment - godammit, she should be with her love, dammit! (who is an award-.winning author and therefore uses the word "Ashen cloud" just so you know) and yes it is me shouting for Ben to depants

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Here's my playlistys for the night. Way less oldschool than intended, and sligghtly fuck-ups were present as usual XD

10.30 - 11.00

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry
Hungry Lucy - Balloon Girl
The Cure - Cold
Echo And The Bunnymen - Over The Wall
Golden Apes - Tempest
The Mission - Dancing Barefoot
Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch

00.00 - 01.00

Ministry - N.W.O. (R)
Front Line Assembly - Threshold
KLOQ - I Never Said
Nitzer Ebb - Getting Closer
Skinny Puppy - Pro-Test
Caustic - Booze Up And Riot
C/A/T - Live With Myself
Rammstein - Feuer Frei! (R)
The Sisters Of Mercy - Alice (R)
Fields Of The Nephilim - Moonchild
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Peek-A-Boo
The Damned - Eloise
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

Yes, I went all cliche-y at the end. Shoot me XD
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The first song - the Siouxsie remix - OH MY FUCKING GOD I LOVE IT WITH SO FUCKING MUCH LOVE.

that's all.

thanks for the shareage, [ profile] k1mm0 :D
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OuaTiM. Sands' line "can you dig it?"

Reference to the Pop WilL eat Itself song or not?

Now have amental igmage of Sands blasting Def Con One while attempting to start a nuclear war for shits and giggles. *facepalm*
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Edward sparkled in the sunlight.

Except it was not sunny cuz it was night-time and there was no sun on the sky. Which was bad cuz Edward didn’t sparkle – his skin of a killer was dead. Dead, he he get it?

Edward as standing in the corner of Caustic’s room. He was being omg so romantic!! I wish my bf was lyek that! And being a creepy obsessive freak and staring at the sleeping man.

Well ok, more like the passed out form too much booze, in this case half a beer, “man” who was sprawled over the bed. And by bed I mean a pile of dirty clothing.

Edward had snuck in to watch him sleep cuz that is so romantic and Edward is a hot vampire and all ho vampires are romantic. Except cuz het is eww he was not going to be romantic about Bella but instead he was so totally in love with Caustic now. Caustic made him gay.


MOAR SOON GUISE! teee-hee! they will, lyke, kiss and stuff! But only if I get a lot and lot of reviews!!1!

(background: it started with this. sort of.


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