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First off: Laptop charger ded. So I can't play Avengers Alliance at home. WAAAH! (I love that game. You get total of 3 bonuses playing with Clint and Natasha - Agents of SHIELD, Assemble! and... Frenemies. :D)

In more avengersy things, I have two big-ass AU ideas that I am contemplating...

First one, I can't be the only one who's thinking what if Natasha was the one Loki brainwashes. I just can't. because come on, it would make for a really interesting explorations And guarantee Loki winning.

I'm basically stuck imagining the scene with Loki in the cell and what the dialogue between him and Clint would be like. I have this mental image where Clint instead of turning away ends up throwing himself against the glass and Loki gloats about green-eyed monsters and then suddenly Clint goes all stone-cold and heads off with a "this is not over".

because yeah, Loki definitely got under his skin. (In what way, I am not sure yet, but it troubles me that I can't come up with anything about what Natasha would do to Clint directly bu a lot about what Loki would do to Natasha, but taking into account that Natasha and Clint have a different set of Issues, they would have different weak spots...)

But yeah. the image of Clint and Loki snarling at each other through the glass is getting me kind of oooh-y.

I just hate the idea of having to figure out how to a) have Clint convince Bruce to come along and b) How Natasha will take down the helicarrier in a way that actually does, you know, not work as well as planned. (I can picture her just.. vaulting over fury's head on the bridge to stick in a USB stick. but that also is totally unlikely to be how it works)

But yeah, switcheroo!AU. and I am really surprised there aren't a billion of them already.

the other AU is Clint/Coulson in which Clint is a rock star. *facepalm* I'm imagining with some time spent in the military but getting out and instead of putting those skills into good use, ending up for just a single gig in some star's stage show and then somehow this leading to Clint himself becoming a rock star. While Coulson is still an agent of SHIELD and SOMEHOW their paths cross.

And not just cause Clint totally would be bros with Tony.

Clint could still eventually become an Avenger - "Hey if Stark can run a multi-billion dollar company, I can tour" I think, but the road there would be totally different.

I just imagine Phil being exasperated at having to babysit a diva - super villain stalkers come to mind? XD - and then wham, Clint goes and incapacitates someone with a coaster. Or other awesome signs that he still haz world's best marksman skillz.


TLDR on the AUs: Switching Clint and Natasha's roles in the movie - as in, who's at the dark energy lab and what then follows, and rockstar!Clint/Coulson.

Also, I totally need Avengers icons.
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